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What Is A Cauldron In Modern Witchcraft?

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A cauldron is a large pot used to cook food. Witches use them to burn loose incense or create potions. Cauldrons come in many sizes and may or may not come with a lid. They are often made of cast iron and are fireproof so herbs can be safely burned within them.

Cauldrons were also used in ancient times to melt gold and silver ores. They were also used to create glassware, jewelry, and other metal products. This spiritual tool wasn’t only used for magic potions!

Cauldrons were used throughout history to brew potions and perform other magical acts. They could be found in homes, churches, temples, and even castles. The modern day witch uses this magical tool often in spellwork and likely keeps it on her altar.

Cat in a witch cauldron

Does A Witch Require A Cauldron?

You don’t need a cauldron to make potions or burn incense. You just need a suitable container for your purposes. Each individual witch has to decide which tools are best for her.

For instance, many potions are brewed cold and can be made right in the bottles or jars they will be packaged in. Or if they require a flame, you can use any kitchen pot for brewing.

Depending on the ingredients of the potion, however, you may want to have a pot specifically for potions so nothing poisonous leaks into your foods.

For burning herbs and incense, you just need a fireproof container or surface. Many witches prefer to use a ceramic dish because it’s easy to clean up afterwards.

I burn my incense in a tea cup most often, as I find it a beautiful container for the ashes. A real witch can use what she has without worrying too much about getting the perfect tool. A traditional witch, however, might prefer the aesthetic of getting just the right tool.

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How To Care For Your Cauldron

This magical tool can be easy to care for, or it can be a nightmare. I’m not sure I would personally use cast iron for making potions, for instance. Cast iron cauldrons are prone to rust and using the wrong liquids in it is just a bad idea. Plus many herbs react badly to exposure to certain metals!

If you’re using steel or ceramic, however, your cauldron can be cleaned just as easily as a spoon or bowl. Just wipe down the inside with soap and water. If there’s anything stuck to the bottom, use a scrub brush.

If you do use a cauldron for cooking, remember that heat changes the properties of some materials.

Witch cauldron

Where To Buy Your Cauldron

Modern witches will be pleased to learn their modern cauldrons can be found online easily. For instance, there are many beautiful cauldrons available on Etsy!

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You could also get lucky and find cauldrons or something like cauldrons available at thrift stores and garage sales. There are many dutch ovens that can work as a cauldron in a pinch, for instance! 

So while you don’t need to start your brew in cauldrons, they do have many purposes in witchcraft. Getting a magic cauldron or something to use in its place will allow you to increase the magical techniques you can utilize.

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