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Moon Water: History, How To Make It, And Its Spiritual Uses

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Moon water is one of my favorite tools in my magick. I add moon water to my spells, bathe my tools in it, and add clean, fresh moon water to my cleansing magick baths.

Moon water is a historical tool for witches. It has been used since at least the 1800s for love spells, and is even more popular today. Its connection to emotions and spirituality makes it an incredibly versatile tool for witches everywhere.

Do you know the history and uses of moon water in occult traditions?

The 29 day lunar cycle has played a huge part in cultural and religious traditions and ceremonies since before recorded history. Humanity has been enthralled by the moon for a long time, and the myths and legends surrounding the beautiful orb in the sky are endless.

Cleansing and charging water with the power of the moon has a murky past, but modern neopagans use moon water in many rituals. This water can be filled with the power of any phase of the moon, but it is most often filled with the full moon’s power.

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What Is Moon Water?

This special water is a type of consecrated water that has holy and magical associations for pagans. Similar to Holy Water for Christians, moon water cleanses people and objects of negative energy and helps us to move into a religious state of mind.

In Ayurveda, purifying things like water, milk, and ghee by the moon has been a practiced tradition for centuries. In fact, the full moon is the best time to make ghee within the Ayurvedic tradition.

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One of the oldest references to water charged by the moon for the sake of a spell comes from Fontaine’s Golden Wheel Dream-Book And Fortune-Teller, which was published in the 1800s. That spell is this:

To Prepare A Love Potion

The following substances must be gathered in silence when the full moon is in the heavens: Three white rose leaves, three red rose leaves, three forget-me-nots, and five blossoms of Veronica.
All these things you must place in a vessel, then pour upon them five hundred and ninety-five drops of clear Easter water, and place the vessel over the fire, or what is better still, over a spirit-lamp. This mixture must be allowed to boil for exactly the sixteenth part of an hour.
When it has boiled for the requisite length of time, remove it from the fire, and pour it into a flask. Cork it tightly, and seal it, and it will keep for years without losing its virtue.
That this potion is certain in its effect I myself will guarantee, for I have gained more than thirty hearts by its help. Three drops swallowed by the person whose love you desire, will suffice.

Fontaine’s Golden Wheel Dream-Book And Fortune-Teller

How To Make Moon Water

Making water charged by the moon is incredibly easy. All you need to do is leave some water out under moonlight for some amount of time. If you want only the power of the full moon in your water, you would only leave it out the night the moon is at its fullest.

You can also leave your water out for a full month. If you do that, you will have general moon charged water, but I wouldn’t use it for any spells that require ingesting it at that point. Bacteria can and will grow in water.

You should bring your lunar water indoors before sunrise. Some people don’t mind sunlight touching their moon water, but I really do.

But what can you do with your moon charged water once it’s been imbued with the energy of the moon? Oh, so many things!

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How To Use Moon Water

  1. Use moon charged water to cleanse your crystals. Keep in mind that some crystals can be damaged by water, though!
  2. Cleanse yourself with the moon charged water. Either as a hair rinse or by pouring a cup of moon water into a bath. I’ve found that this is best in a cool bath. Hot water just doesn’t work as well with lunar magick.
  3. If your moon water is fresh, drink it to remove bad energy from yourself. Luna water also opens up our intuition and improves psychic abilities.
  4. Clean your home with lunar charged water to bring peaceful energy into your space.
  5. Water your plants with moon water in a loving ritual that will help to keep your plants healthy and happy.
  6. Put your moon charged water into a beautiful chalice and place it on your altar to honor the moon.
  7. Cleanse mirrors with moon charged water to prepare them for scrying.
  8. Put moon imbued water into a spray water to quickly cleanse yourself or your home. This is a great way to cleanse your aura or prepare to meditate.
  9. Spray moon water onto your bed to encourage psychic dreams.
  10. Cleanse your magickal amulets and jewelry in this water.
  11. Cleanse your face with lunar water as a simple beauty spell.
  12. Add moon charged water and essential oils that correspond to the moon into your diffuser or your humidifier.
  13. Fill a vase with moon water and a cut flower arrangement.
  14. Add this water to a bowl and float candles on it on your altar.
  15. Freeze moon water in an ice cube tray to add to cold drinks. I like to use this in cooled fertility teas since the moon is so closely linked to fertility and a woman’s cycle.
  16. Anoint yourself with moon water before rituals or speaking with a goddess.
  17. Add some to a swimming pool before swimming for a relaxing and healing time in the water.
  18. Use it in your pet’s water bowl to cleanse them of negative experiences.
  19. Get your kids involved in your magic by filling water balloons with your lunar water!
  20. Add it to your washing machine when washing your clothes.
  21. Add it to a black bowl to use it for scrying.
  22. Use your moon water with watercolor paints to add magick to your creativity.
  23. Cleanse your work space with moon water frequently. I can’t think of a space that is more likely to harbor negative energy than our places of work, so clean that bad juju out often with this cleansing magic water.
  24. Set intentions. When you set your water out to be charged by the moon, write an intention on the container that will be holding the water. Then, as you use that water, your intention will become an active spell that will surround wherever the water is used.
  25. Use moon charged water in your car to help you keep a clear head while driving.
  26. Carry your moon charged water with you in small witch bottles for quick access when you need to use your intuition.
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How To Super Charge Your Moon Water

While lunar-charged water is simple to create, it can be enhanced with oils, herbs, and crystals. A crystal that I often add to my ritual water is clear quartz. Quartz is safe to use in water, and is associated with the moon. I find quartz enhanced moon water to be incredibly purifying and cleansing, so I most often drink it or use it in a bath.

Here are other crystals that are generally seen to be safe in water:

  • Clear Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Agate
  • Snow Quartz
  • Aventurine
  • Red Jasper

As for herbs, I mostly see rose petals used with this magic water. These petals can make for a great beauty spell when added to this magical water.

I also add red raspberry leaf to my lunar water, either for tea or as a spell to soothe my menstrual cramps. I have PCOS so I work with red raspberry leaf a lot, and moon water works really well with it.

Here are some herbs that are associated with the moon and go well in this spiritually healing water:

  • Anise
  • Blue lotus
  • Clary sage
  • Milk thistle
  • Ginger
  • Hibiscus
  • Poppy
  • Rose
  • Aloe
  • Almond
  • Bamboo
  • Coconut

Of course, never ingest a plant without knowing if it’s poisonous or not. Some herbs are only suitable for spell work.

Essential oils that are feminine, floral, or related to herbs associated with the moon are good choices for adding to moon water, too. Don’t ingest them, though, because a lot of oils pretending to be essential oils are really just fragrance oil and there is no way for you to be sure you aren’t being sold a fragrance. It’s just better to be safe than sorry, right?

Now that I’ve given you the history of moon water and some ways that you can use it, I hope you will start your first jar of this cleansing liquid this moon cycle! In the comments below, let me know how you use this water in your practice or everyday life.

Need to read this blog post offline? Download a PDF copy HERE. You can read it on your Kindle, ereader, or when you don’t have internet access. It’s also an easy way to add the info to your Book of Shadows!

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This is the definitive guide to moon water magic and the history of moon water in witchcraft and love spells. Moon water is a great magical cleanser and helps to develop intuition and psychic abilities. Charge your water in a full moon spell. Beauty spells and love spells can benefit from moon water, too. Perfect for lunar witches. #witchcraft #pagan #paganism #wicca #moon #moonmagic #magick #witch

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