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Virgo Sun: 12 Fast Facts

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Virgo sun is an air sign ruled by Mercury. It’s associated with communication, travel, education, and technology. And if you have Virgo as your sun sign, you have a lot of interesting quirks!

If you’re born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, then you’ll probably be pretty organized and detail oriented. You might also be a bit shy at times, but you’ll definitely have a strong sense of responsibility.

You’re also known to be a perfectionist who loves to learn new things. You’re usually quite intelligent and analytical, and you love to explore different topics.

There are a lot of things to learn and love about the personality traits of this caring, generous earth sign! There are a few negative traits that go hand in hand with the positive traits though. Here are 12 more facts about them.

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Virgos Care About Details

Virgos are very sensitive to details. They tend to be perfectionists who want everything to be just right. They enjoy being around people who appreciate their attention to detail.

If they ask you to do something and you only do it half way, they will end up very frustrated. For this reason they tend to think they can only rely on themselves, which is a pretty lonely and tough way to live. If a Virgo can learn to accept “good enough”, they will end up much happier.

This Earth Sign Is Reliable And Practical

Virgos are reliable and practical people. They work hard and hate to let people down. Virgos are known for burning out because they do everything they can to please everyone else.

The Virgo personality type tends to be extremely dependable and trustworthy. This means that if someone asks you to help them in some way, you won’t hesitate to offer your assistance.

They don’t like wasting time or money so they try not to waste anyone else’s either. They always make sure they get what they need before asking others for anything.

They have a very strong sense of responsibility and duty.

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This Zodiac Sign Is Extremely Loyal

This mutable earth sign cares deeply about family and friends. They put other people first. They may seem cold sometimes, but deep inside they really aren’t. In fact their hearts are very soft and they spend all their time thinking about how to make their loved ones happier and more comfortable.

However, when they feel as though they’ve been treated unfairly, they become angry and resentful. The constellation Virgo is associated with the Greek goddess of justice, Dike. And just like that goddess from Greek mythology, injustice really makes them angry! But once they cool off, they may realize how unfair they were and apologize profusely.

Their loyalty is genuine and unwavering, and the Virgo doesn’t take kindly to betrayal.

Virgos Are The Most Analytical, Quick Thinking Of The Star Signs

Virgos’ minds move fast and they process information efficiently. Their thoughts come from logic rather than emotion.

Because of this, Virgos often find it difficult to express feelings openly. Instead, they keep their emotions bottled up inside until they explode. When they finally open up, they may say things without considering whether they mean them or not.

When they aren’t angry they use words carefully and choose their tone wisely. However, because of the disconnect between their intellect and their emotions, they can sound harsh and judgmental even when they’re trying to be kind.

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Their Anger Is Slow Burning And Their Revenge Is Served Cold

Virgos rarely lose their tempers quickly. As soon as they start feeling upset, they go into survival mode and focus on getting through whatever situation has caused them distress.

Once they calm down, they’ll probably forgive whoever hurt them and forget about the incident entirely.

But if they still harbor resentment towards those who have offended them, they might wait years before taking action against them.

So while people with this sun sign are quick thinkers, they are slow burners. They prefer to mull things over quietly and patiently before deciding what to do next.

Virgos generally hold grudges for many years. Another goddess associated with Virgo is Demeter, a harvest goddess. For this reason, Virgos are very eager to plant seeds of revenge and wait for the right time to reap what they have sown.

They Are Creative Perfectionists

Virgos love being artistic and creative. Because of this, they tend to excel at arts such as painting, drawing, sculpture, music, poetry, and dancing.

If they want something done right, they usually expect nothing less than perfection. If they see something wrong with something they created, they obsess until they fix it. As a result, they never stop working on projects no matter how far along they already are. It takes a lot of effort to complete a task for a Virgo.

This sun sign will take a long time finish any creative piece because they are perfectionists in everything they do.

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Virgos Are Surprisingly Kind, Generous, And Sensitive

Despite their reputation for being aloof and unemotional, people with this sun sign are surprisingly sensitive and caring individuals. They don’t like hurting anyone’s feelings and they try hard to avoid doing that.

In addition, they are extremely loyal and compassionate toward animals and children. They also enjoy spending quality time with close friends and relatives.

The Virgo loves helping out whenever he/she sees someone struggling. He/She always tries his best to make everyone happy and content.

As a result, Virgos are quite popular among their peers. People admire their kindness and compassion.

They love giving gifts, too. While it may not be as flashy as gifts given by a Cancer or a Leo, many Virgos care a lot about serving others through their time and effort.

They Love Animals And Nature

While most people with this sun sign are quiet and reserved, most actually spend lots of time outdoors enjoying nature. These types of Virgos feel very connected to Mother Earth and appreciate all her wonders.

They believe that we should live our lives according to natural laws rather than human ones. So they respect nature and its creatures.

