Pisces Horoscope For October 2022 (Sun, Moon And Rising)

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What does your Pisces horoscope for October 2022 have in store for you?  As we celebrate Halloween right now, you may experience heightened emotions, including anger, jealousy, suspicion, revenge fantasies, and sexual excitement. All this emotion can leave you feeling drained. Around November 1st, you’ll begin to feel better emotionally. However, you still have the urge to lash out. This makes it difficult to maintain relationships.

It’s no secret you’re unhappy with your current living arrangements, so you’re going to look for new digs in late October. You may decide to move halfway across town, or even to another state. Of course, you’d prefer to stay put, but circumstances dictate otherwise.

You know how difficult it is to make a decision that affects your physical comfort, yet you’re constantly thinking about the best option for yourself. It’s an exhausting process, and you’re tired of putting off any decisions about where you live.

The bottom line is that you want to get out of your current home, because you don’t really fit in there anymore. If only you could figure out where you belong—and who you truly love—you wouldn’t have to worry about moving.

If you want to get into something witchy, pick up a book about water magick this month. It will help you tap into the powerful spiritual energy of the element.

Important numbers this month: 2, 7, 16

Your power crystal for this month: Taaffeite, which is known for its magical properties including psychic abilities. In witchcraft and the occult, taaffeite represents the moon and the planet Mercury.

Money horoscope: This sign wants to grow spiritually through money. Whether you’re searching for spiritual guidance or financial advice, you may find yourself seeking wisdom about either topic. Spiritual growth can lead to greater wealth, and vice versa. Consider the time of year while making decisions involving finances—spring is not the best time to invest, while summer can bring unexpected opportunities.

What should you do in Autumn? If you are looking at investing, consider your timing carefully before doing anything. Make sure you are committed to learning more about the stock market and getting some professional tips from a good advisor first.

You may find yourself working harder than usual in the coming weeks. This is a great opportunity to set aside your worries and work towards accomplishing things for your career. Take pride in your accomplishments, as your hard work will help

Love horoscope: Your relationship is moving in an exciting new direction, but you need to remain vigilant. It would be wise to ask someone else to check on your partner if they seem worried. Keep them close by during the next few days, and pay attention to their moods.

Pisces, look at the water. Look deep inside yourself. If you can find courage, then you will discover your true self. Your soul mate awaits.

Spirituality horoscope: Pisces is not an easy sign to understand. There are many ways to interpret the messages of this fishy sign. But one thing remains consistent: Pisces yearns for the Divine Feminine. If you’re having trouble understanding where to focus your attention, look toward the sea. That’s where your favorite representation of the goddess lives.

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