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Solitary Witch: 5 Reasons You Should Practice Alone

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Being a solitary witch comes with many pros and cons. While you do the community aspect of a coven when you are a solitary witch, you gain a practice fine tuned for your needs, ethics, and goals.

So what are the reasons you should be a solitary witch? If you prefer to work alone, can take responsibility for the outcomes of your actions, want to better understand yourself, like to make your own rules, and seek to develop your self-discipline, then solitary witchcraft is perfect for you.

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Solitary Witch: 5 Reasons You Should Practice Alone

There are so many reasons why you should be a solitary witch.

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A Solitary Witch Likes Working Alone

You’re not forbidden from casting spells with others when you’re a solitary witch. Temporary covens and small groups made up of solitary witches form all the time. The difference is that these people don’t make it a regular practice to perform magick together.

A solitary witch must be comfortable working on their own. This includes researching, performing spells, and developing their craft without the guidance of a teacher or group.

For some, this may seem scary. For others, it’s an obvious and perfect choice.

You don’t need to be an introvert to prefer practicing witchcraft on your own. There are many extroverted solitary witches that simply prefer to develop their own unique witchcraft without the input of others.

Solitary Witchcraft Helps Them Take Responsibility For Their Actions

When you are a solitary witch, there is no one to blame but yourself when a spell backfires. If you are not mature enough to self-critique, you would be better off finding a guide or teacher to help you develop that maturity.

Solitary witchcraft requires the practitioner to remember the details of her daily practice and what is needed for one off spells. This includes protection before casting a spell, gathering all tools, and remaining focused on the goal.

Some find that practicing in a group helps them to maintain that focus. Others find a group setting to be distracting. If you are in the latter group, you are well suited to being a solitary witch.

Solitary Witchcraft Helps To Better Understand Themselves

Of course, every witch should delve into their psyche to truly learn who they are. The fact is, though, that many covens don’t encourage and facilitate this journey.

When you choose solitary witchcraft, you have no choice but to work with their shadow selves and learn what their truest self is. Doing so makes their magick more powerful, and most deities and spiritual guides require it.

Working on your own helps you to do this, as well. In a coven, every personality adds a pressure on the practice. This means the magick performed and spiritual work done is what is compatible with every person. It’s an average, rather than something specific for one person.

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A Solitary Witch Desires To Make Their Own Rules

When you work alone, you can do whatever fits your ethical framework. If you don’t ever want to do curses, you don’t have other people in a coven pressuring you to take part.

If you do want to do curses, no one else’s opinion can stop you from doing so.

Solitary witches have a natural rebellious spirit that fights against being put into a box. The good news is that being a solitary witch gives you the freedom to change your practice as you grow as a witch.

You never have to feel like you are bending the rules when you are the one who decides that those rules are.

Solitary Witchcraft Helps To Develop Their Own Discipline

Self-discipline is an essential tool for witchcraft, and it is more easily developed on your own than in a group setting. A solitary witch must become comfortable with discomfort.

In a coven, it can be easy to become codependent and rely on the instruction of others to get work done. This is detrimental to your personal growth.

Are You A Solitary Witch?

Of course, there are many more personal reasons to become a solitary witch. These are just the big reasons that draw people to this path.

Solitary witchcraft can be so deeply rewarding, but being in a coven can be rewarding as well. In my opinion, it makes the most sense to try out both paths before deciding which on you prefer. At the very least, be open to joining a coven if the right opportunity arises.

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