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Mugwort Tea For Astral Travel

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A cup of mugwort tea can help you to astral travel! Dreams can be a place to play, or they can reveal esoteric information to you. To astral travel and meet spiritual entities or access the Akashic Records, try this mugwort tea recipe!

Mugwort is used to improve sleep quality, ease insomnia, and dream magick to receive psychic messages or astral travel. Mugwort has even been known to help if you only dream in black and white but want to dream in color!

If you have never used mugwort before, go slow at first. Some can be allergic to mugwort, and the effects can be intense!

Before I tell you the tea recipe, I’d like to explain astral travel and why mugwort will help. Let’s get into it!

Tea with a dream catcher, boat, and steering wheel
Have a safe out of body experience with the help of herbs like Mugwort

What Is Astral Travel?

Astral travel, or astral projection, is similar to Out Of Body Experiences or OOBEs. Astral projection is a mystical practice that makes it possible to experience an OOBE intentionally.

Astral projection has been written about in many cultures throughout history. 

When you astral travel, your soul or consciousness leaves your body safely to explore other realms. This allows you to explore different places on earth or to leave our dimension and explore others.

Astral projection is also how many people access the Akashic records and gain esoteric knowledge.

This is a practice that can be learned through meditation, but many find it difficult to astral project without herbs or other substances. 

Mugwort is one of the more innocent herbs that can help someone astral travel.

Astral projection can even be done by accident. As Live Science says:

Surveys suggest that between 8 and 20 percent of people claim to have had something like an out-of-body experience at some point in their lives a sensation of the consciousness, spirit, or “astral body” leaving the physical body. (

While astral travel is similar to a lucid dream, it’s not exactly the same. You should still have control of your body when you astral travel, but you don’t always control everything.

While astral traveling, for instance, you may not be able to turn yourself into a frog like you could in a lucid dream. That’s because you’re experiencing something more “real” than a lucid dream.

A woman drinking mugwort tea in a white robe while look out at a dreamlike landscape with a hot air balloon
Mugwort can open up your psychic senses

How Does Mugwort Help You Astral Travel?

Mugwort or Artemisia vulgaris has been used by witches and healers for many years.

This herb is a member of the daisy family and blooms from July to September. If you plant to wildcraft your mugwort, make sure you are well acquainted with it because it can look like other plants like ragweed.

It’s well known for its ability to incite prophetic dreams and strengthen psychic intuition. Mugwort strengthens our connection to our dreams, which allows us to astral travel more easily.

Some people struggle to astral travel because they wake too quickly – they just don’t have a strong enough connection to their dreams. Mugwort works to heal that problem.

Mugwort has many medicinal herbal actions to be aware of. If you want to avoid any of these actions, don’t ingest this herb.

Herbal ActionDescription
AnthelminticMugwort expels parasitic worms and parasites.
DiaphoreticMugwort causes one to sweat.
DiureticMugwort promotes urine production.
EmmenagogueMugwort stimulates blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus and may stimulate menstruation.
NervineMugwort helps the nervous and limbic systems
OneirogenMugwort enhances dreaming
StomachicMugwort improves appetite and digestion

If you prefer not to ingest mugwort, it can also be burned as an incense. Or you can take the dried herb and put it in a sachet. The sachet can be left under your pillow or under your bed to induce astral travel and psychic dreaming.

Some prefer to smoke mugwort in a pipe. I’ve never tried it, so I can’t advise on that. Seek out an expert’s opinion before you try it!

A woman drinking mugwort tea on a white and pink background. Her nail is purple and she is wearing a thin minimalist ring,
Mugwort tea can be bitter, so drink it with honey to improve the flavor.

Mugwort Tea Spell For Astral Travel

This tea is best used about 30 minutes before you go to bed. If you find that this tea isn’t enough to cause astral travel, try taking 5-HTP with it (but be careful, as 5-HTP does have some drug interactions. Discuss this with your doctor first.)

Mugwort tea can be quite bitter. Taken with some honey, it’s more palatable. 

Mugwort Tea For Astral Travel

Mudwort astral dream tea with green leaves in a clear tea cup

Adjust this mugwort tea to suit your tastes and needs. If you feel this is too little mugwort, add more. If you feel it's too much, dilute the mixture with more of the other herbs.


  • Peppermint leaf
  • Damiana leaf
  • Mugwort
  • Cinnamon


  1. In a jar, mix 1 part each of peppermint leaf and damiana leaf.
  2. Add two parts mugwort.
  3. Add a half part of cinnamon.
  4. Combine well and use 2 tbsp in 8oz of boiled water.
  5. Let steep for 10 minutes.
  6. Drink 30 minutes before you go to bed.
  7. Save leftover mix for later in a well-sealed jar. Store in a cool, dry place.

