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New Eclectic Witch Merch

Abracadabra, So Mote It Be, Blessed Be Witch Merch for eclectic witches. Aesthetic witch shirts, cool pagan coffee mugs, cute Wiccan stickers, and eco friendly occult tote bags. Perfect for kitchen witches, green witches, chaos witches, and more. Show off your witch style, or use the stickers on your pagan altar. Includes witch symbols like the pentagram. You don't have to wait for Halloween to use witch magic! Forest witch, male witch, coven cute witch. #witch #fashion #pagan #wicca

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Hey witches!

I have been working my witchy butt off the last couple of weeks to get this website going, and to never miss a day with the blog. Because of that, it’s been taking time to get any cool swag up that you all can buy, but that changed today!

That’s right, inspiration hit me today, and I put up some awesome stickers, mugs, and shirts for witches. This merch is just the beginning, but hopefully you’ll find something to your liking!

So here is what I got up today and in the last few days:

Abracadabra shirts & more

In my post about the one word that is making my magick even more powerful, I revealed that the word abracadabra has really put more oomph into my spells. That seems to have caught the attention of a lot of people, so I made these awesome items so that you can bring that word into your life, too!

Arts & Witchcrafts hare art

I really love this design, it feels so rustically witchy to me!

So mote it be stickers & mugs

This popular phrase is often said at the end of a spell, incantation, or wish, especially among Wiccans. I think it’s a great way to finish some ritual work, and when added with a pentagram you’ll have clothes that double as magical protection!

Blessed be shirts & more

Similar to the So mote it be design, this one features a pentagram and another popular pagan phrase: blessed be.

There’s more to come!

I’ve really enjoyed getting these products up, and I hope I can use my creativity to make things that the witch and pagan communities will love in the future, too!

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  1. Which merch is your favorite? I really love how the Arts and Witchcrafts design came out!

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