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The Fastest Green Candle Ritual For Money

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The Fastest Green Candle Ritual For Money: Chances are, if you’re looking for the fastest green candle ritual for money and prosperity, you’re in a time of desperation and fear. I’m here to help you relax and accept the gifts the universe already has coming your way.

I’ve been doing this work since 2005 and have helped thousands of people find their path back to abundance. If you want to know how to manifest fast, then read on!

There are many ways to make your spells manifest faster, and this spell is going to incorporate just a few of those methods.

Green chime candles burning

Candle Magic 101

Candle magic is all about connecting to the divine through burning candles, and there are many ways to do this. Candles are great for creating positive energy, purifying negative energies, communicating with spirits, and manifesting. They’re also a fun way to connect with nature and enjoy the beauty around us. In fact, my favorite part of candle magic is how simple it is to perform at home. All you really need is a candle and a way to light it.

There are no rules or restrictions when it comes to choosing a candle. You can choose any color, scent, size, shape, or even brand. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy candles or scented oils. Just make sure that whatever you pick matches your intentions. For example, if you want to attract money into your life, try buying a green candle. If you want to cleanse negativity out of your space, go for a white candle. Or, if you want to manifest passion and desire, consider purchasing a red one.

You can use any type of candles you’d like, including tea lights, pillar candles, votives, tapers, etc. And while most people think of candles as being used solely for decoration, they really are powerful tools for magick.

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How To Make A Spell Move Faster

If you want to make your spells manifest faster, then there are a few elements you can incorporate. Here are a few of them:

  • Mantras
  • Herbs for speed and fire
  • Incense
  • Blood magick
  • Crystals
  • Visualization

This green candle money spell will use mantras, herbs, and optionally blood magick. It’s up to you to research the repercussions of using blood in your magick and to decide if you want to include that in your work.

Green charm candles burning for a money spell

Why Green Candles For Quick Money Rituals?

Green and yellow are the best candle colors for money spells. Green is associated with the earth element, which is tied to the old world association of abundance and prosperity coming from the earth. Yellow is associated with the air element, which is tied to the more modern association of money. With crypto and online banking, money and prosperity are more firmly associated with air than earth these days.

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Green Candles

Green candles are tied to the earth element, chthonic deities, and old world forms of abundance and prosperity. The color of a candle represents what type of energy it emits. So, if you buy a green candle, you’re getting an earth-based energy. This means that the candle will help bring you closer to the earth and its resources.

In addition, green candles are good for healing and protection. They’re also good for attracting wealth and prosperity.

Yellow Candles

The yellow candle symbolizes the sun, warmth, light, joy, the air element, celestial deities, and new age forms of religion. Yellow is associated with the air element and is known to bring out our inner strength and confidence.

Yellow candles will tap into the more modern air element energy of money. Money now is tied to online banking systems, the internet, online side hustles. It’s mercurial and firmly in the domain of Hermes.

This candle is great for those who are looking to make changes in their life, whether it is about career, relationships, health, finances, or spirituality. Yellow candles can help you connect with your intuition and guide you towards making positive decisions.

White Candles

Candles come in a wide variety of colors. But white candles are the master candles. They can be used in place for any color you don’t already have. And while some people prefer colored candles because of their associations with certain magical correspondences, white candles can actually work better for many purposes.

What Type Of Candle Should I Use For Money Spells?

Candles come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, scents, and even types. There are several factors to consider when selecting the perfect candle for you.

If you want to perform a spell quickly, choose a small tea light candle or birthday candles. A large pillar candle is ideal for longer lasting effects. Candles can be used for both short and long term purposes. 

In addition, there are plenty of options for creating custom scented candles. You can use essential oils or herbs to scent a candle. Once you select the type of candle you prefer, it is important to match the size with the intended purpose.

Green witch candles burning for fast money manifestation

How Can I Make Money Fast Right Now With Witchcraft?

Witchcraft has been around since ancient times. In fact, witchcraft was one of the first religious practices to develop. Today, witches are still practicing witchcraft as part of their spiritual practice. If you’ve ever wondered how to make money fast right now with witchcraft, then this spell is for you!

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Fast Money Spell

You can use this spell to attract money into your life. It doesn’t matter how much money you need, but try to use this spell every time you need more cash. If you do this regularly enough, you will eventually find yourself with plenty of money!

I am going to teach you an extremely simple spell that brings wealth into your life. This spell really works. Don’t believe me? Try it. If you want to attract wealth into your life, this spell is perfect.

To make the spell work faster we will be using cinnamon, red pepper flakes, and mint. Cinnamon and red pepper flakes speed up the spell with fire energy. Mint speeds the spell up with extra money manifestation magick. We will also use the Grabovoi number 520 741 889 8 to manifest unexpected money.

Fast Money Blessing Candle Ritual Using Grabovoi Numbers

Dollar bill candles

Use this money spell to manifest cash QUICK. It is the fastest, most effective way of getting more money in your life. This ritual works by using a green candle and anointing it with oil that has been blessed for money. 


  • Paper
  • Pen
  • 1 dollar bill
  • Peppermint oil
  • Cinnamon
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Dried mint
  • 1 green candle for earth-based money manifestation
  • 1 yellow candle for air-based money manifestation
  • 1 white candle for purification and protection of your intention
  • Blood (optional)


  • Write down the amount of money you desire on a piece of paper.
  • Draw a circle around the number eight times, moving clockwise. Then under the circle write the numbers 520 741 889 8 eight times.
  • Place a dollar bill under the paper.
  • Anoint the dollar bill with three drops of peppermint oil and one drop of blood (optional).
  • Anoint the candles with peppermint oil.
  • Roll the candles in red pepper flakes, cinnamon, and mint.
  • Place the candles around the paper. Light the candles.
  • Say the following words:
    "I am grateful for my financial situation."
    "Money flows toward me."
    "Unexpected money will come to me instantly."
  • Repeat the above process eight times and leave the candles to burn completely.
  • Repeat this whole ritual for 8 days, or until you manifest your desired amount of money. You can stop before the full 8 days if you manifest sooner.

In Conclusion

Money is a stabilizing force; it brings peace and security. When we feel safe, we tend to make good decisions. We don’t spend recklessly, we save, and we plan ahead. Money is a form of “energy,” and like any other form of energy, it can be harnessed to achieve our goals.

The power of money is the same as the power of any other energy source—it can be used to create changes in our lives. If we think positively about money, we can use it to attract what we want. Just as we can use water to cleanse ourselves, we can use money to purify our minds.

You get back what you put into something. This holds true whether we’re talking about love, friendship, or money. If we give someone else something, we usually receive something in return. In fact, sometimes we even get more than we gave away.

Money attracts money. If we focus on how much money we have, we’ll likely see more of it come into our lives. On the flip side, if we focus on how little money we have, we won’t likely see any increase.

A positive attitude about money is infectious. If we believe that there is enough money for everyone, no matter where we live, then we’ll be happy anywhere.

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Good luck with this fast green candle money spell!

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