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What Is The Root Chakra?

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The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with our survival instincts and our need to feel safe and secure. The Root Chakra is associated with the color red.

The Root Chakra is also known as Muladhara or Base Chakra. This chakra is responsible for grounding us and connecting us to the earth.

If we don’t feel safe and secure, we tend to act out in unhealthy ways. We often react to situations in which we feel threatened by acting out aggressively. This causes us to experience fear and anxiety. The root chakra is responsible for our sense of safety and security. When this chakra is blocked, it can cause us to have a difficult time feeling grounded and connected to ourselves.

Women meditating to heal their base chakra or root chakra or muladhara chakra

When we’re feeling anxious, we tend to become very emotional. Our emotions take control of us, and we begin to act out in anger or frustration.

When we’re angry, we tend to lash out verbally or physically. We may yell at someone, or we may hit them. We may even break something. Balancing and nourishing your root chakra helps you to be more emotionally stable and balanced.

You can balance your root chakras by doing yoga poses that help to ground yourself. A daily yoga practice will help to balance your energy centers, healing your physical body as well as your mind and spirit. You can also do breathing exercises that calm your nervous system down.

In addition, you can use essential oils that are soothing and calming. Essential oils such as frankincense, sandalwood, rosemary, lavender, and patchouli are all good choices.

Women meditating to heal their base chakra or root chakra or muladhara chakra

Functions Of The Root Chakra

As one of the primary chakras, root chakra imbalance can cause many problems. Once your root chakra is balanced you’ll find a sense of peace again, and those feelings of anxiety will lessen and melt away.

The Root Chakra is located in the base of your spine. This chakra controls our survival instincts, such as our sense of security, self-esteem, and physical health.

The Root Chakra is connected to the Earth element, which means that we feel grounded when we are centered around the earth. When we are out of balance, we tend to feel anxious, insecure, and fearful.

The Root Charka is responsible for our instinctual needs, including sex, food, shelter, and safety.

It is also linked to our emotions, such as anger, jealousy, greed, lust, envy, and pride.

When we are balanced and centered around the Earth element, we are happy, secure, and healthy. We are also emotionally stable.

If we are unbalanced, we tend to feel negative emotions, such as anxiety, insecurity, fear, and depression.

We can improve our overall health through balancing our Root Chakra.

Women meditating to heal their base chakra or root chakra or muladhara chakra

Opening The Root Chakra

Root chakra healing requires opening and nourishing this base chakra. And imbalanced root chakra is very harmful and causes many emotional and physical disturbances.

At the same time, an overactive root chakra is just as bad! So keeping your root chakra energy balanced is imperative. The functions of the root chakra permeate every part of everyday life, and this base of your energy is a foundation of life and wellness.

The first step to opening the root Chakra is to take a few deep breaths. As you inhale, visualize yourself breathing in white light.

As you exhale, imagine that you are releasing any negative emotions and thoughts. Inhale again, and repeat until you feel calm and relaxed.

Now that you are feeling calmer, you can begin to focus on your root chakra.

Visualize a bright red ball of light inside your belly button. Feel the heat radiating throughout your entire body.

Imagine that the red light is growing bigger and brighter, filling your whole body with warmth.

Feel the warmth spreading through your arms and legs. Imagine that the red light is moving up your spine and into your head.

Continue visualizing the red ball of light expanding throughout your body.

Your mind should now be filled with positive feelings and thoughts. Your root chakra may tingle, or buzz with energy. It may feel like it’s spinning.

You can do this exercise anytime you want to open your root chakra. After doing this exercise, you should notice that you’re more aware of your surroundings. You may even experience some tingling sensations in other areas of your body.

You should also regularly practice grounding exercises. Grounding yourself is as simple as walking in the grass barefoot on a sunny day. Grounding helps us stay focused, calm, and balanced.

Women meditating to heal their base chakra or root chakra or muladhara chakra

What Does It Feel Like To Have A Healthy Root Chakra?

When you have a healthy root chakra, you feel:

  • Calm
  • Secure
  • Grounded
  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Loving
  • Energetic
  • Peaceful
  • Relaxed
  • Safe
  • Satisfied
  • Confident

All these positive emotions are tied to your root chakra being opened, balanced, and nourished.

Women meditating to heal their base chakra or root chakra or muladhara chakra

What Does A Tingling Root Chakra Mean?

A tingling root chakra means that your root chakra is working properly. It’s a good sign that it’s active and energy is flowing through it easily.

Tingling root chakras are often associated with sexual energy. This chakra is located at the base of your spine.

It’s connected to your reproductive organs, including the penis and vagina.
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