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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Treat Your Pet Like Your Witch Familiar

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Are you looking for your witch familiar? You may feel the pressure to find an animal that will guide you through your path as a witch. It can be easy to just assume the cat, dog, or other pet you already have was your witch familiar all along.

Unfortunately, you can’t just treat any animal like your witch familiar. Most familiars won’t even have a physical form! Familiars are entities, like demons or other spiritual manifestations, that have taken the form of an animal. Your pet is probably a muggle!

Below are 3 big reasons why you shouldn’t just assume Fluffy is your witch familiar. In rare cases, you may discover that your pet wants to take part in your craft, but that is extremely unlikely to happen.

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Treat Your Pet Like Your Witch Familiar

Is your cat your familiar?

Can you just make any animal act as your familiar?

Learn about the dangers of using pets as witch familiars, and why you should never do that.

Here is how you can harm your spiritual practice, your pet, and your relationship with your pet if you treat them like your witch familiar:

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You’re Putting Pressure On A Normal Animal

Familiars have many serious purposes. What is the difference between a pet and a familiar?

  • Witch familiars act as magickal shields to protect you from curses, malevolent entities, and negative manifestations.
  • They guide you and teach you how to be a better witch.
  • They can carry out magickal tasks, like contacting deities or spirits.

Your pet, however, is a creature that has its own life and wasn’t put on this planet to serve you. They need your love, attention, and access to things like food, water, and shelter.

You are the protector of your pet. Your familiar protects you. You can’t just flip the purpose of your pet and force them into the role of a familiar! That’s harmful to them and if you push them too far, you can cause them serious mental or even physical harm.

Think of it this way: When you were a child, did your mom or dad ever force you into a situation where you had to protect them?

For those of us who were forced into such a role reversal, it seriously harmed our mental health. It left us feeling unsafe, uncared for, and unsure of our place in the world.

Do you want to put that pressure on your cat or dog?

You’re Setting Yourself Up For Disappointment

If you expect Fido to be able to help you witch magick, you’re probably in for a rude awakening.

While many pets are curious and like watching you perform rituals or use your tarot cards, very few have the ability to use magick on their own.

These are mundane animals. They don’t have the ability to enact your magick, or help you manifest something with the law of attraction.

If you have been relying on your pet to complete your spellwork or to protect you from negative entities, you have probably experienced disappointing results.

The simple fact of the matter is, most pets can’t help you with magick.

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That’s Just Not How It Works

Familiars are spiritual entities first that have taken the form of an animal. Often this is because their original form can be frightening or disturbing, but sometimes they just prefer the form of an animal.

That means they aren’t actually animals at all.

It’s better to think of animals as spirit guides. They can be met when meditating or while doing astral projection. They can be represented with animal bones, statues, or other symbolic physical forms.

But they don’t have to come to you in physical animal form! Expand your mind, think outside of the box, and reach out to a familiar while meditating. Don’t expect one to just meet you at a pet store!

Give Your Muggle Pets A Break

Your pet isn’t your witch familiar. Familiars are entities in the form of animals, and not every cat or snake is meant to take part in your witchcraft.

So you can let your cat or snake rest while you do tough magick. Your witch familiar will be there to help you spiritually!

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