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Taurus Sun In The Natal Chart: 12 Fast Facts

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Turn to a Taurus Sun if you are looking for stable friendships and lots of good food. People with their sun in Taurus (born April 20 – May 20) tend to be generous and have a delicious diet. They also tend to have a very close relationship with their family. In all, Taurus Sun people are warm and kind individuals who love life as much as they can handle it.

A Taurus sun tends to be very sweet, sentimental, and patient. They are very hard workers who are shy around strangers. Taurus sun people are very profoundly loyal to their friends and family which include their home, pets, children, and parents. Taurus Sun people are very good lovers who enjoy taking care of their partners in all manners.

Here are 12 facts about these sweet and stable people.

Taurus constellation against a yellow orange gradient

Taurus Suns Are Sometimes Loners

If you haven’t heard from a Taurus in a while, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that person is done with you. It just means that they are probably taking a break from you so they can get reacquainted with themselves. If they won’t call or text you, they are probably just taking care of their own needs.

These people are self care kings and queens that take time out from the world to make sure their internal world is in tip top shape. Taurus Sun people need a lot of time to be alone, especially after stressful situations.

If you want to coax a Taurus out of their own little world, try cooking for them! Good food will always drag them out of their shell and make them appreciate you.

Natal Taurus Suns Are Extremely Private

Don’t try to force a Taurus to reveal their secrets. They are very private people, especially about their feelings. Never ask a Taurus what is wrong unless you want to get an eye roll and a shut down. If you really want to know something, the best way to find out is by observation.

Taurus lives are not filled with drama or secrets, but they do keep their personal life very private. If they do tell you a secret, that means they REALLY trust you.

Taurus Sun bull head against a yellow orange gradient

Changes And Erratic Behavior Upsets Them

Too much change will stress a Taurus out like nothing else. They need stability! These people also have a very hard time dealing with changes in plans. This means they can sometimes struggle with more energetic and changeable signs like Aries and Scorpio.

If you’re the kind of person that changes plans on a whim, try to show some sympathy to your Taurus friends. They are very sensitive to changes in plans and can sometimes get very frustrated this way.

Stability is very much appreciated by these earthy people.

Taureans Tend To Have A Strong Memory

If you’re hoping for a Taurus to forget something you did, you’re out of luck. These people will remember everything, and they aren’t afraid to bring it up in arguments. They take pride in their memory and will use any opportunity to show off their photographic memory.

Taurus sun people tend to remember embarrassing moments for a long time. They will never forget if you said something cruel to them or if they gave you a gift and you didn’t like it.

Taurus bull head against a yellow orange gradient

Avoid Criticizing A Taurus

Taurus sun people have a very thin skin. They don’t take kindly to being criticized, especially when they are in a bad mood. If you want to get a Taurus riled up, just start criticizing them and their lifestyle. This will make them feel like the world is against them and they will try to push back against you.

The last thing a Taurus wants is for their friends and family to criticize them. Criticism makes them feel attacked and not worthy of love.

Family and home life is very important to a Taurus. They enjoy relaxing in their home and in the company of their family. Adding criticism to something so important to a Taurus will make them insecure and moody.

They Are Patient But Their Revenge Is Patient Too

A Taurus will be slow to anger, but once they are angry they are angry forever. If you do something that hurts a Taurus, you’ll have to work hard to regain their trust.

When a Taurean is hurt by someone or something, they will be slow to talk about it. But make no mistake – Taurus sun people don’t forget their history of being hurt.

To a Taurus, revenge can either be served very hot or very, very cold. Either way, you will be paying for it if you act against a Taurus.

Natal chart against a yellow orange gradient

This Lazy Sign Is Hardworking For The Right Causes

While this sign is well known for being lazy, they will work endlessly for things that matter to them. If they need to support their family, they’ll work long hours. If there’s a charity they care about, they will make the time to volunteer.

That Taurean laziness is actually just an inability to care about things that don’t matter to them. Give them a cause they believe in, and they will work for it endlessly.

Taurus Suffers From Materialism And Is Comfort Obsessed

People born under this sign are well known for their materialistic tendencies. If you’re dating a Taurus, they will make sure to let you know about the expensive things they like. These people want to live a love covered in gold and jewels.

Taurus sun people love luxury and want to surround themselves with the finer things in life. They tend to be frugal but not cheap. They enjoy good quality items that make them feel special without ruining their budget.

They just like to be comfortable and are willing to save up to live a comfortable life. Living in luxury isn’t a bad goal to have.

Astrological symbol for Taurus against a yellow orange gradient

They Are Naive And Never Expect Betrayal

A Taurus expects stability, so when people suddenly betray them they will be shocked. Being around duplicitous people that lie and hide things will make a Taurus extremely stressed out.

These people suffer from trusting too easily and can never really see the writing on the wall. They will allow people to get away with anything and never think that they will do something bad to them.

They are often an easy target for malicious and manipulative people.

When Annoyed, Taurus Can Be Insensitive

These people are known for their bluntness. They don’t understand how you can be sensitive, they just go for it. They might not remember how you feel about certain things and will tell you exactly what is on their mind.

When Taureans are annoyed or angry, they can be very insensitive. This is especially true if the person around them is making them uncomfortable with emotional outbursts.

Floral circle and bull against a yellow orange gradient

Like All Earth Signs, Taurus Is Emotionally Closed Off

Don’t expect a Taurus to open up to you quickly. They are slow to open up and don’t like an emotional rollercoaster. These people become very sensitive to any changes of mood.

If you’re dating a Taurus, be ready to take it slow. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable or like they are forced to talk about their feelings with you. A Taurus will only open up if they believe you will be there for them no matter what.

When a Taurus is around someone who is easily upset and agitated, they will try to avoid the situation as much as possible. Emotional outbursts from others will make a Taurus close themselves off.

Taurus Is Possessive In Love And Friendship

Taurus is known for being one of Earth’s most possessive signs. They believe that their partner belongs to them, and that is that. Unfortunately, this tendency to being possessive can become annoying to some people.

The thing about Taurus is they are super loyal, and they expect the same from their partner. This is all about that need for stability. If you have a wandering eye, it will be kinder to leave Taurus suns alone.

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