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Moon Water Uses

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What are the most magical moon water uses? Moon water has been used for thousands of years by people around the globe. However, it’s managed to slip under the radar for many modern-day people. According to many practitioners of eclectic witchcraft, though, moon water should be incorporated into your daily routine—or at the very least tried out.

“It helps you feel calm and centered, and aids in treating certain ailments,” explains my local witch friend, Rose Walters. “Full moons are the best times to cultivate your power and manifest your goals.” Incorporating moon water into your routine will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the month.

Moon water is a very potent elixir. It is said to help balance the emotions, increase mental clarity, promote physical healing, and even boost your libido. Moon water is also said to bring out the best in you when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut.

However, there are many ways to prepare moon water, and each preparation method will yield a different result. Each moon cycle is unique, so the benefits of moon water will vary depending on the phase of the moon at the time you make it.

full moon over the mountain

For fresh and safe moon water:

Moon Water is a special type of water that is said to have healing properties. It is believed that the moon affects our emotions and our moods. Moon Water helps us to focus our thoughts and feelings. It is also thought to help us connect with our inner selves and our intuition. Some believe that we can harness the moon’s energy to promote cleansing, renewal and intention setting.

Moon Water can be used in: Spiritual Rituals. Healing Rituals. Manifestation. Your Beauty Routine. And so much more!

Many believe moon water can amplify the power of your intentions. Others say it helps you focus your thoughts and intentions towards what you desire. Moon Water tea is often charged with the energy of the full moon and an intention, such as: “I am going to manifest my dreams.

If you have exceptionally fresh, clean, and safe moon water, you can consume it. Taking in that lunar energy can align you with the moon’s emotional vibrations. These vibrations are incredibly nurturing and healing for all who experience them.

Some Wiccans believe that moon water can help you glow, cleanse impurities, and keep you young looking. Moon water can be used in several ways as part of your daily beauty routine.

So what are some uses for this clean moon water? Get some safe drinking water and try these:

  1. Use it to make coffee
  2. Use it to make moon water tea
  3. Cook with liquid water with lunar energy
  4. Bake with fresh water kept under any moon phase
  5. Drink it as is
  6. Serve it to your animals
  7. Add it to your bath
  8. Mix with makeup
  9. Make a hair mask
  10. Wash your face
  11. Freeze it to make magical ice cubes

Other uses for moon water

Moon Water Rituals are an ancient tradition that harnesses the power of the moon to help you get what you need. You can use them to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit. There are many different rituals, depending on your needs. Some are simple, others are complex.

Use your lunar water to create a ritual to help you achieve any goal or desire. For example, if you want to attract love into your life, you could perform a Love Spell using moon water. If you want to manifest money, you could perform a Money Spell using full moon water for powerful manifestation.

Try to collect lunar water during every moon phase. Harness the power of the lunar cycle with bottled water.

Working With Hekate During The Full Moon

During the full moon, we call upon Hekate to assist us in clearing our past, releasing our fears, and opening ourselves to new possibilities. We ask her to help us gain clarity in our lives, to help us transform our inner worlds, and to allow us to move forward with courage and confidence.

It is said that Hekate helps us to overcome obstacles and challenges that stand in our way, and to achieve our goals. In addition to being a benevolent Goddess, she is also a fierce warrior. When we summon her, we invite her to help us take charge of our lives, to lead us into battle, and to fight for justice.

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You can use moon water to bless yourself, your home, and your pets. Use the moon water to clean your home, your car, and your clothes. You can use moon water for protection from negative energies.

Moon water is also an exceptional offering for our pagan deities, spirits, the Fae, and the Earth itself. If you are performing a ritual for a specific purpose, you may choose to include moon water in your offerings.

What are some ways to use moon water?

  1. Charge and cleanse water safe crystals
  2. Use it to make magical room sprays with herbs, essential oils, and manifestation magic
  3. Add to essential oils
  4. Add to flower vases
  5. Leave it as offerings to the gods
  6. Leave it as offerings to the Fae
  7. Leave it as offerings to the Earth
  8. Water your plants
  9. Freeze it in shaped molds for impermanent offerings you can leave in nature
  10. Use moon water to make perfumes
  11. Use it in spells and rituals
  12. Put it on your altar to represent feminine energies
  13. Rub some on your third eye chakra to enhance psychic abilities
  14. Use it to make potions
  15. Use it in spell jars
  16. Add to a diffuser
  17. Fill a bowl or glass with moon water for scrying
  18. Carry it in a small bottle and use it similarly to Holy Water
  19. Cleanse your witchy tools
  20. Use it to wash your clothes
  21. Use it to clean your house
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