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Use Positive Energy To Succeed With The Law Of Attraction

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Positive energy is an important part of successfully using the law of attraction in your life. Because you will attract what you focus on, the energy you have in your life will guide what the Universe sends you.

When you can stay focused on your positive energy, the blessings flow towards you more easily. That is why we need to keep our energy positive when we are trying to use the Law of Attraction.

Because like attracts like, negative emotions and thoughts will attract more negativity. When you feel angry, stressed out, or anxious, you send out negative energy that attracts more negative energy.

But when you keep yourself in a place of positivity, where you are grateful and joyful, you are sending out positive energy to the Universe that will attract more positive energy to you.

The Universe isn’t trying to decide whether you deserve good things or bad things. It solely sends back what you dish out.

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Use Positive Energy To Succeed With The Law Of Attraction

How to harness positive energy to improve your work with the law of attraction.

How To Increase Positive Energy

So you want to start using the Law of Attraction to attract awesome things into your life. What do you do if you’re stuck in the negativity rut?

Many of us dwell in negativity for most of our lives. Maybe it’s part of our personality, maybe it’s because we have depression or anxiety. Regardless of the reason, dwelling in this negative place can make your attempts at attracting good things less effective.

Below is a few different ways you can improve your positive energy. Try a few of them, or maybe all of them over the course of a few days. Don’t forget to take care of your mental health, and see a therapist when necessary, though!

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Look For The Silver Lining

In all bad situations, there is at the very least a learning opportunity. In most, there are even things that are truly positive.

If you can teach yourself to recognize the positive aspect of a situation, you will find yourself with more positive energy in general.

This isn’t to say you cannot mourn, become angry, or have a bad day. I am just recommending that you try to see the positive aspect of things most of the time.

This is something you can learn through journaling and practice, but it does take time to master.

Laugh Often

I know that when I am in a really bad mood, I just have to turn on a British panel show or reruns of Big Fat Quiz. They consistently make me laugh, even when it’s one I have seen before.

Find what makes you laugh, and surround yourself with people that make you laugh. Laughter generates positive energy and helps us to heal spiritually.

Spend Time In Nature

Now, not everyone is going to love this. If you don’t like time in nature, then this tip can be boiled down to spend time in a place where you feel at peace and as if you are one with the world.

If you’re like me, removing your shoes and sitting in a forest or even just in your backyard can help to heal you and generate positive energy in your life again.

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Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing helps to fight anxiety and other mental health issues. It helps us to center ourselves, relax our nervous systems, and can even help us to regain clarity on a stressful situation.

You can learn the different forms of yogic breathing, or you can simply breathe in and out slowly. You don’t need a special technique to gain the benefits.

Spend Time With Positive People

Hopefully you have at least one person in your life that helps to generate positive energy within yourself. When you surround yourself with people that are usually positive and upbeat, it is easier to behave that way yourself.

If you don’t have someone like that in your life, try going to a yoga class. The people at these classes are usually upbeat and positive, and the exercise is good for increasing your positive energy, too.

Exercise Your Body

Speaking of exercise, any form of exercise will help to generate positive energy and improve your manifesting powers.

Choose an exercise that leaves you feeling fulfilled rather than drained, and practice it regularly. Whether this is walking, running, or playing basketball with some friends, your whole energetic profile will shift for the long term when you make it a habit.

Treat Others With Kindness

Treat others with kindness beyond what they deserve. Be the person that surprises them.

Being kind to others, doing acts of kindness, generates positive energy in not just yourself but in the other person. Don’t you want to be the one that helps them manifest something they need?

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Practice Self Care

I struggle with self care and often feel like a fraud when I am trying to do some small thing for myself. But it is so important to go through that discomfort and care for yourself anyway.

Being gentle with yourself is one of the best ways to generate positive energy and attract good things into your life. Most self care routines will leave you feeling relaxed, happy, and ready to receive from the Universe.

Use Positive Self Talk

Affirmations may seem hokey, but talking to yourself in a positive way does change how you talk to yourself when you’re not trying, too. This can easily become a habit that improves your life in the long run.

This is also a great way to increase your positive energy while asking the Universe for something.

Here is my blog post with a list of affirmations specifically for witches.

Remember What You Are Grateful For

This is another one that is hard for me to do when I am depressed or anxious. But if you can force yourself to write down a few things you’re grateful for, it will be a great first step in improving your mood and positive energy.

Sleep More

It’s hard to be positive when you’re sleep deprived. You can’t send out positive energy to the world when you barely have any energy at all!

Do your best to have a sleep routine and stick to it to get the optimal amount of sleep every day.

Try A Cleansing Spell

A cleansing spell, like this new beginnings bath, is a great way to refresh your spirit and wash off any negativity.

There are a few simple ways to cleanse yourself that don’t require many tools:

I hope that these tips help you to manifest something amazing into your life!

You can get this blog post as a PDF for easier access on your Kindle or other devices without internet access.

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