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A Beauty Spell That Uses Your Magick Mirror

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This simple beauty spell is perfect for those who wish to tap into their inner radiance and embrace their natural beauty. Whether you’re attending a special event or simply want to enhance your everyday appearance, this mirror beauty spell has the power to infuse your aura with an irresistible charm. Through the mystical properties of mirrors and the use of carefully chosen ingredients, you can manifest a captivating aura that will turn heads and attract admiration.

The beauty of this spell lies in its ability to change how others perceive you. Although beauty spells are not capable of physically altering your appearance, they can work wonders in influencing the energy you project to the world. When you perform this mirror spell, you’ll be setting the intention to exude confidence, charisma, and an alluring personality. These qualities will leave a lasting impression on those you encounter, inviting positive attention and affirming your inherent beauty.

To perform this spell, you’ll need a few key ingredients, including a mirror charged by the sun, rose water, rose petals, and incense. Rose water, a staple ingredient in rose water witchcraft, is known for its soothing and beautifying properties. The use of rose water in this spell adds a touch of elegance and grace to the ritual, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to enhance their natural allure.

The spell begins with the cleansing of the mirror under cold water, followed by a ritual that involves submerging the mirror in a bowl of rose water. As you gaze into the mirror, take a moment to see yourself as truly as you can, and then visualize the changes you wish to see. Imagine fuller lips, a thinner face, or any other enhancements that align with your desired appearance. Beyond physical attributes, envision how you want others to treat you—whether it’s laughing at your jokes, flirting with you, or befriending you more easily.

As you perform this ritual, you are creating a powerful connection between the mirror and your intentions. The final step of the spell involves wrapping a rose petal in dark fabric and keeping it close to the mirror for the entire day. This symbolic act seals the energy of the spell and sets it in motion.

The beauty spell will be in effect for 24 hours, giving you ample time to enjoy its magical effects. Whether you’re stepping out for a night on the town or simply spending the day feeling fabulous, this spell is the perfect way to experience the transformative power of mirror magic.

Let’s try a simple beauty spell!

These spells can only do so much, but they do change how people perceive your physical appearance as well as your charisma and personality.

There isn’t much danger to these sorts of spells, either, so they’re fun beginner spells.

Who’s the Fairest?

You can either use the charged mirror from the previous page, or you can pick up a new compact mirror.

Something in a gold-colored casing will do well, but any color will do.

If it’s one of those double mirrors, cover one with a black fabric for the duration of the spell.

Magick Mirror Beauty Spell

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… who is truly the fairest one of all?


  • 1 mirror charged by the sun
  • Rose water or water with rose petals soaked for fifteen minutes or more. This should be in a blue or green bowl
  • Rose petals
  • A piece of black fabric to cover one side of a double mirror
  • Rose or dragon’s blood incense


Run your mirror under cold water to cleanse it quickly, then take it to where you’ve set your blue or green bowl of rose water.

Sit near it, and then dip the mirror into the water so that it is fully submerged.

Take a rose petal, and place one on your tongue and close your mouth.

While looking in the mirror use one to rub the water away from it.

See yourself as truly as you can, and then change that appearance.

Change it to how you want it to look, with fuller lips and a thinner face.

Then imagine, while looking in the mirror, how you want people to treat you for the rest of the day.

You want them to laugh at your jokes, to flirt with you, and to befriend you more easily.

Make sure you imagine that as you wipe away the rose water with the dark fabric wrapped around rose petals.

When you are finished, take the rose petal from on your tongue and discard the rose petals used to clear away the water.

The petal from your tongue should be kept close to the mirror for the whole day, and removed after the next sunrise.

Keep your mirror near a window or somewhere safe outside.

Your beauty spell will be in effect for 24 hours. Have fun!

Don’t have a mirror charged by the sun? You can learn how to draw down the sun into your mirror here. I hope this beauty spell works perfectly for you!

Magical Correspondences In This Beauty Spell

The magical correspondences in this beauty spell are meant to enhance the potency and effectiveness of the spell by drawing upon the symbolic associations and energetic qualities of specific items. These correspondences serve as the foundation of the spell and align the magical intentions with the natural vibrations of the elements used.

Magic Mirror

The magic mirror is a powerful tool for reflection, self-discovery, and intuition. It is believed to have the ability to reveal hidden truths and provide insights into the self. In this beauty spell, the mirror serves as a conduit for accessing inner beauty and projecting it outward. Additionally, the mirror represents the element of water, which is associated with the emotions and the subconscious mind.

Sun Energy

Sun energy is a potent source of vitality, abundance, and success. Its warm and radiant energy is symbolic of illumination, clarity, and creativity. In the context of the beauty spell, sun energy enhances one’s inner light and confidence, allowing the individual to shine brightly and attract positive attention. The sun is also known to be associated with the element of fire, which is linked to transformation and action.

