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Magical Correspondences Of The Waxing Crescent Moon—What Is This Lunar Phase Good For?

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The waxing crescent moon is an extremely magical lunar phase. If there was ever a time for prosperity magic, it would be during this period of the month. Here are some things that happen around this particular lunation cycle.

The waxing crescent moon phase is a time of growth; it’s like springtime on the lunar calendar. It represents beginnings and endings, so use this energy to begin something new. If there was an area where you were stuck or needed help getting started again (or even just wanted some motivation), then now would be a good time to do spells related to that goal.

Waxing crescent moon spellwork ideas:

1. Write down your intentions for the next month in one sentence each day of the waxing moon. Then burn them every night. As you read these words aloud and visualize what you desire, imagine their manifestation happening right away! This can also work well if you have a long-term project that needs to get done by the end of the year—write it all out during the waxing crescent moon phase and see how far along you are come January 1st.

2. Do spells to build new things in your life. Whether it’s starting a business, moving into a new apartment or house, going back to school, etc., take advantage of the magickal energies around you while they’re channeling growth and abundance.

3. Start any kind of magical practice; the waxing crescent moon is a great time for beginning anything—even new forms of witchcraft.

Using The Waxing Crescent Moon For Manifestation

This phase works best when used with intention magic, like spellwork involving manifesting money, love, health, or other goals. The key is to be very specific in what you desire, and to put your intention into your spellwork.

When performing magic during this phase, it is also important to be aware of the astrological energy in play. For example, if you are doing money magic during a waxing crescent moon, it would be beneficial to know if there is any planetary energy in play that could help or hinder your efforts.

Overall, the waxing crescent moon is a time of new beginnings, so use this energy to your advantage when working towards your goals.

Deities To Channel During The Waxing Crescent Moon

The goddess Brigid rules over fire. She represents purification and protection from evil spirits; she can aid in spells related to healing, fertility, crafts, metalworking, etc.

During the waxing crescent moon, Brigid can give insight into the future—especially if you are trying to find out about your own destiny. If you want to make a change or start something new (or even just get rid of some bad habits), then ask her for guidance and support!

The god Apollo is associated with light, prophecy, music, poetry, medicine, archery, the sun, truth, beauty, eloquence, inspiration, and more; he’s a good deity to work with during the waxing crescent moon because of his connection to knowledge. Ask for his help in matters of learning or self-improvement—he’ll be able to guide you on your path.

The goddess Selene rules over dreams, sleep, nighttime magick, lunar cycles, childbirth, and more. She is an excellent choice when casting spells involving divination or communication between worlds. Her presence will increase the power of any spellwork done at night during this phase.

The Waxing Crescent Moon As A Spirit Guide

The moon has been used as a symbol by witches since ancient times, and it is through the ancients that we were given access to information about its true nature: It is not only our closest celestial neighbor; it also serves as a gateway into other dimensions. This means the moon can be seen—and worked with—as both a physical object and a spiritual entity.

Through journaling, meditation, visualization exercises, and ritual practice, one can learn how to interact directly with the spirit world using the moon as a gateway. The waxing crescent moon is like a door to another dimension; if you’re looking for answers or guidance from the universe, the moon can be a portal where the veil thins enough so that spirits are more easily accessible than usual.

The moon is also the gateway to other planets and their planetary magic. If you wish to channel the magical correspondences of the sun, Jupiter, Saturn, or the other planets, then the waxing crescent moon—when they align with the moon’s position in the sky—is when you should attempt such workings.

When working with the moon as a spirit guide, it is important to remember that the moon is constantly changing and evolving. Just as our own moods and energy wax and wane with the lunar cycles, so too will our connection to the spirit world. Therefore, it is important to be patient and to work with the moon over time in order to develop a strong relationship with this powerful celestial being.

The Waxing Crescent Moon and Its Effect on Spellwork

This lunar phase is associated with growth, new beginnings, and abundance. Therefore, it is an ideal time to work on spells related to manifestation, fertility, and prosperity. The key is to be specific in your intentions, and to focus on what you want to bring into your life. The energy of the waxing crescent moon will help you work towards your goals, so use it to your advantage!

If there are certain things—or people—you need to attract or manifest at this time (e.g., a lover; money), then try visualizing them while gazing upon the moon while it is growing in strength. This magickal act can be done by itself or combined with spellwork like candle magick, which uses candles as symbols for our desires. When working magic during this period of the month, always keep in mind that the moon is also connected to other planets and their energies; if you have a particular goal in mind, then ask yourself: What planet would best support my efforts?

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