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Self Care Spell: Heal The Past

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When memories of the past bring you grief or remind you of past trauma, this self care spell can help you to ease your mind.

If the memory is too new or painful, it may be best to work with a therapist or discuss it with a trusted friend before doing this spell.

Resurfacing trauma before you’re ready can do more harm than good, so really think about how ready you are.

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Healing Self Care Spell


  • A bath
  • 5 drops cypress essential oil
  • 5 drops chamomile essential oil
  • 10 drops olive oil
  • White candles
  • A white washcloth


Drop the oils into running bath water and light your candles in a safe area. Turn off the light, using the candle light only.

Get in the bath, and relax and meditate for a moment.

Think of the memory you are trying to heal or process.

Imagine the painful memory as if it were a cut on your own soul, then take the wash cloth.

Wipe the water against where your soul’s wound is, imagining it being cleaned and healed with each splash of the water against your skin.

Stay in the bath tub.

Envision your future without the pain and hurt of that painful moment.

See yourself smiling, happier than ever. You can achieve that.

Do this spell up to once a week.

Over cleaning an emotional wound will just lead to thinking about it too often and dwelling in the past.

What To Do After This Self Care Ritual

After this spell, I recommend doing a gratitude meditation.

This will help you to remember all the good things you have in your life.

You should do other self care rituals as well, such as a spa day or listening to calming music.

Even binge watching a show on Netflix can be helpful!

Constantly thinking about painful memories isn’t healthy, and it is good and healthy to take your mind off of the negative sometimes.

So don’t feel bad about thinking about other things after this ritual. Healing emotional wounds requires hard work and time.

The healing won’t happen instantly.

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This self care spell will help you to process traumatic memories and painful memories. Don't let your life be hindered by negative memories anymore. This spell can help ease depression when paired with meditation, therapy, and good friends. This pagan spell works to help heal the wounds of the past. From Eclectic Witchcraft. #pagan #witchcraft #witch #wicca #selfcare