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Purple Symbolism: What Does The Color Purple Mean Spiritually?

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Purple symbolism is very versatile, and with its many shades, it’s no wonder that purple is such a common color in witchcraft. Whether or not you love purple, there’s no denying that this color holds a special place in the hearts of many people.

The color purple has been used throughout history as a symbol of royalty and importance as it was rare to produce this color in dyes back then. Today, it is also used to represent wisdom, spirituality, psychic power, and creativity, among other things.

I use the color purple often in my witchcraft. I like to burn a purple candle when I am using my tarot cards or any other type of divination. I also use it to represent spirituality in my spells.

The color purple is associated with several different spiritual energies. The color is related to the Crown Chakra, which controls the body’s energy and is the gateway to enlightenment.

Within witchcraft, purple has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits and protect against harm done by other people. 

If you’re going through something where you feel like someone is trying to harm you energetically or in some other way, then I would recommend burning a purple candle and placing a piece of amethyst in your bedroom or space where you will be spending time at night.

Purple symbolism and purple flowers

Purple And The Chakras 

The color purple has been associated with the third eye chakra regarding spirituality and the occult. This is because the color is used to activate psychic abilities, visions, and more spiritual concepts.

The color purple has also been associated with the crown chakra, which is an important area for enlightenment. The crown chakra is also the chakra associated with spirituality, so it should come as no surprise that purple and spiritual concepts are associated with one another.

Purple For Spiritual Protection

Purple is a very protective color that works well for many different spells, such as protection against evil spirits or people trying to harm you energetically through a negative spell or hex placed on you by a rival of yours. 

Using purple candles and crystals, you can help create a barrier of protection that will help keep anything negative at bay. Envision a purple egg around you or your home to set a wall of spiritual protection. 

Purple In Your Home

Purple is a good color for those who are looking to avoid negativity and block it out. If you have to deal with negative people frequently or live in a negative environment, you may want to consider using purple in your home. Purple has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits and protect against harm done by other people. 

If you’re going through something where you feel like someone is trying to harm you energetically or in some other way, then I would recommend burning a purple candle and placing a piece of amethyst in your bedroom or space where you will be spending time at night.

In Feng Shui, purple should be placed in the southeast corner of your home. This placement can bring you peace of mind and help you to concentrate on your goals. 

Purple is the ultimate in abundance and prosperity colors in Feng Shui. Purple symbolizes nobility, luxury, and wealth. This color promotes creativity and imagination. Use purple in your decor when you want to inspire your children or employees to achieve great things. The color purple is a wonderful choice for bedrooms as it promotes calmness and relaxation.

Purple candles

Positive Traits Of The Color Purple

The color purple can represent self-sacrifice, psychic awareness, spiritual awareness, oneness with the universe, wisdom, sexuality, wealth, royalty, and self-care.

The color purple can also represent royalty and luxury as it was seen as a luxury to have purple dyes in the past. The color was so rare that it would often be reserved for only the most important people in society.

In this way, purple also represents self-care and the ability to emotionally heal from trauma. Purple is a soothing color that inspires creativity and imagination. 

A purple aura represents spiritual awareness and openness of the mind. Purple is also a calming color and an excellent color for meditation. 

Purple is associated with all things related to the spiritual realm. Purple is used in healing as it is a soothing color that stimulates the mind and helps you feel more centered and at peace.

The color purple can also represent selflessness as it represents oneness with the universe.

Negative Traits Of The Color Purple

Purple can represent sadness, wild ambition, extravagance, and vanity. The challenges that the color purple represents include being too emotional, overly sensual, and excessively dependent on others.

Purple is also a color that feels overwhelming to some spiritual people as it can put you in a trance-like state where you could easily lose touch with reality. The color purple is also associated with evil, depression, and the devil.

While purple does represent spirituality, healing, and psychic abilities, among other things, it can also represent greed and deception. In fact, purple has been associated with greed since ancient times. It was such a highly sought after color to wear by royalty in the past because it was difficult to produce this color with natural dyes. If you were someone in the royal family, you would want to wear as much purple as possible to show off your importance.

Purple also represents deceit in some cultures. It is also often associated with witchcraft and magic in general, which to some can have negative connotations.

A purple pentacle on fire

The History Of Purple Colors

The color purple has been associated with the occult and spirituality since ancient times. An example of this is in ancient Rome, purple was used for royalty. Purple was also used for the higher classes, thus making purple a color that was reserved only for those who were wealthy enough to purchase it. Even today, many consider purple to be a luxury or status symbol.

The Persian king Cyrus was the first king to use purple to show off his wealth and power. Purple was used by military leaders and royalty for thousands of years to show their importance and wealth. 

Some Roman emperors forbid all purple fabrics to be worn by the lower classes. This was because purple was associated with royalty and those who were of higher status. It was also considered a luxury to wear purple dyes, so the Roman emperors wanted to make sure that those in the lower classes wouldn’t be able to wear this color at all.

Tyrian purple is one of the earliest purples known to have been used. It was a very expensive and rare form of purple produced from the murex shellfish. This color became popular throughout Europe and the Middle East by the Middle Ages. 

A gram of Tyrian purple made with the original formula would cost 2 thousand euros in the modern day. It was made from ten thousand mollusks. We can see, then, why this color was so prized and so rare.

There is even a woman noted in the Bible for selling purple dye. Her name was Lydia, and she was a very successful business woman in an already prosperous city.

Purple As A Symbol For Power

The color purple has played a significant role in royalty images throughout history as it was reserved by only those who had the means to afford it. Throughout history, purple has also been used as a symbol of leadership or power. 

