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What Is A Pagan?

What is a pagan? Some would argue that a pagan is anyone who does not belong to a mainstream religion. It could be someone who practices a polytheistic religion, or someone who follows an animist worldview.

Is Paganism A Religion?

Pagan is an umbrella term for many practices. It is not a religion, but a worldview which includes many religions. Many pagan practices are polytheistic, animist and/or pantheist.

What Does The Word Pagan Mean?

The word “pagan” was originally applied to people outside the Roman Empire who were non-Roman citizens. It comes from the Latin word “paganus”, which meant peasant or civilian, as opposed to a soldier. In the early centuries of the Roman Empire, people not yet converted to Christianity were called pagans.

What Do Pagans Believe?

Many pagans believe in many deities, but often honor a particular deity as primary, their patron or protector deity. However, some pagans are monolatrous or even monotheistic. Some pagans see their Gods and Goddesses as aspects or expressions of a single God or Goddess. Some pagans, particularly reconstructionists, attempt to re-establish older polytheistic religions.

Many pagans celebrate seasonal festivals such as the winter solstice or vernal equinox which are also celebrated by many non-pagans.

Pagan decor and jewelry. Purple amethyst crystals. An incense holder. A sea shell. Purple flowers.