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One Simple Spell To Increase Your Beauty

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Can magick increase your beauty?

Witchcraft is an ancient practice that was used for divination, healing, love spells, protection, prosperity, and other purposes. Magick is the art of using magical powers to achieve goals. Beauty is the art of creating beautiful things.

The intersection between these three concepts is where we find ourselves today. We have modern day witches who use their skills to heal others, make money, and create beautiful things. We also have modern day magicians who are able to use their skills to perform magic tricks, cast spells, and create beautiful things as well. And finally, we have modern day beauties who use their skills to create beautiful things and enchant people with their looks.

I love my beauty rituals because they are a part of who I am. They are a part of how I express myself. They are a part my life. They are a part everything I do.

I love how this ritual makes me feel! It’s like wearing a costume, but you are not hiding behind it. You are being yourself, and letting people see you as you truly are. This ritual gives me confidence, and helps me to express myself in ways that I may have been afraid to do before.

Increase Your Beauty With Magic

Are you not feeling yourself lately?

The number one way to be more attractive is to be confident in how you look.

If you need a spell to do it, this simple candle spell will help you to love the person you see in the mirror.

That confidence will translate into how you stand, walk, and speak and will make you irresistable.

That makes this spell and others like it more powerful than simple, manipulative glamour spells.

Here’s what you have to do:

Self Confidence Candle Spell

Get into yourself with this confidence boosting candle spell.

If you are feeling low in self-esteem then this candle spell will help you to feel better about yourself again. This candle spell will help you gain back your confidence and make you feel like you have a purpose in life. You will feel happier and more positive about yourself.

This candle spell will also help you to attract people who will support you and believe in you.

You will find that you will start to feel more confident and you will begin to see yourself as a strong person.


  • 1 really cute candle


This candle spell is simple and will make you seem and, more importantly, FEEL more attractive.

Take the cutest candle you can find, in an attractive shape like that of a cupcake.

Light your candle, and then with your hands around the candle (close enough to feel the heat but far enough for it to not burn), visualize yourself looking like a snack.

Your hair is just right, your eyes are big and bright and you look really happy. Your clothes and eyebrows look perfect, too!

Feel the energy from the cute candle flowing through your own body.

Your body is getting warmer, a comfortable warmth that makes you feel secure.

Meditate on that warmth and that beauty, and then set the candle where it can burn safely all the way out.

What Is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is an ancient art form which uses candles as a medium for magical effects. It was used in many cultures throughout history and still continues today. Candle magic is not just limited to using candles for lighting purposes but also includes the use of candles for divination, healing, cleansing, protection, love spells, prosperity spells, etc.

One common form of candle magic involves burning a candle at specific times during a ritual, usually with the intention of achieving a particular goal. For example, you may burn a candle on a Friday night to attract love into your life. Or you may light a candle on a Saturday morning to bring prosperity into your business.

In addition to these traditional uses, there are also modern applications of Candle Magic. For example, you could use a candle to make a wish come true, or you could use a candle as a focus point for meditation.

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