The color purple can symbolize royalty and power in several ways. It can be a way to show off money, sensuality, and sexuality, just as you would see with the color red. Or it can also be a way to make someone feel powerful or make them feel like they have authority over someone else.

A purple pentagram

Purple And Psychic Power Or Consciousness 

The color purple is also associated with psychic powers and spiritual consciousness. Purple is often used in occult rituals to represent energy entering the third eye chakra. 

The third eye chakra is associated with visions, creativity, imagination, psychic abilities, intuition, and more. Purple is also a color that has been associated with awakening the mind and spiritual consciousness for centuries due to its ability to relax the mind and help it focus.

In this way, purple can help you to expand your consciousness or awaken your psychic abilities.

The crown chakra represents the energy of the soul and is associated with spirituality. When this chakra becomes blocked, it can cause you to feel disconnected from the universe or other people. Purple crystals can help to unblock this chakra and stimulate spiritual consciousness.

A woman holding a skull in purple

Purple Crystals And Gemstones

Many purple, lavender and violet crystals and gemstones can be used to enhance psychic abilities, improve meditation, and augment our magick. Here are some of them:

Amethyst: Amethyst is a great crystal to keep nearby when you want to increase your psychic abilities. Amethyst can also be used to help you to connect with the spiritual realm and can be used for protection.

Sugilite: Sugilite is a unique purple crystal that is often found in Brazil. Sugilite can help you to connect with love and divine energies while also being a crystal for meditation. Sugilite correspondences include spirituality, kindness, intuition, communication, and unity.

Ametrine: Ametrine is a purple and yellow crystal that has a spiritual meaning of unity. This crystal is often used to increase your psychic abilities, like clairvoyance, telepathy, and remote viewing. If one is trying to make a living from their psychic abilities, ametrine will combine psychic ability with abundance and prosperity.

Lepidolite: Lepidolite is a unique purple crystal with a strong vibration of spirituality and can help you connect with the spiritual realm. Lepidolite is also used to stimulate your psychic abilities and psychic powers.

Charoite: Charoite is another purple crystal that is strongly associated with spiritual energies. This crystal has been used to help improve your visualization skills and also to stimulate psychic abilities. Charoite is also linked with the crown chakra as this chakra represents spirituality and higher levels of consciousness.

Grape Agate: Grape Agate is a purple or bluish-purple crystal that many people have in their collection. This stone is known to enhance psychic abilities, like clairvoyance and telekinesis.

Purple Fluorite: Purple Fluorite is a stone that can be used to increase your psychic abilities and connect you with the spiritual realm. This is also a wonderful stone for meditation and can aid with spiritual healing.

Purple Beryl (Morganite): Purple Beryl can regulate a variety of chakras, including the crown chakra. It also increases psychic abilities, like clairvoyance, and can be used to stimulate your spiritual awareness. This crystal is also linked with prosperity and abundance.

Purple Fluorapatite: Purple Fluorapatite can be used to increase your psychic abilities and improve communication with spirits. This is also a perfect stone for meditation and has been used in the healing fields for years.

Kunzite: Kunzite is a purple crystal known for its powerful vibration and ability to help you to grow spiritually. Kunzite can be used to strengthen your intuition and psychic abilities.

Smithsonite: Smithsonite is a stone that can be used to increase your psychic abilities and enhance intuition. Smithsonite is also used to stimulate the crown chakra and helps with astral projection by stimulating your third eye chakra.

A witch making a purple potion

Purple For Transformation 

Purple has also been used as a way to help you to transform yourself spiritually. When you are going through a spiritual awakening, using purple crystals can help you to attune to higher levels of consciousness. 

You may also see more purples popping up in your everyday life. For instance, you may find purple flowers in your garden that you have never noticed before. This is a sign that you are entering a period of spiritual growth and change.

While meditating, you may notice that you glow purple or that your spirit guides are in purple clothes. This is because of the mind’s connection of purple with spirituality.

Purple For Mental Power And Thinking 

Purple is a color that can stimulate the mind and help you to think more clearly. Purple has been used for centuries as a way to encourage creativity and improve communication. In fact, purple was often used in the business world to promote better sales and deals.

If you’d like to use purple to improve your ability to think, try using purple pens, purple notebooks, or even wearing purple clothes or jewelry.

What Does It Mean If Your Favorite Color Is Purple?

You may be a daydreamer, or you might be prone to self-denial. It depends on if you tap into the positive or negative traits of the color. The color purple would be a good choice for someone who wanted to be more assertive or sensitive.

Purple people tend to really love the color purple more than anyone else with a favorite color. They also tend to be creative and love to create their own style.

A witch in hazy purple

Different Shades Of Purple And What They Mean

There are many different shades of purple that you can work with. Each one will bring a slightly different energy to the situation. A light lavender has more love correspondences than a dark purple that is almost black.

Light purple represents optimism, creativity, and a carefree attitude.

The properties of dark purple are authority and power, as well as spirituality and higher consciousness.

Red-violet purple represents compassion, sacrifice, and spirituality. 

Lavender symbolizes compassion, intuition, sweet love, and freedom.

Pure, bright purple, or violet represents spirituality, justice, and sacrifice.

Mauve symbolizes spirituality, awareness, and higher thought.

Indigo represents mysticism, intuition, higher consciousness, and mystery.

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Burning Purple Candles For Protection And Power

Purple candles have long been used within witchcraft for protection spells and rituals designed to help you achieve spiritual enlightenment. In fact, purple candles are often used on memorial and death spells as well.

Purple is a color that represents power and spiritual protection. If you are trying to protect yourself from psychic attacks or evil, then light a purple candle by the window closest to your bed. 

If you are trying to connect with spirits or angels, burn a purple candle while meditating.