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Pagan Thanksgiving Ritual

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In all cultures and all religions, giving thanks for what you have and what you are given is important. Many cultures have a Thanksgiving ritual to celebrate the harvest of the year. This is true for pagans and witches as much as it is for anyone else.

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What do we give thanks for?

  • Give thanks for the spells that succeeded
  • Give thanks for the new jobs, new lovers, and new friends you gained this year
  • Give thanks for anything you manifested
  • Give thanks to the gods for watching over you
  • Give thanks that you are loved and cared for

There are many ways to give thanks, and I encourage you to do so throughout the year. I try to thank the gods every day through prayer and offerings.

Still, Thanksgiving is a good time to go all out with giving thanks. It’s a time of year when you can create a huge feast for the gods with many offerings.

This pagan Thanksgiving ritual takes the best portions of food from your Thanksgiving dinner and uses them as an offering to the gods. Remember that sacrifice is a huge part of the season. It’s easy to forget that as we’re gorging ourselves on turkey!

If you need a selfish reason to give thanks, consider that doing so shows that you are worthy of more blessings in the future. No one wants to help someone that never says thank you, and that’s especially true of the gods! When you give thanks, you let the universe know that you care.

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The Thanksgiving Ritual

Thanksgiving Ritual

Wiccan Thanksgiving Ritual

Give thanks the witchy way this year. Celebrate Thanksgiving with this simple but meaningful ritual.


  • The best piece of meat from your Thanksgiving dinner
  • The best fruit or vegetable
  • A small amount of dessert
  • A glass of good wine
  • Enough salt to draw a circle
  • A large candle or bonfire


  1. This ritual is best done right before eating dinner.
  2. Take the best meat, produce, piece of dessert, and the glass of good wine outside.
  3. Draw a circle with the salt around the bonfire or candle with enough space for you to be inside the circle.
  4. Light the candle or bonfire.
  5. Hold your offering over the fire and smoke to send up the smell to the gods.
  6. Thank the gods for all the blessings they have brought you this year.
  7. Stop the fire (for safety) before leaving the circle
  8. Leave the food and wine to the elements and the animals that will carry your offerings to the gods.

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