Occult magick for beginners. Why did you become a witch? Includes a list of 15 reasons to be a witch. Magick for beginners. #witchcraft #witch #pagan #wicca #occult #magick #blog #blogpost

Why Do People Get Into Witchcraft?

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The reasons that people get into witchcraft is such an interesting topic. There is such a large variation in the answers, because everyone has a different reason.

Witches are real, and they practice magick. But why people get into this way of life can reveal their life goals, their personalities, and how they think of religion.

While some might fear becoming a witch because of the stereotypes, most of them are false or overblown. You won’t get green skin or warts, you don’t (have to) eat children, and magick doesn’t spiral out of control and ruin your life when you practice it!

So, let’s dive into some reasons people get into witchcraft.

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People Get Into Witchcraft To Learn Magick

This one is obvious: Some people just want to learn how to control their life with magick!

Being able to do magick can make you feel powerful and in control of your life. Plus, having magick in your life can make everything feel more special and interesting.

Feeling like you can control things can help with confidence, depression, and anxiety. Practicing magick, therefore, can help foster the security people need to go through their very unsure and scary lives.

Some people want to learn how to use magick for money or love. Some people learn magick to become closer to the gods. And some others learn magick as a way to improve their inner selves, learn self discipline, and explore their inner world.

To Get Closer To Nature

Magick usually means working with natural power. While there are unnatural forms of magick that deal with technology, nature and the earth are integral to most magickal systems.

Witchcraft is often erroneously defined as an earth-based religion because there is such an emphasis on respect for mother nature, working with plants, and natural magick.

People who get into witchcraft to get closer to nature tend to be herbalists, green witches, or even kitchen witches because of the way those witch paths tie to the earth.

An eclectic witch holding a candle.

Because Magick Is Tied To Their Religion

Witchcraft is one of the oldest religious practices on earth. Ancient humans practiced magick in various forms through the ages, from shamans to priests and priestesses to witch doctors and cunning women.

Some pagans who work closely with deities like Hecate and Lilith see magick as a requirement for their practice. Those deities are closely aligned with witchcraft and are sometimes seen as mothers of witchcraft.

From Stregharia to Wicca and even the remnants of folk religions in Finland, Russia, Cameroon, the Caribbean, the Americas and other lands, witchcraft is still practiced as part of religious beliefs to this day.

To Connect With The Dead

One doesn’t need to be a witch to connect with the dead, but it does help. Being knowledgeable of the veil and how to pierce it can allow someone to speak with ancestors more easily.

Working with spirits can be very spiritually rewarding but also draining. While there are ways to make money doing so, spirits can also be tricksters or unreliable. Still, being able to speak with them is an incredible skill.

Because Witchcraft Came Naturally To Them

Some people are just born natural witches, even while being raised in secular or Abrahamic religions. I put myself into this category. I could never stop being a witch, because I have a magickal sense that I can never turn off.

Sometimes people who fall into this group can find witchcraft to be distressing, because they didn’t ask to be born with this sense. In the modern era, though, people are more likely to accept who they are. Thankfully, this has improved the mental health and wellbeing of many instinctual witches.

Why become a witch? An orange pumpkin, witch hat, witchs broom, witch shoes, and Halloween decorations on blue wood.

The Benefits of Magick

Why should you learn how to do witchcraft? Witchcraft makes life more exciting, profound, and can give your life meaning. Here are 15 reasons you should start doing witchcraft today:

  • Magick is fun! You can use magick to make anything in your life more interesting. Do you have to go to a work party? Make a sigil to make you better at having conversations! Seeing the changes you created in the real world brings so much joy and makes the magick really come to life.
  • Magick improves your focus. Practicing witchcraft requires an ability to focus on exactly what you want for an extended period of time, often while performing other actions for a ritual. This practice of focusing can improve your school work and career, as well.
  • Magick increases your creativity! Some spells require singing, dancing, drawing, and other artistic endeavors. Most spells require you to think creatively about how you can best solve a problem.
  • Magick can help us learn more about ourselves. When you’re meditating or looking for the best way to phrase an intention, you can surface parts of your personality and beliefs that you never knew were there. Witchcraft is an intensely self aware practice, and knowing more about yourself only improves your magickal abilities.
  • Magick can draw in love. A witch never has to be alone. You can use spells to improve your relationships and draw in love when needed. Even better, when you need a break, you can use a spell to do that, too!
  • Magick can give you a stronger connection to God or the gods. When you practice magick regularly, you are bound to connect to the energies of higher beings. Whether they be angels, demons, gods or God, you will be connecting to universal energies and learning from them.
  • Magick teaches you when to believe and when to be skeptical. When doing magick, you must believe with all of your heart and mind that it will work. And when someone curses you, you need to be able to be skeptical to help break that curse’s power over you. When you can control these two impulses, much in your life becomes easier. It’s never good for a witch to be too gullible or too skeptical.
  • Magick improves your willpower. Magick directly acts on your will. If your willpower is weak, your spells will be too. Learning how to empower your will and give yourself strength translates through the rest of your life.
  • Magick gives you control over your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can change your fate? Magick allows you to do more to change your life than just work hard. Magick is the very definition of “working smart”.
  • Magick can improve your life. By using spells for money, energy, and business success, you can improve your life in real, tangible ways.
  • Magick helps you to learn how to let go of things you can’t control. Once a spell is done, you have to let it go. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes it does. Learning to let go of something instead of trying to control it is so important to help with anxiety and stress!
  • Magick gives you a deeper understanding of life and nature. Working with natural elements, learning correspondences, and working magick are great ways to learn the rules of the natural world.
  • Magick gives you wisdom. When a spell backfires, you learn from it. When it succeeds, you learn from it. Witchcraft gives you the wisdom that can be helpful through your whole life.
  • Magick can improve your intuition. If you’re training to be a psychic or just rely more on your intuition, magick helps you to do that. There’s no such thing as a coincidence in witchcraft. Being able to recognize synchronicity is a great first step to trusting your intuition.
  • Magick brings you closer to enlightenment. Witchcraft can teach you so much about spirituality, nature, and the interconnected nature of all things.

Why Do You Want To Be A Witch?

What draws you to this magickal craft? Are you a natural witch, or is this something you are learning to be closer to your ancestors? I really would love to know your reasons! Please comment them down below.

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Occult magick for beginners. Why did you become a witch? Includes a list of 15 reasons to be a witch. Magick for beginners. #witchcraft #witch #pagan #wicca #occult #magick #blog #blogpost

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  1. I’ve always felt and known it, I would joke sometimes and say I’m a witch or I’ve must’ve been a witch, I feel deeply if I think n say at the time if I’m angry like I hope he falls he will or I hope a certain thing they want today that I know they want and say they won’t get it they wont and I’m so I love with nature and the moon its hard to explain but I feel I could just live around trees and when I see the moon this feeling inside I get, its beautiful and mysterious but I just started to see things about witches as soon as I started reading about it, it feels like I finally found what I’ve known all along its turned my anxiety worries less I feel happier now I just want to know more and more I mean really know oil have questions though like I believe in God what’s the right path to follow and changing my name I’ve been searching but I always get the same page no other options I don’t know why but I know this is me and I know this is what I’ve always been, a witch

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