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Eclectic Witch Spells For All Witches

Helpful spells for eclectic witches: Pick and choose your spells from multiple different magickal traditions. Spells for beginners. Witchcraft spells that work. Blessing spells. Money spells. Abundance spells. Beauty spells. Confidence spells. Prosperity spells. Tea spells. Candle spells. Love spells and potions. Healing spells. Cleansing spells. Banishing spells. Simple spells. Full moon spells. Binding spells. Casting spells. Dream spells. Travel spells. Cinnamon spells. Pagan spells. #witch

Eclectic witches have the largest variety of spells at their disposal. Because they don’t have one specific magickal tradition that they are a part of, they are free to pick and choose what magick suits them and their needs. That means eclectic witch spells are, essentially, any spell at all.

Eclectic witch spells can come from Wicca, Norse traditions, Hoodoo, chaos magick and other traditions. So when you need a spell, you have thousands to choose from.

Eclectic Witchcraft
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Spell to find lost memories

As we get older, memories fade and can be lost to time. Sometimes they will resurface with the correct trigger, but other times those memories will never come back.

This spell, which uses the element of air, may help a lost memory to resurface. This is useful if you’re trying to remember something from childhood, but it may also help with things like tests at school where you need to remember information. If you’re doing this for a test, do it the morning before.

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