Rose Water

Rose water is infused with the gentle and loving energy of the rose flower. It is known for its correspondences with love, emotional balance, and beauty. In the spell, rose water is used to purify and cleanse the aura, bringing forth a sense of harmony and grace. It helps to soothe and heal the emotional body, promoting a sense of inner peace and radiance.

Rose Petals

The rose petals carry similar energies to rose water but with an added element of passion and sensuality. These petals symbolize romance, friendship, and emotional healing. When used in the beauty spell, they serve to attract and enhance loving relationships while also boosting self-love and self-acceptance. The alluring fragrance of the rose petals adds an extra layer of enchantment to the spell.

Black Color Fabric

Black color fabric is known for its protective and grounding qualities. It represents the mysteries of the unknown and the transformative power of the shadow. In the beauty spell, the black fabric serves as a protective barrier, shielding the individual from negative influences and releasing negativity. It also signifies the process of transformation and rebirth, allowing for the emergence of one’s true beauty.

Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s blood, a resin obtained from certain plants, is recognized for its associations with power, courage, and potency. It is a powerful protector and enhancer of magical workings. Within the beauty spell, dragon’s blood serves to amplify the intention and strength of the spell, providing an extra boost of confidence and resilience.

In summary, each of these magical correspondences plays a unique role in the beauty spell, synergistically working together to enhance beauty, radiance, and self-confidence. Below is a table outlining the correspondences and uses of each item:

Magic MirrorReflection, Self-Discovery, IntuitionAccessing Inner Beauty, Divination
Sun EnergyVitality, Success, CreativityEnhancing Inner Light, Confidence
Rose WaterLove, Emotional Balance, BeautyPurification, Harmony, Inner Radiance
Rose PetalsRomance, Friendship, Emotional HealingAttracting Love, Self-Acceptance
Black FabricProtection, Grounding, TransformationShielding, Releasing Negativity, Rebirth
Dragon’s BloodPower, Courage, PotencyAmplifying Intention, Enhancing Magical Workings

Spells To Make You Beautiful

There are many reasons to turn to spells to make you beautiful. Whether you seek a confidence boost, wish to enhance your natural charm, or aspire to embrace self-love, the art of beauty spells provides a magical and transformative path. These practices, steeped in mystical energy, help elevate your inner and outer beauty in unique ways. Let’s explore a few simple yet magical spells you can try:

Create an Altar for Self-Love

Self-love holds an immense power to magnify beauty, and creating an altar dedicated to self-love is a wonderful way to honor yourself. Start by selecting a special spot, such as your vanity or dressing table. Place a cherished photo of yourself on the altar, along with a piece of rose quartz—a crystal known for its loving and compassionate energy. Add a cinnamon stick to invoke warmth and attraction. If you wish, include a statue or symbol of Venus or Aphrodite, the ancient goddesses of love and beauty. To keep the energy flowing and vibrant, maintain a vase of fresh flowers on the altar and regularly anoint the rose quartz with rose oil. As you spend time at your altar, allow feelings of self-love and appreciation to flow through you.

Enchant Your Beauty Products

Magic can be seamlessly woven into your everyday beauty routine, transforming the mundane into the spiritual. Consider enchanting your most frequently used makeup items and beauty products. To do so, leave your beauty products under the light of the full moon, allowing them to absorb the moon’s mysterious and alluring energy. Alternatively, you can anoint your products with moon water, which is water charged under the moonlight. By incorporating these practices, you imbue your beauty routine with a touch of magic, helping you radiate an aura of charm and allure each time you use your enchanted products.

Try a Ritual Bath for Beauty

Bathing has long been associated with beauty and purification. Elevate this experience by crafting a ritual bath imbued with the metaphysical properties of beauty. Draw a warm bath and include herbs and flowers that align with beauty, such as rose petals and rose oil. As you soak in the bath, visualize the energy of the botanicals infusing your body, enhancing your natural beauty and grace. This ritual bath is not only an opportunity to nourish your external appearance but also a chance for inner reflection, self-appreciation, and relaxation. As you emerge from the bath, embrace the feeling of renewal and beauty that radiates from within.

Be Kind with Intention

Beauty emanates from within, and acts of kindness contribute to your inner radiance. Embrace the practice of performing beauty-related acts of kindness as an offering to the universe for enhanced beauty of your own. Whether it’s offering a genuine compliment to someone, donating to a charitable organization that supports self-esteem and well-being, or simply spreading positivity, these actions have a ripple effect that enhances your beauty from within. Remember that each act of kindness, no matter how small, creates a positive impact and aligns you with the energy of beauty.

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