When A Witch Falls In Love: A Real Love Spell That Works!

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This love spell is meant to be used at the beginning of courtship between two people.

You are both still trying to figure each other out.

The butterflies in your belly are out of control and you are desperate to define the relationship.

This spell works with whatever love is there and simply enhances it a little bit.

It’s not going to make someone dangerously obsessed with you like the love spell from The Craft did.

It merely takes the emotions that are already there and brings them to the surface, along with a little bit of honesty.

About This Love Spell

The herb that represents honesty in this spell is aloe, and it can be used either as the raw plant grown on your windowsill or from a bottle of the gel.

So long as it’s real aloe, it will work.

Keep in mind that this spell will draw out the honest emotions from both of you.

If one of you is hiding something, or your interest is really hiding negative emotions, you can expect for those things to come out.

You may fight with this person, but isn’t it better to get that all out of the way up front instead of hiding it for months?

Don’t use this on someone who has no interest in you.

You can’t force foreign emotions onto someone for your own personal gain.

Not because that’s evil (wanting to do that is purely human, I think), but because it’s simply not possible.

An Honest Love Spell

Summon honesty, sweetness, and true romance through this spell.

It uses herbs, essential oil, and the revealing light of the morning sun to reveal the truth between two people.


1 aloe leaf or teaspoon of aloe gel
1 healthy carnation flower
1 healthy tulip
8 drops jasmine essential oil
1 photo of the person you are interested in
1 small jar with a way to seal it


In the bright morning light, take your ingredients to a quiet place outside where the sun can shine upon you.

The sun will be shining a light on both of you, revealing what is hidden.

Take your jar, and place the aloe leaf or spoonful of gel within it. Say, “With this aloe, I summon honesty.”

Take the carnation flower and tear off the petals.

Place them all in the jar.

Do the same with the tulip.

Leave the unused parts of the flower someplace for nature to take care of them.

Say, “With these flowers, I summon true love.”

With the jasmine essential oil, sprinkle 8 drops of the oil on the photo and cover the surface entirely with the oil.

Say, “With this oil, I summon sweetness between us.” Place the photo in the jar.

Seal the jar, and leave it someplace inside or outside where it received at least a couple hours of sun.

Leave it there for 7 days, after which point you may empty the jar.

The best way to finish the spell is to burn the contents in a very safe place outside.

If that isn’t possible, they may simply be buried.

Once you have performed this love spell, the emotions that you two may otherwise hide will bubble to the surface.

No matter what comes forward, be respectful, loving, and understanding.

You may have to forgive the other person for things they say or do.

Don’t ignore your emotions, either.

You will be doing yourself a disservice if you realize you actually don’t care for this person but you go on to date them (or heaven forbid marry them!) anyway.

Save yourself the heartache! Trust yourself and your emotions.

If you want to have passive love energy surrounding you during and after this spell, keep a piece of rose quartz on you.

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