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The 11 Best Crystals For Ostara For When You Really Need To Feel In Control

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We can use crystals for Ostara to celebrate the Goddess Ostara or Eostre and the themes of Ostara. Ostara’s spiritual themes are rebirth, creation and new life, fertility, and letting go of the past. On the Vernal Equinox or Spring Equinox, we must try to connect with these themes.

The best crystals to celebrate Ostara are the ones that reflect these themes and can invoke them in our witchcraft. They also tend to be light in color and will remind you of beautiful Easter colored eggs. Ostara is a spring holiday that celebrates the Goddess’s fertility.

I love celebrating Ostara because it is a holiday of new beginnings. It calls us to begin again and to pursue new goals. It is also when the land comes alive in springtime, flowers bloom everywhere, and birds start tweeting and singing their joys of life. It reminds me of being a kid again. 

It is a time of rebirth when the old dies and the new is born. I feel this renewal with each new year, and when I celebrate Ostara, I feel that I am starting the warmer months with a blank slate. You will see how crystals can help bring you back into sync with the seasonal cycle of year-long renewal.

Crystals for Ostara: Easter or vernal equinox crystal healing. Many colorful crystals.
Crystals for Easter or the Spring Equinox.

The Best Crystals For Ostara

These Ostara crystals are the ones that best reflect the Ostara themes of rebirth, fertility, and creation. They have a soft, soothing energy that can help you feel the peaceful energy of Ostara and help you to let go of the past. They also help you to embrace the coming warmth and vitality of the sun.

When using these crystals, remember to honor the Goddess and her spiritual themes. A witch should set her intentions when using any crystals.


Integrate your physical and spiritual energies by using rhodochrosite to promote physical and emotional balance. Rhodochrosite releases pent-up emotions and soothes stress.

This stone can help you to feel grounded emotionally by stabilizing your emotions and calming your feelings. It will help you to feel more comfortable with yourself and more joyous in life.

Energize your soul, find love, and refind your passion with this crystal. It opens your heart and helps you to love with your whole being. It will promote emotional healing, new beginnings, and the creation of a joyful life.


Find stability and protection by using a carnelian. It overcomes negative conditioning and encourages steadfastness. Carnelian improves analytic abilities and clarifies perception.

It sharpens concentration and dispels mental lethargy. This crystal encourages you to be more aware of your thoughts, words, and actions and to make better choices in your life.

If you suffer from brain fog, especially during the winter when you get little vitamin D, this crystal will dispel your mental lethargy. It will help you to focus on tasks and stimulate your mind.

It will also help you feel better about yourself, boost your confidence, and provide a sense of security when you feel insecure. You can use this crystal to enhance your analytical abilities, and it can deepen your insights into the workings of the world around you.

Rhodochrosite crystal healing for Easter.
Balance your physical and spiritual self with rhodochrosite.

Tiger’s Eye

Balance yin-yang energy and relieve your body of pent up emotions with Tiger’s Eye crystals. This stone is an excellent choice for Ostara because it promotes a sense of well-being and self-sufficiency.

Tiger’s Eye crystals have been used for centuries to improve vitality and increase mental clarity. It frees your mind from confusion and helps you to feel more confident in yourself.

It will help keep your emotions balanced during the warmer months when the sun is out all of the time, increasing your energy. It allows you to feel safer in yourself and gives you the strength of mind to get through a difficult time. 

It provides protection from outside influences and can help you to focus on the positive things in your life. This crystal will help you to overcome doubt and fear and tap into your inner courage.


Increase your motivation and manifest your goals with apatite. This crystal can help you to let go of the past and move your life forward. It sets you free from mental over-thinking and allows you to recognize your true path in life.

Apatite helps with decision making by promoting acceptance and compassion when making decisions that affect your life. It promotes new beginnings by providing support for trust, forgiveness, and self-empowerment.

This crystal connects us to our past lives and to our dreams. It will help you to release the old and discover your true potential for renewal.

Apatite is also an excellent stone for people who do not desire to make healthy changes in their lives but nevertheless need to make those changes. It will help you let go of unhealthy habits, obsessions, toxic thoughts, and unhelpful beliefs.


Regain control of your life and send healing energy to the body by using Serpentine. This crystal will help you to let go of old emotions and behaviors, and it can help you to heal emotionally.

This stone encourages new beginnings and helps you to move on from old relationships and hold on to the good things in your life. It will stimulate your creativity, imagination, and spiritual insights.

Serpentine supports the release of stagnant energy for new growth in life. It also opens the pathway for Kundalini energy.

Serpentine can help you connect with your spiritual guides and higher self, promoting spiritual awareness. It helps to clear mental and emotional blockages and assists you in remembering past lives.

Tiger's Eye crystal healing for Easter.
Boost your confidence with tiger’s eye crystals.


Chrysocolla represents business astuteness, and it helps you to become wise with your money. Chrysocolla is a stone of good fortune and is said to bring wisdom into your life.

