Elder Futhark Runes Ring


Show off the Elder Futhark on your finger with this simple pagan ring.

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Show off the Elder Futhark on your finger with this simple pagan ring.

You can choose your size.

This gorgeous elder futhark rune ring is the perfect gift for Norse pagans! Shock your pagan friends with this minimalist ring. Jewelry for heathens and asatru pagans. Nordic paganism jewelry. Norse witches and occultists will love this ring as a gift! Learn the meaning of these magick runes easily. Let the runes guide your life. Yule gifts. Samhain gifts. Christmas gifts for pagans. Wicca jewelry. Spirituality rings. #jewelry #rings #asatru #heathen #pagan #witchcraft #pagan #wicca #witch

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Emma is a mom, a wife, an eclectic witch, and dead but dreaming.
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