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The Fire Element in Witchcraft, Magic, Paganism and the Occult

How to use fire for spells that work: fire element secrets. Fire witches and fire signs zodiac signs will love this information about the element of fire! Find out more about the fire element aesthetic. Symbols for fire element art and magic. Fire element personality and feng shui. Fire element correspondences and associations. Fire element crystals, herbs, plants, and magick. #fire #witchcraft #witch #magic

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The element of Fire is attached to the astrological signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These are passionate and excitable signs.

Animals associated with Fire include lions, tigers, and most reptiles. The more fierce and strong an animal is, the stronger its connection to fire.

Red and oranges are Fire colors.

Fire is associated with dragons and phoenixes, who both deal with fire. Dragons who breathe fire, and phoenixes who are reborn through fire. With these associations, we can begin to see fire as destructive, but also as creative.

The sense most associated with fire is sight, and the best crystal for the Fire element is fire opal.

Heat, lightness, brilliance, rapid motion, activeness, and masculinity as Fire qualities. Too much fire is hot, hyperactive, and angry. It can lead to insomnia and bad moods like brooding. Not enough can lead to your head feeling foggy, your body feeling sluggish. Fire is inspiring and passionate, bringing change into your life.

Fire is most powerful at noon, when the sun is hot. Love spells will be strongest at this time.

Fire is a great element to include in love and passion magick, but also any magick that is destructive, like banishment spells.

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