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Samhain Intentions: 5 Reasons To Set Seasonal Intentions

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Setting Samhain intentions will guide you through the lonely, cold autumn and winter.

For some, this guidance is absolutely necessary. I’m one of those people.

The winter is a very depressing and hard time for me and many others.

Being unable to spend hours outside in the sun is miserable. Even more since I can’t get any natural vitamin D.

So setting intentions and working magick is part of how I cope and, at times, thrive during the cold months.

Since Samhain is a liminal time, it is also a great time to set intentions. Why?

Because the spirits can hear us more clearly than ever. The veil between our worlds is thin, so that line of communication is stronger than at any other point of the year.

Keep reading to learn more about intentions, and to get a few examples of intentions appropriate for Samhain.

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Intentions Are What Makes Magic Work

Intention is one of many elements in a good spell.

It uses words to represent your will, to direct energy to your purpose.

While intention isn’t the only part of a spell that matters, it is probably the most important part of most spells.

Intention on its own is prayer. Intention combined with action is magick.

A weak or confusing intention can lead to weak magick or, worse, backfiring magick.

This is why it’s best to write down your intention. That way the spirits you are working with can clearly see what you desire.

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How To Write An Intention Statement

When you are writing your Samhain intention, you have to be careful about what you ask for.

An intention that is poorly written can lead to unintended consequences.

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Ask For What You Want

Never include negativity in an intention. Focus on the positive energy that will create your desire.

For example, “I am not poor” is a poorly written intention.

“I am financially stable” is a positive intention that focuses on the good that you want in your life.

Keep any negative words like “don’t”, “can’t” and “not” out of your intentions.

Some say that those words are ignored, but they aren’t helpful either way. Cut them out of your intentions.

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Write In The Present Tense

Your intentions should be written as if they are happening right now.

“I will find love” is more confusing and much less powerful than “I am with the love of my life”.

However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule.

An intention like, “I will always be happy and calm” can be perfect for certain spells.

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Don’t Be Wishy-Washy

Are you going to try to lose weight? Are you going to make a million dollars, but only after you get a job promotion?

Don’t be wishy-washy, and don’t limit how your intentions can work for you.

Stick to the facts. Keep your intentions dead simple. Let your desires come to you in any form they can.

Include Gratitude

Your Samhain intention can be improved by including gratitude. “I am grateful for my new house” is more powerful than “I have a new house”.

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Examples Of Samhain Intentions

So what are the right intentions for Samhain?

We need to first consider what the main themes of Samhain are.

Samhain is a a time when we enter a liminal space.

The veil, or barrier, between our world and the unseen world of spirits and deities is at its thinnest.

At this time, we are in a state of being “in between”.

Between worlds, between light and dark, between warm and cold, summer and winter, life and death.

When we are in this liminal state, our ability to communicate with spirits and other entities is increased.

So during this time, we are celebrating this theme of being in between.

We are also celebrating cycles, like the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

We celebrate the sun and its great harvest, while also preparing for the cold months.

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Samhain Intention Examples

  • I communicate easily with the gods
  • My connection with the spirits around me is strong
  • My intuition guides me in all parts of my life
  • I am being reborn as a better version of myself
  • I harvest the bounties of my hard work
  • My energy / magick is stronger every day
  • I am happy and positive during every season
  • I am grateful for the positive energy around me
  • I am ready for all the gifts the universe sends to me
  • There is always money in the bank to cover gifts for loved ones
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How To Set Intentions

To set powerful Samhain intentions, we have to be able to enter a state of calm awareness.

As a mom of a preschool aged boy, I really know how hard it can be to do this.

For me, I have to wait until everyone is asleep and the house is quiet.

Sometimes this means I don’t get as much sleep as I would like, but it’s worth it.

Being able to enter this state of calm awareness makes my magick much more powerful.

That’s because I can really focus on my intentions and on the actions required for my spell.

Meditation is one of the best ways to enter this state of calm awareness.

I also like to stare at the flame of a candle until I enter this state.