Chrysocolla helps you see how you waste and misuse money and how it can better serve you. It will also help build your psychic awareness. It is an excellent crystal for spring because it can balance your emotions. Chrysocolla brings a sense of calmness and new beginnings and helps you integrate your spiritual beliefs with practical actions that fulfill your life goals. 


Angelite is a powerful crystal for Ostara because it creates balance and harmony in your life. It supports emotional healing and promotes positive energy. Angelite helps you to let go of old hurts, but it also allows you to release anger and resentment from your life. 

Angelite is a stone of spiritual inclusiveness, as it brings harmony into your life through forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, and love. It also promotes communication internally within yourself. 

Angelite is used to balance the throat chakra, which is a very important chakra for the Spring Equinox because it helps us let go of bad moods and negative feelings through clear communication. Being able to communicate helps us relax into positive energy. Angelite is also used to balance the hormones of the thyroid gland.


Peridot is a great crystal to use for purification, and it banishes lethargy when you need to be spring cleaning. It can also help you to let go of bad habits. Peridot can promote fertility, prosperity, and abundance. It also helps you to reunite with like-minded people, and it is said to promote new business ventures.

Peridot is a powerful crystal for Ostara because it helps you to attract positive changes into your life. It will remove negativity from your environment and help you to attract positivity. 

Peridot crystal healing for Easter.
Attract positive changes with peridot crystals.


Larimar is a powerful stone that helps to bring your dreams and goals into reality. It is popular for the purposes of attraction, clarity, and emotional healing. Larimar helps you to let go of old habits and creates new opportunities in your life.

This crystal promotes harmony within yourself, and it also promotes cooperation with others. It aids in communication and relationships with others. Larimar helps you to trust your intuition, and it encourages you to live in the present moment.

Larimar is a stone that promotes fertility, and it can help with fertility issues. It can also promote inner wisdom, spirituality, and communication with the Goddess. Larimar also fosters creativity and allows us to see the truth of our situation and accept it completely.

Lavender Amethyst 

With Lavender Amethyst, you may feel more connected to the Goddess Ostara’s wisdom. This stone is also a fabulous choice for bringing peace into your life. It can help you achieve balance in your life while aiding in emotional healing. 

Lavender Amethyst has a high vibrational frequency, and it can help you feel more grounded in this world. It is also helpful when you experience a loss, and it can help you let go of old patterns that no longer help you. 

This crystal brings compassion into your life, as well as helping you to love yourself completely. It also shields you from negative energy, and it can protect your property from damage.

Orange Calcite 

Orange Calcite is a stone that is used in rituals to help cleanse the chakras. It can be used to banish any stagnant energies from your life, and it promotes positive energy.

Orange Calcite helps you let go of negative feelings, and it also enables you to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you. Additionally, it can help you release emotional baggage and drain negative energies from your environment. 

Its revitalizing energy gives you a new lease on life, so it is a great crystal for Ostara. Orange Calcite can help you to awaken the feminine, and it can awaken creativity within yourself. It will also help you break out of old ruts and patterns, remove barriers in your life.

Orange calcite crystal healing for Easter.
Banish stagnant energy with orange calcite.

Why Use Crystals During Ostara?

During Ostara, we revere the earth and earth goddesses for their fertility. During Ostara, it is customary to gather crystals or rocks from sources such as wells and caves. These can be used for decoration, for magical purposes, or to carry on your person.

Paganism is often called an earth worshipping religion, but really many pagans don’t worship nature or the earth. Still, I think that most pagans do revere nature, especially during the spring and summer.

For me, at least, crystals and rocks are powerful in themselves. They’re a part of my being, they resonate with my energy field, and I am overwhelmed by their beauty and power. 

Crystals come from the earth, powered by its healing energy. They are like the earth’s children, sent to guide us on our spiritual paths. During tough times, crystals can be a source of comfort, a symbol of hope, and signs of our faith in a secular world.

Crystals are also a great way to honor the earth and nature during the spring season. This is particularly true for those who live in urban areas or are more likely to get in their car and head for the nearest rock shop.

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Using Crystals During Ostara

Most people know that crystals can be used for decoration or crystal healing. However, you can use them for magical purposes as well. To use a crystal during Ostara:

First, cleanse your crystal by washing it under running water while holding it in your hand. 

Then, using a clean cloth or small towel, dry it thoroughly and place it in a safe place.

Next, you can gently rub a crystal to enhance the vibrations within it. This is especially true for a crystal that you’ve just purchased and never used before. Keep rubbing until you feel comfortable with the vibrations of your crystal. 

Then you can carry the stone with you during Ostara and the whole spring season.

During Ostara, you can also meditate with your crystal. As you do this, feel yourself being filled with the energy of the crystal and the earth. Then, remember all the good things you can about your life, your friends and family, and what makes you happy. Keep using crystals during Ostara whenever you feel stressed or sad.

You can keep a crystal or two on your altar if you have one. There are many approaches to using crystals during Ostara, but what matters most is being comfortable with the energy of your crystals and connecting with the themes of the holiday.