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Not So Subtle Pagan Jewelry To Gift This Christmas: Witchy Stuff To Buy

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Some witches like subtle pagan jewelry. Others prefer to be loud and proud about their practice.

Whichever kind of witch you are, there is a piece of jewelry that is perfect for you! This list of witchy stuff to buy is all about jewelry for witches.

Hopefully this witch gift guide will help you decide on what to get the witches in your life.

Jewelry is an important element of witch fashion. That’s because witchy jewelry can be charmed for a magical purpose, like finding love or increasing your prosperity.

A stag in a foggy green forest

Silver Stag Ring

Stags are a common motif in pagan jewelry. Choosing jewelry with stags on them can be a way to wear subtle pagan jewelry.

If you want to keep people guessing, this ring is a great option. It has the witchy vibes you crave, but you can easily pass it off as just a beautiful ring.

From the seller, CelticCrystalDesigns:

Solid Sterling Silver – This stag head ring is the perfect gift for any lover of Scotland or of the art of hunting. Many Scottish clans use the stag as part of their crest, so check out and see if your family crest include the stag! Solid sterling silver. Choose from sizes 6-10

Stags are associated with fertility, the Horned God, Artemis / Diana, the crescent moon, and royalty.

A pentacle necklace on leather rope and sitting on purple or red fabric

Pentacle Tear Drop Necklace

This not so subtle pagan jewelry option will look lovely on your neck. The drop beads are made from glass, but you can choose from the colors that best suit your needs.

BlackProtection, uncrossing, warding off negative vibes, banishment, violent power
BluePeace, protection, calmness, communication, clarity, the throat chakra
BrownEarth, reconnecting to the natural world, home life, stability
GoldFinancial gain, business endeavors, the sun, business success, career boosting, legal success
GreenEarth, growth, money, fertility, new businesses, new opportunities, the heart chakra, forgiveness, platonic love
IndigoThe third eye chakra, healing depression, healing emotional vulnerability, self-realization, empathy, letting go of emotional baggage
Light blueHealing, patience, understanding, honest communication, trust, being truthful and fair
OrangeCreativity, beating writer’s block, attraction, encouragement, new opportunities, fun and adventure, self-expression, the sacral chakra, healing mental health
PinkSofter love, self care, kindness, good relationships, empathy, healing the heart, friendship
PurplePsychic powers, intuition, creativity, your inner royal nature, your highest self, ambition, power, the crown chakra, connecting to the divine, fate
RedPassion, sex, love, romance, seduction, courage, health, competition, war, power, the root chakra
SilverThe moon, divination, psychic powers, dreaming, astral travel, women’s mysteries, pregnancy, truth, intuition
WhiteA blank slate, cleansing, purification, innocence, new opportunities, new ideas, connecting to the divine, peace, unity
YellowAbundance, joy, happiness, sunshine, the source of life, persuasion, protection, the solar plexus chakra, self-empowerment, self-control, self-confidence
My Pick
Pentacle Tear Drop Necklace With Colored Glass Bead

A delicate glass teardrop in green has been wire wrapped by hand in bronze tone wire and combined with a matching bronze pentacle before being set to dangle from a matching bronze chain in this handmade Pagan teardrop necklace.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This necklace is pretty, and can be easily used for magical purposes. When you’re looking for witchy stuff to buy, you should always ask if what you are getting can be charmed or used in a magical way!

Using the color chart above, you can choose the right crystal bead for any charm or spell you are working on.

Or leave it as-is, and just rely on the color correspondences to make the (not so) subtle pagan jewelry magical.

Witch supplies on an altar, including incense, crystals, jewelry, and candles

Spiral Goddess Ring

Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that I love the symbolism of the goddess.

It’s always nice to be reminded that femininity is divine, powerful, and strong.

If you have a witchy friend that feels the same way, or needs help connecting to the divine feminine, this dainty spiral goddess ring might be perfect for them.

Witch supplies on a wooden altar. Crystals, beads, a pendulum, and tarot cards.

Silver Pentacle Ring

Wearing a pentacle on your jewelry can be an easy way to protect yourself.

The pentacle protects witches from negative energy, malevolent spirits, and anyone trying to magically influence them.

I like this small silver pentacle ring because it surrounds your whole finger in pentacles. In effect, it creates a protective circle around your whole physical body this way.

This ring is also great for stacking with other subtle pagan jewelry.

A pagan woman looking to the side and wearing a flower crown.

Pagan Charm Bracelet

Finally, we have an interesting pagan charm bracelet.

The charms are all symbolically relevant to pagans.

Spider symbolismCreativity, illusions, destruction.
Moon symbolismFemininity, rhythm, cycles, magic.
Broom symbolismRemoves bad energy, sacred to The Goddess, represents water.
Cat symbolismSensitivity, stealth, magic, protection.
Book symbolismBook of shadows, spells, magic.
Owl symbolismWisdom, esoteric knowledge, night.
Tree symbolismFertility, life, ancestry.
Chalice symbolismWater element, The Goddess, the womb.
Green Man symbolismLife, death, rebirth, sacred masculine.
Cauldron symbolismThe womb, transformation, divination and scrying.
Pentacle symbolismThe 5 elements, protection, witchcraft.
Witch hat symbolismRepresents witchcraft.

As you can see, the charms on this bracelet pack a spiritual punch!

I’m going to be hinting to my husband that this is one of the gifts I’d like this year.

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