This makes them good environmentalists and conservationists. They understand that humans need clean air and water to survive. Therefore, they work tirelessly to protect these resources from pollution and destruction.

And if they see a dog or cat at a party, you can expect them to spend more time with the animals than with their friends! Virgos are animal lovers and often feel more comfortable with them than with humans. 

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They Are Prone To Anxiety And Stomach Issues

Because of their highly developed sense of orderliness, Virgos are prone to anxiety attacks when faced with chaos. This means that they hate change and anything unexpected.

Stressful situations cause them to become anxious and upset, and this can tie their stomach in knots. Virgos will complain a lot about upset stomachs, and it’s because they just can’t let go of stress.

Their digestive systems aren’t strong enough to handle stressful situations well. The only way to deal with stress is to release it somehow. Some Virgos even turn to stress eating or overly strict diets to control their emotions and stomach issues.

However, eating isn’t really an effective method of releasing stress. Instead, they have to find other ways to cope with the situation.

For example, they might exercise excessively, play sports, meditate, pray, write down thoughts, talk things over with family members, etc. These activities help relieve tension and give them some relief from the problem.

So, what can people born under this sun sign do? Well, first of all, they must accept that there are times when they cannot control certain aspects of life. Then, they must learn to manage those emotions instead of letting them consume them.

The good news is that, as a mutable sign, most Virgos are pretty adaptable! 

Virgos Really Love To Gossip

These whip-smart earthy people live for gossip. A negative Virgo might even relish in making enemies of people through gossip!

You’d think that Virgos would avoid talking badly about anyone else since they can’t handle gossip about themselves, but they don’t. If you ask them why they are gossiping, they’ll say something like: “I’m just telling it like I saw it.”

Even when Virgo is trying to control their tongue, they still might end up spreading malicious lies about others. It doesn’t matter whether the person being talked about has done nothing wrong; Virgos simply see gossip as another valid form of conversation.

The best advice if you’re dealing with a Virgo is to be careful what secrets you share with them. They are ruled by Mercury and that gift of gab can lead to those secrets slipping out.

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They Are Critical Of Themselves And Others

Having Virgo in your birth chart can make you hyper aware of mistakes, errors, and mess ups. They notice typos, grammar errors, when you do the dishes “wrong”, and any other mistakes you might make. So why are they so critical?

Well, they know that they need to improve themselves constantly. Their inner critic keeps reminding them of everything they could’ve done better. But, they also know that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. That’s part of human nature.

But, this sun sign takes these little slips personally. They believe that they should never ever make such mistakes, and assume that others feel the same.

Because of this, they get very defensive when someone points out one of their flaws, and they get confused when someone doesn’t care about a flaw of their own. This leads to many arguments between Virgos and their partners.

If you want to keep peace in your relationship, try to remember that no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. 

Virgo is harsh on you, but they are even harsher on themselves. It’s very important for Virgo to learn how to chill out and accept some imperfection in life.

They Can Be Insecure And Blame Their Faults On Others

Their perfectionism is really your own worst enemy if you were born under this sun sign. Their need for perfection can turn into insecurity, and when that insecurity is projected they can start blaming their faults on everyone other than themselves.

This is especially true during relationships because they tend to blame their partner for anything bad that happens. When they find fault with their partner, they may become angry, bitter, jealous, resentful, possessive, or withdrawn.

When they have problems, they might look outside themselves for answers rather than within. The result is often self-pity, depression, anxiety, anger, resentment, jealousy, bitterness, and withdrawal.

It takes time and patience for a negative Virgo to realize that they are responsible for their actions and reactions. Once they understand that fact, then they can begin working toward improving themselves with kindness and self love.

How this plays out really depends on their moon sign and Chiron, too! If you have Virgo as your astrological sign, check out the other placements in your natal chart. Your sun birth sign isn’t the only one that matters!

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Key Takeaways

  1. Virgo is actually quite sensitive and caring. They are great listeners and good communicators. However, they must work hard to overcome their natural tendency to criticize and judge.
  2. Virgo is extremely loyal and trustworthy. They are honest, sincere, and reliable. They are usually well liked and respected.
  3. Virgo is highly organized and detail oriented. They enjoy routine activities and schedules.
  4. Virgo loves order and cleanliness. They hate clutter and disorder.
  5. Virgo is practical and realistic. They prefer things to remain simple and uncomplicated.
  6. Virgo is independent and stubborn.
  7. Virgo prefers harmony over conflict. They strive to maintain balance and fairness.
  8. Virgo needs to develop more confidence and trust in themselves. They can easily lose faith in themselves due to past failures and missteps.
  9. Virgo tends to be overly concerned with details and rules. They are meticulous and rule abiding.
  10. Virgo is naturally suspicious and distrustful. They worry too much and expect the worst from others.
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