You can also stare into a mirror, listen to droning music, light incense, using singing bowls, or listen to binaural beats.

Each of those things can help you to slip into that state of calm awareness.

Once I am in that state, I can then focus on my intention and write it down.

Sometimes, I have to write it down a few times until I get the wording right.

I prefer to write my intentions on brown paper without any machine cut edges.

I take brown paper bags and tear rough rectangles out of them to use for writing intention.

Then, I use one of the Samhain rituals below to finish setting the intentions and releasing them into the world.

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How To Set Intentions With Candles

The fire of a candle represents your will. That makes it the perfect tool to set your intentions and send them out to the universe.

The flame isn’t destroying your intention. Rather, think of those flames like the flames of a rocket ship.

It is propelling your Samhain intention up to fulfill your will.

You can simply chant your intention to the candle’s flame, staring at it as your mind relaxes into calm focus.

Or, you can do this simple candle flame spell.

Candle Flame Intention Spell

Decorative image of gray and white candles

With this candle spell, your intentions will be sent to the universe to be fulfilled. The power of the candle's color and its flame will heat up your intention, making it even more powerful than before.


  • 1 candle
  • 1 paper
  • 1 pen
  • 1 cauldron or fire safe container


  1. Choose a candle color that suits your intention
  2. Light your candle
  3. Stare into the flame until your mind comes into calm focus
  4. Write your intention on the paper
  5. Close your eyes and chant the intention to yourself
  6. Fold the paper toward you
  7. Hold the paper to the flame and then set it in your fire safe container
  8. Let the paper burn completely
  9. Release the ashes outside
Candle ColorCandle Color Meaning
White candlesWhite candles, first and foremost, can be used for all magick. They are the blank sheet you can use when no other candle seems right, or you’re out of another candle color.
Black candlesBlack candles are perfect for banishing, absorbing negativity, protection, binding, destruction, cursing, chaos magick, and creating confusion.
Brown candlesChoose brown candles for home protection, animal spells, stability, family, material goods, grounding, emotional stability, balance, and trust.
Red candlesRed is a great choice for love spells, lust, vital energy, strength, passion, courage, charisma, energy, vigor, anger, eliminating pessimism, revenge, and determination.
Pink candlesUse pink candles for romantic love, emotional healing, friendship, caring, nurturing, self love, beauty, glamor spells, sensuality, compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation.
Orange candlesWith orange candles you can invoke ambition, creativity, and positivity and it is a great color for career spells or spells to assert your strength and individuality.
Yellow candlesYellow candles are the choice for spells for intelligence, success at school, communication, focus, and intuition.
Green candlesGreen candles are the perfect choice for money spells, but they can be used for spells of growth, health, luck, and nature too.
Blue candlesUse blue candles for peace, patience, emotional healing, manipulation, truth, justice, and to hide the truth from others.
Purple candlesPurple candles are great for psychic powers, divination, astral travel, wishes, ambition, power, and authority.
Silver candlesSilver candles are associated with the moon, and can be used for spells for psychic receptivity, love, rest, dreaming, healing, and represents goddesses.
Gold candlesGold candles are associated with the sun and are useful for spells of confidence, willpower, optimism, generosity, and this candle can be used to represent gods.
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How To Set Intentions With The New Moon

The new moon is the perfect moon phase for setting intentions.

Why is that?

Well, the new moon represents beginnings and new cycles.

It is the phase of the moon that will help you to set good, strong Samhain intentions.

For this reason, you should try to set your Samhain intentions during the new moon phase in the month of October.

New Moon Samhain Intention Setting Ritual

Phases of the moon

Set your intention with the new moon. Your Samhain intentions will be powered through the coming year, manifesting blessings for you even in the dead of winter.


  • A quiet space with a window to see the night sky
  • Paper
  • Pen


    1. Meditate in your quiet space until you are calm and focused
    2. Write your intention on the paper
    3. Lay naked by the window, bathing yourself in the cosmic power above you
    4. Say your intention out loud a few times as you lay there
    5. Feel the feminine energy of the new moon wash over you and set your intentions

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