Does Mugwort Make You Trip

As I was sitting here reading through what people said about mugwort, I came across an article written by a person who experienced the effects of mugwort first hand. This guy claims that mugwort makes you trip out and become high. But this doesn’t seem to be true because I’ve used mugwort before and didn’t experience any sort of psychedelic effect whatsoever. 

I have found that when used with other substances, it can increase your focus and make you less tired. It also helps me sleep better at night as well.

But if you’re going to use mugwort alone, don’t expect anything crazy or “trippy”. The only thing I noticed was that my heart rate would go up for a few minutes after taking it.

Mugwort is more herbal medicine than it is a trippy psychedelic drug. While it enhances dreams, its most common use has nothing to do with visions or hallucinations.

In Chinese herbal medicine, mugwort is commonly used to lessen heavy menstrual and uterine bleeding and can help increase blood circulation to the pelvic region for menstrual pain relief. (

Can You Overdose On Mugwort?

Mugwort contains a substance known as thujone, which is toxic in large doses. Experts say that mugwort is safe to use in most cases, however. If you are worried about overdosing on it, you should probably just stick to using it in moderation. 

A cup or two of mugwort tea is not going to cause you to overdose on thujone. That’s as much as you need to drink to astral travel or induce lucid dreams. 

The amount of thujone present in mugwort is little enough that most experts consider mugwort safe to consume.

While you should discuss doing so with your doctor before trying to smoke anything, aside from rare allergic reactions, Mugwort is generally considered relatively safe to smoke and ingest. (

If you have ragweed allergies, you should use caution when taking mugwort plant as a dietary supplement. The same can be said if you are allergic to celery, carrot, or birch.

How Do You Feel On Mugwort?

There are lots of reasons why people drink mugs of mugwort tea. For example, you may need to cleanse yourself after experiencing negative emotions, or you may just enjoy its flavor. But what exactly is mugwort? And does drinking it actually make you trip out?

The plant has become popularised in recent years for the inducement of vivid dreams and anti-anxiety properties – thanks to its slightly hallucinogenic properties. (

When ingested, mugwort has mild sedative effects that last for several hours. For instance, studies have shown that ingesting mugwort increases dopamine levels in the brain, causing calmness and relaxation.

It also helps to relieve depression, anxiety, mental fatigue, and tension. While these effects are usually beneficial, some users report having adverse reactions. These include dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Users who experience vomiting should visit a doctor immediately.

Does Mugwort Cause Lucid Dreams?

Yes! Mugwort can help you on your journey to lucid dreaming. If you want to control your dreams, and have a more vivid dream than usual, mugwort is the perfect herb for you.

If you merely drink a cup of tea without paying much attention to it, you may experience a more vivid dream than what you’re used to. (

What is a lucid dream?

A “lucid” dream is one where you remember you are dreaming and can thus control your dream while asleep.

Most people learn how to lucid dream through trial and error. They experiment with various methods until they figure out what works.

For beginners, it’s important to understand that lucid dreaming doesn’t happen every night. It requires practice and most people struggle to achieve lucid dreams quickly.

There are several reasons why some people aren’t able to lucid dream as often as they’d like. For example, their sleep patterns may prevent them from having enough REM sleep (rapid eye movement).

Herbalist Scott Kloos (2017) says that mugwort leaves in all forms tea, tincture, smoke, or even hung above the bed or placed under the pillow promote vivid dreams and help uncover, access, and transform areas of psychic unconsciousness. (

Mugwort is also known to improve dream recall. In my own personal experience, I struggled to remember any dreams at all until I learned of the benefits of mugwort. Combining this herbal product with a dream journal, I have started to view my dreams as a legitimate path for religious expansion and experience.

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What Is Mugwort Used For In Witchcraft?

Mugwort has many magical correspondences. When placed in windows and doorways, mugwort will keep curses and evil spirits out. It also has magical properties that protects travelers against wild animals and evil spirits.

I leave this plant by windows for protection from evil. I also place string I wear on my wrist in the mugwort tea water to use as an amulet for protection against evil.

Obviously, mugwort is useful for inducing prophetic dreams. Placed in a dream pillow, the magickal properties of the plant will help dreams of the future or of spiritual importance come to you. This is a must-try plant for increasing psychic powers.

In 17th century England, young women believed digging up its roots and placing it under their beds at night would induce prophetic dreams of their future husbands (Dury 1986). (

The botanical name of the mugwort plant, Artemisia Vulgaris, honors the Greek goddess Artemis. Artemis is a protective goddess that ruled over the earth and child birth. She is the goddess of hunting, childbirth, virginity, fertility, and the moon.

Artemis was considered the patroness of the hunt and she was associated with the moon because she was descended from Phoebe, the first moon goddess. Her symbol was the crescent moon.

This herb can be used in baby blessings to protect the baby. Putting some of the tea in a spray bottle and misting the nursery will bless the sleeping area and protect the child.

Try astral projection with mugwort tea! A woman holding a tea cup and looking at the audience with a colorful background
Try astral projection with mugwort tea!
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