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White Altar Decor For Yule

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White altar decor can make for a very fashionable sacred space during the Christmas season. Yule, also called the pagan holiday of winter solstice, is the shortest day of the year and the longest night. Many people light bonfires, hang mistletoe, exchange gifts, give parties, and cook special foods . Some people decorate their homes with evergreen boughs and lights. Others go to church services or spend the evening watching movies about Christmas.

It’s time to start thinking about what you’ll need for the holidays. Start with an altar and decorations. Find ways to incorporate the reds, greens and whites of the season. Add evergreens to create a natural feel. Think about using candles and incense to help bring the holiday spirit into your home.

If you’re looking for a more minimalist option for Yule altar decor, though, consider an all white altar. In witchcraft, white represents purification, divinity and spirituality. It’s a great color to use in any type of religious setting. If you want to add some sparkle to your altar, try adding a few crystals.

It is at this time of year that we begin to decorate our houses, making them warm and welcoming. We put up Christmas lights, hang wreaths and place candles around the house.

Some people like to keep their windows closed during winter because they think it feels colder inside. Others enjoy opening their windows and letting the fresh air flow through the house. I’m definitely in the latter camp. 

Are you looking to do an altar makeover this year? Check out these all white options for your altar space:

  1. White jade snowflakes
  2. White jade snowflakes

    It is believed that white jade has special powers. It is used to bring good fortune, happiness, health and prosperity. It helps heal emotional problems and increase vitality.

    It is also said that white jade brings peace and harmony. It is said that if we wear a piece of white jade we will be protected from danger and harm.

    White jade snowflakes are made out of pure white jade. They are beautiful and they look like snowflakes.

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  3. Small Julbock: Swedish Straw Goat
  4. Small Julbock: Swedish Straw Goat

    This Small Julbock is an authentic Swedish straw goat, handcrafted by a local artist in Finland. It comes with a ribbon wrapped around it. This small goat has a beautiful rustic look and will make a perfect decoration for your Yule altar.

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  5. Yule Log Tea Light Candle Holder: White Birch
  6. Yule Log Tea Light Candle Holder: White Birch

    This candle holder is made from white birch, a tree native to North America. It is used to hold tea light candles.

    You can also use it to hold your votives or any kind of small candle.

    And if you need a gift for someone special, then send them this unique candle holder. This unique item makes an excellent gift for anyone celebrating Christmas or Winter Solstice.

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    We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

About Yule

I think everyone needs a little more Yule in their lives. In fact, if not for Samhain, I might have decorated for Yule back in October. Haha! 

Yule begins on December 22nd and ends on January 1st. The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the season, marking the end of the longest night and the return of the sun.

Traditionally, candles were lit to drive away evil spirits and encourage the return of the sun, and in the darkness, a deity was born. Depending on tradition, this included such gods as Horus, Dionysius, Apollo, and the notorious Oak King.

I am a pagan witch, and I embrace the wheel of the year. The solstices and equinoxes mark important moments in our calendar. These dates are significant to me because they represent change.

As we move through the seasons, we see the cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth. We celebrate the coming of spring, summer, fall, and winter. And we honor the cycles of nature around us.

As with other aspects of nature, the seasons change regardless of your religion or belief system. Like the rise and fall of the tide, the turning of the year, and the cycles of birth and death, the seasons always come and go. These changes were here long before we came along. And, chances are they’ll still be here when we’re gone.

Christmas tree with string lights

Setting Up a Pagan Yule Altar

If you’re using white on the altar at Christmas, consider incorporating it into a ritual that focuses on purification, or the development of your own spirituality. Hang white snowflakes and stars around your home to keep the spiritual environment clean.

A Yule altar is a personal space where you’ll practice your craft during the winter solstice. It’s a place where you can ground and focus yourself even when the world seems chaotic.

A Yule altar doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. You just need a table and the tools that you’ll use to create magic during this time of year.

It’s best to keep your Yule altar clean and free of clutter. But if you like, you can add candles, incense, crystals, herbs, and other items to help you connect with the spirits of the Winter Solstice season and the Gods.

I like to keep my altars simple and functional. Most of them are easy to assemble and require minimal tools. I try to purchase items at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, yard sales, and even online auctions. If I need something specific, I’ll search Etsy or Amazon for it. I also love to repurpose items, so I’ll often use old jewelry boxes, picture frames, or wooden crates.

I get my yule log for free every year just by looking during the warmer months for logs cut down in my neighborhood. When they trim their trees, they give me the opportunity to be a frugal witch.

white mushroom in green pine tree

Why An All White Yule Altar?

If you’ve had a long and hard year, finishing it with purification rituals and spiritual healing is one of the best things you can do. Let go of all of that stress and negativity by creating a white yuletide altar that taps into the deep magic of the color white.

Color correspondences are a system of using colors to represent different energies. These energies are associated with certain qualities, like black representing protection and white representing purity. Color also represents our emotions and energy levels. Colors can help us understand ourselves and others better.

Getting your symbols of winter in white color will also help you to keep your mind on positivity and spirituality. Celebrate the continuation of life and this endless cycle of Holly King and Oak King battles.

white pillar candle on brown tree

How To Decorate For Yule

If you’re looking for something special to put on your holiday table, then you’ll love these unique items from Etsy. From DIY projects to beautiful art pieces, there are plenty of options to choose from. You’ll also find great gifts for everyone on your list.

You can bring the beauty of nature indoors during the cold months of winter. We decorate our homes with evergreens, mistletoe, and holly and ivies. We also celebrate the holiday season with foods shaped like Christmas trees and other seasonal foods.

It is a pagan tradition to honor the sun, moon, and earth in celebration of the Winter Solstice. The sun is the source of life, light, and warmth. The moon is the source of fertility, growth, and new beginnings. The earth is the source of nourishment, sustenance, and stability. So finding decorations that have solar symbols and nature symbols will increase the magic of your altar.

White altar cloths make for a clean surface upon which to decorate for these winter months. You can place your yule log inside or outside, and it can even have holes cut in it to hold candles.

white and red ceramic figurine

Snow And Ice

Snowflowers and icicles are beautiful decorations. You can use them to create an ice sculpture for your next party. If you’re looking for something different, try making a pentacle snowflake ornament. These are easy to make and will add a touch of magic to your home.

Snowflake and icicle decor can be found online easily, and add a magical aesthetic to your home. They look especially nice in front of windows.

Blessed Yuletide

I think that celebrating the winter holidays should be fun! If you’re looking for something to do during the holiday season, why not try making your own decorations? Or maybe you’d like to make someone else a gift that will bring them joy.

Either way, there are plenty of ideas out there to get started. You could start by thinking about what you love about the holidays. Maybe you enjoy giving gifts, decorating your house, or spending time with family and friends. Whatever your favorite thing about the holidays is, you can incorporate those elements into your crafting projects.

It is hard wired in us to seek out our natural surroundings. This year, the holiday season will be different in many ways. We have all suffered greatly and we need time to heal and recover. But the collective soul of the world needs to get back to its roots and reconnect with nature.

So, as we celebrate the holidays, let’s also remember to appreciate the beauty around us and give ourselves permission to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. It’s a time when people come together and share their love and happiness with one another.

But it’s important to keep things in perspective. There are so many distractions that can take away from this experience.

Decorate that yule altar with evergreen trees, cinnamon sticks, white altar cloths, and white candles, and spend some time communing with the spirits this winter season.

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