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Spell For Good Luck: Improve Your Luck With 4 Ingredients

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This spell for good luck will improve your chances of success in any endeavor.

We all need to boost our luck now and then. Even those that are usually skeptical about luck do things like knock on wood.

This good luck spell is great to do before tests at school, before going for a job interview, or before buying a lotto ticket.

It won’t guarantee you’ll win the big jackpot, of course, but it will improve your chances of winning something!

Spell For Good Luck

This spell sends an offering of a clover to Lady Luck.

This goddess can also be called Fortuna, and she is the goddess in charge of our luck.

We ask her to show us her favor, and improve our chances of success.

Learn more about Lady Luck after the spell.

Decorative image of a woman crossing her fingers as a spell for good luck

Download the simplified PDF copy of this spell for printing HERE.


  1. A shiny, new penny
  2. A white candle
  3. A fireproof container
  4. A 4 leaf clover or drawing of a 4 leaf clover


  1. Light the candle
  2. Flip the penny until it lands heads up 3 (or your lucky number) times in a row
  3. Burn the clover or drawing and say this prayer in the fireproof container: Lady Luck
    Send blessings to me
    With this offering
    So mote it be
  4. Let the candle burn out on its own

Deities That Represent Luck

The spell above refers to Lady Luck, or Fortuna.

Fortuna was the personification of luck in ancient Roman paganism. She was known to be capricious and sometimes just plain mean.

In the same way, our own luck can turn quickly. When we have bad luck, it can seem like divine punishment.

For this reason, I recommend keeping up a regular offering to Fortuna.

She might still turn your luck bad now and then, but offerings might improve your favor with Her.

There are other deities of luck. Here are a few of them:

Fortune DeityInformation
Inari OkamiJapanese god of foxes, fertility, rice, tea, sake, agriculture, prosperity, and success
Seven Lucky GodsJapanese gods said to be based on historical figures that grant good luck
RodSlavic god of family, ancestors, and fate
AgathodaemonPersonal companion spirits that ensured good luck, health, and wisdom
AverruncusAncient Roman god of averting harm. However, may be a malignant deity that requires instead of asks for offerings
EkekoProto-Columbian god of prosperity, luck, and abundance
GadPan-Semitic god of fortune. Not to be confused with the god of destiny, Meni.
GaneshaHindu deity of beginnings, arts, sciences, intellict, wisdom, and luck.
Leib-OlmaiSami deity of good luck that lives in Alder trees. Protects hunters against bears.
Anaisa PyeDominican Republic loa, patron saint of love, money and general happiness.
JenguWater spirit in the traditional beliefs of the Sawa people of Cameroon. They bring good fortune to worshippers.
LakshmiHindu goddess of fortune
ManatSemitic goddess of fate and destiny.
Maneki neko is a cat that can be used as a spell for good luck

Good Luck Symbols

If you want to look for a sign that this spell has worked, you can keep an eye out for good luck symbols.

These symbols may show up in weird places, like graffiti on walls or a charm you found in the street from a broken bracelet.

You really have to keep your eyes peeled, because these signs can come from anywhere!

Some think that noticing these signs shows the universe that you actually want the thing you are trying to manifest.

By seeing these signs and recognizing them, you are feeding into the energy needed to manifest good luck.

So keep your eyes peeled for things like:

  • 4 leaf clovers
  • Horseshoes
  • Rabbit’s feet
  • Rainbows
  • Maneki neko cats
  • Jin chan charms or golden toads
  • The numbers 7 or 8
  • Bamboo
  • A barn star
  • Ladybugs
  • Jade
  • White elephants

Don’t forget to grab the PDF version of this spell here. Or, if you are looking for a gambling spell, you can get that here.

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