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5 Types Of Magick To Do During A Waxing Moon

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During a waxing moon, many magickal practitioners perform rituals to increase their power, gain insight, and manifest success. I’m going to share with you five types of magick that you can practice during a waxing moon. These will help you get stronger, smarter, and richer!

The waxing crescent moon is a symbol of growth and development, and its moon energy is expansive. During this period, we are able to see our potential and make changes to improve ourselves. We can use the energy of the waxing crescent moon to help us reach our goals. If you want to change your life, now is the time to do it. You can start today.

This is a great time to reflect on what you want to achieve during the coming month. If you set goals, make sure you’re working towards those goals now. You don’t want to wait until the end of the month to start making changes.

If you notice yourself feeling anxious about something, take some deep breaths and focus on your breathing. Let go of negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

You might find it helpful to write down your goals and review them every day. Make sure you’re taking action towards achieving them during this part of the moon cycle.

This is how I use the lunar phases:

New Moon – I ask myself, “What do I really want out of life?” and set some intentions. The dark moon phase is also when I do my shadow work.

Waxing Moon – I clarify my intentions with myself and put out new magical seeds to grow. This moon phase is the perfect time for new wishes and new projects.

Full Moon – I review my progress and check in with myself during this moon phase. This is the perfect time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work and magic.

Waning Moon – I reflect on the last month and see where I’m heading. Do I need to course correct with new spells? Do I need to dispel negative energy?

My Experience With The Waxing Moon

I am all about the energy of GROWTH. And that’s what the waxing moon embodies! Spells for growing my business, tarot readings about how to grow and change into my best self, wish spells, money spells, love growing spells! I love it all.

So many witches think the full moon is their most powerful ally, but to me? All the best energy happens during the waxing moon. I can feel her increasing power, and I flow along with it. She gives me strength to do more. When she wanes, I tend to become lazy and not focused as much. Her light fades, and I have to be careful to keep up the momentum. But when she waxes, I feel like I can conquer anything.

The full moon is the culmination of the work done during the waxing moon. It’s a celebration. But the work has to happen when the moon is growing in strength! That’s why I believe the waxing moon is so important.

There’s no right or wrong way to approach any kind of ritual. Try different things until you find the methods that work best for you. Experiment with candles, incense, herbs, crystals, oils, and other tools. Find whatever makes you comfortable and works well for you. 

But if you aren’t working magic during the waxing moon, I really think you are missing out.

What The Waxing Moon Represents In Witchcraft

The waxing moon is associated with growth, expansion, and prosperity. This phase of the moon is considered one of the best times to work with magickal energies. Many people feel that the energy of the waxing moon makes it easier to manifest our desires, and we are able to see things clearer.

When I think back, my witchy practices were much more successful during the waxing moon than they were during other phases of the moon. I think this has to do with the fact that the energy of the Waxing Moon brings growth, strength, and vitality.

It’s easy to forget about the benefits of using magic while we’re busy living in the world. We may be so focused on earning money or accomplishing tasks that we fail to realize how vital magical work can be.

We can use the energy of a waxing moon to manifest our dreams and aspirations. When we connect to this lunar energy, we tap into the ancient tradition of magick.

Tarot readers often report that the waxing moon affects the accuracy of their readings. They believe that the moon phases affect the way their cards are interpreted. Some think that some moon phases make it harder to tell what the future holds. Others claim that the moon phases help you understand yourself better and become more aware of your inner self.

5 Spells To Try During The Waxing Moon

The waxing moon is a great time to reflect on what we’ve achieved over the previous few months and what we’d like to achieve in the coming months. We’ll use our intuition to figure out what we really want and what we need to do to make it happen.

The waxing moon is a great time to focus on your dreams and aspirations, and it can give you inspiration to take action. The full moon has been connected with power, creativity, fertility, new beginnings and the feminine side of things.

Start Manifesting With Mantras

One of the easiest ways to harness the energy of the waxing moon is to start a daily mantras and affirmations practice. Daily mantras will build your personal power and allow you to stay aligned with the universe. It also taps into the power of the law of attraction to help you make your wishes and dreams a reality.

You don’t need to spend hours trying to create a chant. You can get started by reciting something you already know.

A good mantra is one that is positive and uplifting. If you say “I am strong,” then you are strengthening your mind and body. Saying “I love myself” helps you love who you are. Whatever phrase resonates with you is perfect.

Mantras that tap into the fertile power of the waxing moon include:

  • My magic is powerful
  • All of my dreams are coming true
  • Working for my dreams is easy
  • The love in my relationship is growing daily
  • Love surrounds me wherever I go
  • I create and witness miracles every day
  • I’m an unstoppable force

These types of positive mantras will help you connect to the abundant energy of the waxing moons.

Waxing Moon Tarot Spread

You can find a tarot spread for every moon phase. I like the waxing moon phase tarot spread here

With this spread, you’ll be able to see where you should focus this burst of energy. Tackle the goals that the cards think you will be most able to conquer.

These cards also tell you where your strength lies during this moon phase. I really love this spread! It has helped many people manifest wonderful changes in their lives.

See the spread here.

Romance Growth Spell

Want to grow the romance in your life? Try adding these ingredients to a waxing moon bath:

  • Epsom salt
  • Milk
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Rose petals

This is sure to leave you feeling sensual, beautiful, and attuned to the energy of love and romance.

And if you have a partner, have them join you in this bath. Make it romantic with candles (with an intention carved into them), soft music, and conversations about your relationship.

Plant A Seed Wish Spell

Do you have a simple wish this month? If you’re just starting out, a small seed spell will help you to learn about magic.

All you need is a seed (even a grass seed, or some catnip seeds if you have a pet cat) and a small container to start the seed in.

Hold the seed in your hand under the waxing moon and whisper your wish to it until your intuition tells you to stop. Then plant the seed in some soil in your container, and water it. Waxing or full moon water will add an extra kick of magical energy to this spell.

When it sprouts, it’s proof that your wish was heard. The more often you repeat the wish, the more likely it is to come true!

Try doing this every month as part of your regular spellcasting.

Silver Candle Happiness Moon Ritual

Silver is associated with our beautiful lunar goddesses, and a silver candle can help you to harness happiness (or any other intention) while the moon is waxing.

Simply take a silver candle and, holding it, light it. Watch the flame grow, then close your eyes and imagine that little glow growing brighter and brighter as the moon above you fills more.

In conclusion, during a waxing moon, magick tends to flow freely. This is because the moon is growing larger and drawing power from the sun. As such, it’s the ideal time to cast spells and perform rituals aimed at growth, granting wishes, and strength.

This is because the moon cycle energies of the waxing moon are positive and expansive, which means that you have access to greater power and potential. Use this time wisely every lunar cycle!

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