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Tips For The Solitary Witch

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While there are so many benefits of being a solitary witch, it also comes with hurdles that must be overcome.

I am a solitary witch, so I know that it can be hard to perform magic without a group of people to work with!

You might also lose sight of your beliefs or magical practice, or hit a research block.

The tips below should help you to overcome these problems.

What Is A Solitary Witch?

A solitary witch is a witch without a coven. That means that most or all of the time, you do witchcraft on your own, without others present.

Being a solitary witch means you are self-initiated and self-sufficient.

It also means that you have a deeply personal connection to the gods you may work with, and that your Unverified Personal Gnosis can become your truest religion.

If you were to join a coven, then your Unverified Personal Gnosis would be challenged and may be unfairly cast aside by those who disagree with it.

When you have a solitary practice, you are the only person who can decide who the gods are and what magic is.

A witch without a coven makes their own choices, and they have to live with whatever consequences there might be.

Anyone can become a witch, but some people are better suited to be a solitary witch.

Solitary witchcraft is a deeply satisfying practice and path to take as a witch, but it comes with its challenges.

While solitary witchcraft by definition requires you to engage in self-disovery and self-critique, these tips can help you when things get lonely or confusing.

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How To Succeed As A Solitary Witch

1. Engage In A Community

A solitary witch doesn’t actually have to be alone, even if you practice alone.

Starting a blog or joining a forum can be a great way to get in touch with other witches.

This is also so necessary for occasional reality checks.

Being a witch without a coven can have some negative aspects.

For instance, without a coven, you don’t have someone to give you witchcraft tips. Or you might not realize you’re doing something dangerous.

Relying on Unverified Personal Gnosis is fine most of the time, but sometimes we can misinterpret signs from the gods and end up with a negative or unhelpful belief.

Having contact with other pagans and witches keeps us grounded and realistic.

2. Seek Out Knowledge

You are going to need access to many resources when you are on the path of the solitary witch.

Your local library, access to the internet, a subscription to a service like Scribd… these resources will be invaluable for learning and growing as a witch.

If you’re a beginner, I wrote a post about the most important research topics for beginner witches.

These topics will help you to explore the history of witchcraft, your beliefs, and the theory and practice of magic.

Here are some of my favorite sources of information:

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3. Adapt To The Times

Spells written in the 90s sometimes seem hilariously out of date.

Imagine how spells written in the 1500s seem!

Witchcraft was never originally about being rigid and only adhering to historically accurate concepts.

It adapted to the times, to the dominant cultures, and to the personal beliefs of witches.

Don’t lose the context that history brings, but allow yourself to innovate.

If you see walnuts as a water element plant rather than the fire element, then go with that.

4. Keep Track Of Your Information

Start a book of shadows.

Do not skip this step.

I don’t care if it’s in a bullet journal, a huge leather tome, Evernote, or Tumblr.

All that matters is that you keep track of the information you gathered. A witch without a coven needs to keep track of their magick.

Here are a few thing to keep in your book of shadows:

  • Tarot readings
  • Elemental information
  • Spells
  • Witch history
  • Herb lore and your Materia Medica
  • Witchcraft techniques
  • Your thoughts and theories on witchcraft
  • Visions and omens

5. Create Sacred Space

Having a coven sometimes means having a dedicated sacred space.

You can have the same thing as a solitary practitioner.

You just need somewhere to create that space.

Even just a small corner in your home can be a place to use as an open line to the universe.

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6. Learn To Trust Your Magic

You must practice early and often with your magic.

The more you use magic, the more you will trust it.

Working with your intuition is most important of all, so take up some form of divination.

Learn to see signs and omens. Keep your mind open.

7. Routines Are Magic

Having a daily practice improves your magical ability while also bringing you into the presence of the sacred on a regular basis.

Daily life can distract us from our religious beliefs and obligations.

A small daily practice can help to keep you focused on what actually matters.

The easiest way to have a daily practice is to meditate and practice deep breathing.

The breath is your body, the breath is what you become, the breath carries your awareness to the highest of worlds.

With meditation, you can build up to greater and greater levels on your own.

When this level of practice becomes a habit, your mind, body, and inner space is aligned with each other.

8. Give Yourself A Break

Sometimes, I don’t feel like celebrating a holiday or doing something for the new moon.

And that’s fine!

Unless you promised to do something for a deity, take the night off.

Sometimes covens can lead to witch burnout because there is a social obligation to take part in all rituals.

When you are a solitary practitioner, you get to take breaks without feeling like you are letting other people down.

Anyone Can Be A Solitary Witch

When you are a self-initiated solitary witch, you must be willing to continue learning and growing.

Hopefully the tips above have helped you to do that.

If you came away from this post feeling overwhelmed, that’s okay too!

Joining a coven can be an amazing and enlightening way to practice witchcraft.

And there’s no need to be afraid! In fact, it is a very good opportunity to explore our own inner wisdom and to become a part of another world.

Do what makes you happiest and fosters your inner sacred spark.

And don’t forget to reach out for help if you need it!

I’m here to answer your questions, to make sure you get the information you need.

How to be a solitary witch: ways to succeed as a witch when you dont have a coven guiding you. Tips from Eclectic Witchcraft. Being a solitary witch means you are self-initiated and self-sufficient. It also means that you have a deeply personal connection to the gods you may work with, and that your Unverified Personal Gnosis can become your truest religion. #pagan #witch #witchcraft #solitary #solitarywitch #wicca

Are you still curious about becoming a witch? I have a huge list of research topics that EVERY beginner witch needs to read. Once you finish this list, you’ll be a much more confident beginner witch! 🌙

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