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One Simple Spell To Increase Your Beauty

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Are you not feeling yourself lately?

The number one way to be more attractive is to be confident in how you look.

If you need a spell to do it, this simple candle spell will help you to love the person you see in the mirror.

That confidence will translate into how you stand, walk, and speak and will make you irresistable.

That makes this spell and others like it more powerful than simple, manipulative glamour spells.

Here’s what you have to do:

Self Confidence Candle Spell

Get into yourself with this confidence boosting candle spell.


  • 1 really cute candle


This candle spell is simple and will make you seem and, more
importantly, FEEL more attractive.

Take the cutest candle you can find, in an attractive shape like that of a cupcake.

Light your candle, and then with your hands around the candle (close enough to feel the heat but far enough for it to not burn), visualize yourself looking like a snack.

Your hair is just right, your eyes are big and bright and you look really happy. Your clothes and eyebrows look perfect, too!

Feel the energy from the cute candle flowing through your own body.

Your body is getting warmer, a comfortable warmth that makes you feel secure.

Meditate on that warmth and that beauty, and then set the candle where it can burn safely all the way out.

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