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How To Recognize A Witch: 5 Easy Tips & Ways We Stand Out

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Don’t fall into the belief that it’s easy to recognize a witch in public. Witches can blend in with the rest of the world!

Witch a keen eye, however, you can recognize many witches. Some are better at hiding, of course, but many witches are at least somewhat open with their practice.

So, if you want to be able to recognize a witch so that you can more easily befriend them, consider the following signs of a witch.

Remember that a witch can look like anything. They can be your stereotypical dark gothic woman covered in crystals, or they can look like your aunt Bev.

Especially now, when witchcraft is more popular than ever, very normal looking and acting people can secretly be witches.

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They Are Very Intuitive

Many witches work on their psychic abilities and learn to trust their gut. If you notice someone relies on their intuition more than others, there is a chance they are a witch.

Of course, they might not consider themselves witches. Many people with naturally honed intuitions just learn to go with their gut.

But if someone mentions to you that they rely on their intuition, there is a good chance they practice witchcraft in some way.

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They Are Drawn To Nature

Now, not all witches are into nature. There are technology witches, and witches with seasonal allergies.

There are witches that prefer to stay inside than go into the woods, and they are all valid.

But if someone seems to be very in tune with nature, or if they seem to keep track of the moon phases, there is a good chance you’re dealing with a witch.

That’s because much of witchcraft involves working with the natural world, seasonal energies, and moon phases.

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Their Stuff Is Covered In Sigils

Sigils are no longer stuck in the realm of chaos magick. Witches from all paths use them to empower themselves and their possessions.

For instance, I have a ring of sigils drawn on the bottom of my water bottle with a paint pen.

Every now and then, I add more sigils to the bottle, to add magick to every sip of water I take.

In time I have forgotten the meaning of some of those sigils, but that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do.

So if you see strange symbols on someone’s notebook, the bottom of their shoes, their cell phone case, or on other items they own, there is a good chance they are a witch.

I’d say seeing sigils is one of the best way to recognize a witch.

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They Have A Lot Of Candles

If you manage to make it into the home of the person you suspect is a witch, take a look around. Do they have a lot of candles?

Or maybe it’s not candles. Maybe it’s empty jars sitting on shelves, ready to be used.

The items in someone’s home can reveal a lot about them. Take a look around. Is there anything that you would put into your home because you’re a witch?

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They Are Wearing Crystals

Now not every witch works with crystals. And crystals are fashionable, so wearing them on a necklace or a ring doesn’t necessarily mean someone is a witch.

But if someone regularly wears crystals, there is a good chance they are doing that to raise their vibrations.

A good way to check if they’re a witch or just fashionable is by asking if they know what a crystal does or means.

If they do know, the chances that they are a witch rises dramatically.

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How To Recognize A Witch

Each of those five tips can work on their own, but if you find someone that fits more than one, they are more likely to be a witch.

I hope that no one uses this information to harass witches, but rather to find new friends that are interested in witchcraft.

It’s still hard to build a community as a witch, even though it is so popular these days.

Let these tips guide you to a new friendship!

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