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Ways To Represent Lilith On Your Pagan Altar

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As many of my loyal readers know, Lilith is one of the goddesses that I work with most often and I do what I can to represent Lilith on my altar.

She helps to empower me, and we are working together currently to give me a spine so I can stand up for myself the way she did against Adam.

Lilith is a goddess that is unfortunately shrouded in mystery.

Luckily, a tradition of witches that work with her have come up with different ideas on how to represent Lilith on your pagan altar.

In some sources she’s described as a demon (much like any angry woman is when she dares let her anger be known), but she is a loving goddess for many women.

While was known as the most notorious demon in Jewish tradition, she has guided women on their paths to becoming powerful women and witches for centuries.

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Ways To Represent Lilith On Your Pagan Altar

Represent the dark goddess Lilith on your altar. 

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A witchy woman holding a goblet and wearing a tiara in the forest at night

Lilith Mythology

According to Jewish legend, God formed Lilith as the first woman in the same way that He formed Adam, from the soil.

As happens in toxic relationships, Adam wanted her to serve him while she expected to be his equal.

Adam demanded she lay beneath him, and she refused.

So Adam raped her (in some tellings he merely demanded she lay beneath him without laying a hand on her).

With fury, she left the Garden of Eden and took her place as a demon in patriarchal society but as a guiding goddess in the shadows.

She is a goddess of freedom, and her name means “The Night”, but the origin of her name is in the Sumerian word “lilitu” which means wind spirit for female demon.

From the beginning, she has been associated with chaos, sexuality, and witchcraft.

Lilith is a goddess that has been happy to help women during trying times. In my experience, she is cruel to men but cares for women as a sister. Sisters sometimes fight, but there is always a bond between them.

An owl sitting on a branch against a moonlit mountain range as the background

I call on Lilith when I need help with these issues:

  • Arguments with men
  • When I feel angry with myself
  • When I am feeling down on myself or lose my self worth
  • To increase my willpower and emotional strength
  • When I am anxious
  • When I have problems related to my reproductive system (PCOS, cramps, etc)
  • Whenever I just need to have a “girl talk” but I don’t want to take it to one of my human friends

Here is how I represent Lilith on my altar:

  • I create clay trinkets to represent her. Her favorites tend to be clay snakes.
  • Owl figures. I bought a paintable wooden owl lamp from Michael’s and painted the inside red and the outside black. I feel as if Lilith resides in that owl now, watching over me.
  • Art of Lilith. She was a popular muse for Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo and Dante Gabriel Rosetti.
  • Paintings of the galaxy or space. The night sky is her domain.
  • Trees and dark forest art.
  • Anything in the colors red and black.
  • Crystals associated with Lilith include amber, tigers eye, garnet, bloodstone, and tourmaline.
  • Black moon symbolism.
  • Other symbols associated with Lilith: Apples, pomegranates, dark red wine, blood, aphrodisiacs.
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Crystals For Lilith And Harnessing Lilith Energy

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This is a simplified document for easy printing. It's perfect for adding to your book of shadows.

How to represent the goddess Lilith on your pagan altar. Many witches work with the feminist goddess Lilith because she is a powerful figure in mythology for women. Learn how to represent her on your altar with symbols and statues like snakes and owls. #lilith #witch #witchcraft #pagan

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