Dealing With Mercury Retrograde Like A Witch

Is Mercury Retrograde real? Yes! Mercury is a planet and it does undergo a retrograde period. Mercury stations retrograde approximately three to four times a year. When the planet is stationing retrograde it does not appear to move in its chronological motion. It appears to move backwards, and this optical illusion can cause many strange…


Cancer Sun In The Natal Chart: 12 Fast Facts

A Cancer sun (born June 21 – July 22) has a grandiose sense of importance about themselves as well as their relationships. They are likely to be described as being helpful or considerate, but they can also be manipulative and moody. Cancerians’ deep emotions are often buried beneath layers of protection in an attempt to…


Gemini Sun In The Natal Chart: 12 Fast Facts

Gemini Sun (born May 21 – June 20) is a sign of quick wit, social charm and intellectual agility. Intelligent and skillful at juggling many tasks, Gemini is great at getting people to open up and talk about themselves. They are also good at using diplomacy to avoid arguments. A Gemini Sun tends to be…


Aries Sun In The Natal Chart: 12 Fast Facts

The Aries sun sign is known for being energetic, enthusiastic, and full of life. It’s a symbol of new beginnings and courage – so if you have an Aries sun sign, congratulations! You were born into a sign of great optimism and power. You are an Aries if your birthday falls between March 21 to…

Everyday Witchcraft

Hexes And The Moon Phases

The moon phases should dictate what kind of magic you’re doing as a witch. Why? Because the moon phases each have their own correspondences. So if you’re looking to do hexes or curses, how will the moon phases change your spells? Curses done during a waning crescent moon should focus on removing things from people….


18 Yellow Crystals For Healing, Power, And Wealth

Yellow crystals represent the mind, intellect, will and enlightenment. Yellow crystals bring clarity to an individual’s thought processes and stimulate the imagination in order to facilitate creativity. The spiritual meaning of yellow crystals is that they are a reminder for seekers of their ability to manifest their desires into reality through the power of thoughts….