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Fire Element: Astonishing Uses And Magickal Correspondences

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The fire element is the element that spurs us on to do great things. It is the energy and force behind our greatest and worst acts as humans.

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Fire Element: Astonishing Uses And Magickal Correspondences

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Fire Element Correspondences

It’s attached to the astrological signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

These are passionate, excitable signs that are always doing something new and exciting.

Animals associated with the fire element include lions, tigers, and most reptiles.

These animals are fierce, strong, and commonly used to represent leaders and royalty.

The more an animal has those qualities, the more likely they are to be connected to the fire element.

As for colors, reds and oranges are the blazing colors of the fire element.

Fire Element Quick Info

Fire element astrologyAries, Sagittarius, Leo
Fire element animalsLions, tigers, reptiles, bees, ladybugs, scorpions
Fire element colorsRed, orange, yellow
Mythological animalsDragons, phoenixes
Magical usesCreation, destruction, power, energy, brilliance, anger, death and rebirth, balance, heat, lightness, rapid motion, activeness, masculinity, hyperactive, bad moods, war, inspiration, passion, love spells, banishing.

Fights off: Brain fog and lethargy
CrystalsFire opal, moldavite, citrine, carnelian, sunstone, labradorite, spessartine garnet, orange calcite
HerbsAllspice, amaranth, basil, cinnamon, clove, coffee. See the full list of fire element herbs.
Time of dayNoon
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More About The Fire Element

In myths, fire is associated with dragons and phoenixes.

There are many good reasons for this association, and these mythical animals teach us about the dual nature of the fire element.

Dragons breathe fire to fight off pesky humans that may try to steal their treasures.

The phoenix is reborn through fire after death, and is a representation of the sun and its daily death and rebirth.

With these two associations, we can begin to see fire as both destructive and creative.

Fire is itself a balanced force that can kill, but also birth new things.

Forest fires, for instance, are necessary for certain trees and plants to grow. The destruction gives room for new growth.

The fires of the sun have this same correspondence.

The sun can both destroy with drought and create life with its energy and heat.

The sense most associated with fire is sight.

The best crystal to represent the fire element is the fire opal.

Using Fire In Witchcraft

The qualities of fire that we can use in magick are its heat, lightness, brilliance, rapid motion, activeness, and masculinity.

Too much fire is hot, hyperactive, and angry.

It can lead to insomnia and bad moods like brooding and explosive anger.

Not enough fire can lead to brain fog and feelings of sluggishness.

When you want to accomplish things but simply can’t find the energy, there is a good chance that the fire element is unbalanced in your body.

Fire is inspiring and passionate.

It is the element that is responsible to life changes.

This element is most powerful at noon, when the sun is hot.

Love spells will be strongest at noontime.

Noon is also a liminal hour, so magick meant to balance things is powerful at that time.

Other types of magick to use the fire element at noontime include success and money spells.

The fire element is best used in magick for love, passion, destruction, and banishment.

This is a powerful element and should be handled with care. Carelessness can lead to you being burned!

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