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New Beginnings Bath

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Is anyone else looking for new beginnings this coming year? After the new year, everyone is looking to create a new beginning. They are trying to cast off the old things that no longer serve them and find higher vibes, better hobbies, and even better friends and relationships.

This spell will help you to accomplish any and all of these by opening the door to new things and encouraging you to step through that door.

This spell works best with Hekate, who watches over doorways and thus controls the opportunities that come to us. It is best to make her happy before asking a favor from her. Appropriate offerings include eggs, honey, and dog hair left at a three way crossroad.

I recommend doing this ritual bath within 24 hours of the new year. However, this bath can also be used any time you are leaving something behind and looking for something new, such as after a break up or getting fired. Every moment is open for more magic in a witch’s life.

New Beginnings Bath Recipe


  • 5 parts Bath salts OR road opener / Abre Camino bath salts
  • 1 part Hawthorn
  • 1 part Rosemary
  • 1 part Pine needles
  • 1 part Licorice root (optional)

See notes below for the reasons these herbs were chosen.


In a bowl, mix your ingredients while saying the following chant to Hekate:

Old baggage behind me,
New opportunities before me,
On Hekate’s path, never straying
Doors open in front of me,
Abundant blessings to find me,
On Hekate’s path, never straying

Once your ingredients are mixed, run a hot bath and mix the ingredients into it. Lower yourself into the water as you repeat the chant once more, and then allow yourself to have a meditative bath.

Try not to get too distracted, just let the bath empty you of the past year so that you can be more easily filled with the opportunities of the coming year.


Hawthorn is in this recipe to heal from grief and heal the heart, as recommended by Rosemary Gladstar. It’s also related to fairy magic and and helps with success related to one’s employment.

Rosemary is added to this recipe because of its cleansing and purification properties, as well as its ability to help you find wisdom as you begin something anew.

We add pine needles to this bath because they create resilience in your spirit and help you to be both moderate and persistent in your goals for the new year. They also draw in prosperity and good health.

Licorice root is optional because it is a powerful plant that may be a bit too much for some people. It is associated with domination and competitiveness, as well as creating an advantage over others and aiding in your powers of persuasion.

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