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Ostara Egg Spell To Manifest Your Desires

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An Ostara egg spell is the perfect ritual to help you put your plans and preparations into motion for the warmer months. With a wish and an egg, you can work powerful magick during the Spring Equinox.

This egg spell works with seasonal ingredients like eggs, solar symbols, and numerology to grant your wish and empower you to manifest your goals. You get to literally watch your wish grow as the world becomes warmer!

Let’s dive into the components of the Ostara spell and why I chose to include them. That way, you will be informed on how the spell works.

Having this information will allow you to make any changes necessary to suit your own goals. You’ll be able to adapt this spell to work with a group or coven, or even change it to work during a different season!

Ostara spell to manifest your dreams with eggs and solar symbols from bunnies and easter eggs on a light blue backgrounds.
This white magic spell with eggs will draw prosperity and happiness to you all spring long.

What Does The Egg Symbolize During Ostara?

Spells using eggs have a lot of different purposes.

You can use eggs to protect yourself or even detect curses, you can do an egg fertility spell, and in this case, you can use eggs to nurture and grow your wishes!

Easter eggs represent fertility, new beginnings, creation, protection, nourishment, birth, rebirth, and joy.

In this spell, you are using the egg to hold your wish and nourish the seeds you will be planting above the egg. As the seeds grow, they will feed off of the vitamins and minerals that the egg leaves as it decomposes. 

You can use a hard-boiled egg or a raw egg, but it must be in its shell.

What Are The Solar Symbols In This Spell?

Ostara is a solar holiday. The sun is growing more powerful, and so we can use the sun’s strength to empower our spells. Here is how I’m representing the sun in this spell:

A watercolor sun on a sunny background. Solar symbols for Ostara.
Solar symbols will add power and energy to your Ostara egg spell.

A Yellow Or Golden Candle

Yellow and gold are both sunny colors, perfect for this spell!

Gold is associated with strength. It was considered to be eternal and imperishable. This is an excellent association for your wishes!

In China, yellow is seen as an active and creative color associated with Yang

Both of these colors are used to represent the sun in art. For this candle magick, you can choose either one. In many places, it will be easier to find a yellow birthday candle than a golden one!

You should choose a birthday candle because you can’t leave the ritual space until the candle has fully melted and burned out on its own. You don’t want to cause a wildfire, so please don’t leave your candles unattended!

Sun Water

Water that has been let out to infuse with sunshine is called sun water. 

You can easily make this magickal water by leaving a jar or bowl of water out in the sun for one full day.

Solar water should be used within a month of making it, but since we have seeds to water, I doubt that will be a problem for you!

Sun water boosts and amplifies energy, so it makes all spells more powerful.

Why Does This Spell Need Seeds?

As the egg feeds the seeds, it passes your wish onto the plants growing from them. If those plants grow healthy and robust, your desire will manifest!

These seeds will be sprouting your desires. I think it’s best to choose wildflowers native to your area. Choose something that the bees will love, and your wishes will travel far and wide!

You could do this spell multiple times to plant a fully magick garden with flowers, vegetables, and herbs. 

Once your flowers are mature, you should make sure to cut a few and leave them on your altar. Decorating with them is a great idea, too. You should make a point to thoroughly enjoy the fruits of your spells and desires!

What Do The Numbers In This Spell Symbolize?

Numerology is an integral part of all magick. This spell uses the numbers one and three to create a specific vibrational profile for your magick. Here is why I chose those numbers:

Pink and blue watercolor. Colorful easter eggs. Numerology for Ostara egg spell.
Learn the numerology that will make your Ostara egg spell more powerful!

The Number One

Using the number one in this Ostara egg spell works with our willpower. It encourages new beginnings, clarifies situations, and represents both physical and mental action.

When wishing for things, you need to work with both forms of action to bring them to fruition. This number reminds us to work for our goals because that makes our magick even stronger.

The Number Three

The number three deals with magick. It strengthens our intuition and the power of our inner energy.

This number also shows us where our own advantages lie. Revealing past, present, and future, a spell that uses the number three will find the best possible path for the best possible outcome.

Three also represents adventure and happiness, reward, and success. Perfect for this Ostara egg spell!

Working With Hekate During The Full Moon

During the full moon, we call upon Hekate to assist us in clearing our past, releasing our fears, and opening ourselves to new possibilities. We ask her to help us gain clarity in our lives, to help us transform our inner worlds, and to allow us to move forward with courage and confidence.

It is said that Hekate helps us to overcome obstacles and challenges that stand in our way, and to achieve our goals. In addition to being a benevolent Goddess, she is also a fierce warrior. When we summon her, we invite her to help us take charge of our lives, to lead us into battle, and to fight for justice.

I am an eclectic witch - I've been practicing since 1974. As a student of the occult, working with astrology, tarot cards, runes, and numerology, I found that this was a very comprehensive and well written text on working with Hekate during the full moon. Highly recommended. - Gail Sager

Great read - a must have for anyone interested in working with the Goddess during the full moon! Highly recommended! - Luis Meyer

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Ostara Egg Spell

This egg spell is perfect for solitary witches but can be adapted to work in covens or group rituals

Ostara Egg Spell To Manifest Your Desires

An easter egg on a rainbow background with blue bunnies on it

Manifest your desires all spring long with this simple egg spell for Ostara!


  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Marker
  • A packet of seeds
  • Sun water
  • A gold or yellow birthday candle
  • A lighter or matches
  • A small shovel


  1. Take all of this spell's tools outside between 11 am and 1 pm.
  2. Find a sunny spot that will remain sunny for an hour or so.
  3. Cast a circle with a stick, your finger, or your mind.
  4. Take your egg and marker and write your wish on the egg. It's important to only write your wish once, as one is the number of creation and new beginnings.
  5. Write your name once.
  6. Write your birthday once.
  7. Write "thank you" three times on the egg.
  8. Dig into the earth in that sunny spot, deep enough to cover your egg with an inch of dirt.
  9. Cover the egg slightly, and then place 3 seeds above it.
  10. Cover those seeds with the rest of the soil, and then water them with your sun water.
  11. Stick your yellow or golden birthday candle into the soil and light it. Let it burn all the way out (do not leave it unattended!). 
  12. Visualize the outcome of your wish as the candle burns. 
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