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A Beauty Spell That Uses Your Magick Mirror

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Let’s try a simple beauty spell!

These spells can only do so much, but they do change how people perceive your physical appearance as well as your charisma and personality.

There isn’t much danger to these sorts of spells, either, so they’re fun beginner spells.

Who’s the Fairest?

You can either use the charged mirror from the previous page, or you can pick up a new compact mirror.

Something in a gold-colored casing will do well, but any color will do.

If it’s one of those double mirrors, cover one with a black fabric for the duration of the spell.

Magick Mirror Beauty Spell

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… who is truly the fairest one of all?


  • 1 mirror charged by the sun
  • Rose water or water with rose petals soaked for fifteen minutes or more. This should be in a blue or green bowl
  • Rose petals
  • A piece of black fabric to cover one side of a double mirror
  • Rose or dragon’s blood incense


Run your mirror under cold water to cleanse it quickly, then take it to where you’ve set your blue or green bowl of rose water.

Sit near it, and then dip the mirror into the water so that it is fully submerged.

Take a rose petal, and place one on your tongue and close your mouth.

While looking in the mirror use one to rub the water away from it.

See yourself as truly as you can, and then change that appearance.

Change it to how you want it to look, with fuller lips and a thinner face.

Then imagine, while looking in the mirror, how you want people to treat you for the rest of the day.

You want them to laugh at your jokes, to flirt with you, and to befriend you more easily.

Make sure you imagine that as you wipe away the rose water with the dark fabric wrapped around rose petals.

When you are finished, take the rose petal from on your tongue and discard the rose petals used to clear away the water.

The petal from your tongue should be kept close to the mirror for the whole day, and removed after the next sunrise.

Keep your mirror near a window or somewhere safe outside.

Your beauty spell will be in effect for 24 hours. Have fun!

Don’t have a mirror charged by the sun? You can learn how to draw down the sun into your mirror here. I hope this beauty spell works perfectly for you!

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