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5 Reasons Why Eclectic Witchcraft Is The Best Kind Of Witchcraft

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Eclectic witchcraft allows you to take all the best parts from other forms of witchcraft, and use them in your own practice. What’s not to love about that?!

Why should you choose eclectic witchcraft over another path? Because eclectic witchcraft gives you the freedom and power to use only the magick that works for you. It helps to develop you into your best self, honing your ethical concerns and power into a unique form of witchcraft.

But there’s more to it than that. There are so many reasons why eclectic witchcraft is the best path for most witches.

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5 Reasons Why Eclectic Witchcraft Is The Best Kind Of Witchcraft

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What Is Eclectic Witchcraft?

An eclectic approach to magical practice combines elements of various magical systems and traditions. An eclectic practitioner is open to exploring new forms of magic that might seem strange or unfamiliar.

Eclectic practitioners might use a variety of tools and techniques in order to work magic. They might draw upon spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, prayer, visualization, shamanism, paganism, astrology, divination, tarot, runes, numerology, alchemy, angelic communication, dream interpretation, scrying, clairvoyance, mediumship, spirit guides, angels, demons, spirits, nature, the occult, and others.

Eclectic witches often incorporate elements of ceremonial magick, traditional folk magick, New Age spirituality, Wicca, shamanism, and neo-paganism.

People who identify themselves as eclectic witches tend to believe in the power of magic and embrace its diversity.

Some eclectics may use certain methods that are familiar to them, but they will still apply these methods differently. A typical eclectic practitioner does not limit herself to the same set of skills, knowledge, and beliefs as another person. Instead, she embraces the fact that there is no single path to enlightenment and prefers to develop her abilities through experimentation and personal exploration.

Anyone can learn how to perform eclectic witchcraft. However, if you want to become a truly skilled eclectic witch, you must keep growing spiritually throughout your entire magical journey.

Many of my articles offer practical suggestions for using eclectic witchcraft effectively. These articles cover topics such as creating a magical space, working with angels and demons, casting spells, and much more.

Eclectic witchcraft involves experimenting with many different styles and approaches. Some people prefer a simple, clean, minimalist style. Others enjoy a more complex, highly symbolic style. Regardless of your preference, you can create a unique eclectic witchcraft aesthetic that reflects your personality.

To get started on your own eclectic journey, here are three important tips to keep in mind:

1) Be willing to experiment.

2) Keep your options open.

3) Never stop learning.

These tips will help you avoid becoming discouraged when things don’t go exactly as planned. Remember: Things always change. As long as you remain flexible, you’ll never run out of creative ideas to build a witchy life.

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Eclectic Witchcraft Means Only Doing What Works

When you’re wondering “What kind of witch am I?” you are probably looking to put a label on yourself. You may want to focus on one specific technique or path, to make things simpler for yourself.

But I want to caution against putting yourself into a box like that. What if you find that you’re not good at that kind of magick at all?

One awesome thing about eclectic witchcraft is that you never have to feel stuck with a form of magick that no longer works for you.

If A Spell Works, Use It

When I first started out, I really wanted to be a green witch. I envisioned myself with a lush garden, creating potions and salves with medicinal and magickal purposes.

But over time, I realized I wasn’t very good at the magickal aspect of herbalism. Sure, I can use herbs for medicine, but I never really connected with plants the right way.

Because I already identified as an eclectic witch, I was able to simply forget about trying to be a green witch and focus on the magick that actually works for me!

Witchery: Why Eclectic Witchcraft?

If A Technique Doesn’t Work, Or Bores You, Forget About It

You don’t have to be great at every magickal technique! You don’t have to master every form of witchcraft. If something doesn’t bring you joy, toss it in the garbage!

And if a spell backfires, that doesn’t necessarily mean you did something wrong. It probably means the spell sucks!

So go ahead, give yourself permission to only do what makes you happy and brings great magickal results. Eclectic witchcraft is all about doing what suits you best.

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You Get To Do Spells That Fit Your Morals And Ethics

Sometimes, a witch has strong ideas about what they will and won’t do with magick. And that’s great!

But for those of us who change our minds easily, being locked into a specific tradition of witchcraft can be a headache.

Don’t Do Magick That Makes You Feel Bad

Do love spells leave you feeling icky? Do you dread the idea of trying to curse someone? Do sigils freak you out a little bit?

The good news is that, as an eclectic witch, you don’t have to do anything that makes you feel bad! Stick to the magick that brings you joy, and ignore the rest.

Choose Spells That Make You Feel Empowered

Instead of dabbling in every form of magick, stick to the kinds of magick that make you feel empowered. You should feel like you could take on the world after doing most of your spells!

So if something leaves you feeling drained, maybe you don’t need to do that kind of magick. With few exceptions, magick shouldn’t leave you feeling weak or tired.

When Your Morals Change And Mature, Your Magick Does Too

Many young witches are what we call “Love and light” witches. They want to only do “white” magick and help people.

But as they get older, they often find that their understanding of good and bad becomes much more nuanced. Their needs change, too.

Sometimes, when your manager at work is a real ass, you just have to curse them. There’s no way to use love and light to get out of some situations.

As your understanding of the world and magick deepens and becomes more nuanced, so too will your magickal needs. Eclectic witchcraft is the best path for maturing into being a witch.

Eclectic Witchcraft Is A Reflection Of Your Individuality

There is no one way to learn how to practice eclectic witchcraft. This is a path with variety and twists and turns.

When you are initiated into a certain witchcraft tradition, you end up having to bend yourself to fit their rules, beliefs, and regulations.

For some people, this is ideal. They work well within structure and rules.

But if you are more of a wild and feral witch, creating your own tradition is what will be best for you. Eclectic witchcraft is the name for witches that have created their own tradition to fit themselves and their lives.

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Witchcraft Should Be A Reflection Of The Best Version Of Yourself

When I say that eclectic witchcraft can fit you, I want to be clear: I am not saying you should use eclectic witchcraft as a crutch so you don’t have to improve yourself.

Your path to becoming a witch should be pointed towards your best self. Think of who you want to be, and what you want to accomplish. Always strive to be better, and use your unique magick to accomplish that goal.

You Never Have To Answer To Anyone But Yourself And Your Gods

I don’t know about you, but I hate being told what to do. Especially by random people, especially when it’s about witchcraft!

If you have a similar chip on your shoulder, you may just be an eclectic witch. In eclectic witchcraft, there are no gatekeepers trying to tell you that you can’t do such and such to be a witch.

Gatekeepers are, sadly, a huge problem with witchcraft. But when you choose an eclectic path, you limit your exposure to such toxic people.

Your Gods And Guides Are There To Help You

To be clear, an eclectic witch doesn’t have to be an eclectic pagan! You can still only work with one pantheon, or be part of a reconstruction religion, or even be an atheist witch!

But if you do work with deities and guides, eclectic witchcraft gives them space to dictate the work that you do for them. Some deities simply don’t approve of certain forms of magick, and your guides may have ethical concerns as well.

Eclectic Witchcraft Leaves Room For Change

I’ve said this many times by now, but as you age, your beliefs will change. What you believe now probably won’t be the same as what you believe in 10 years.

And that’s a good thing! It’s wonderful to be able to grow and change, to learn from your experiences.

An eclectic witch path leaves room for sudden changes and slower ones. Change is inevitable.

Eclectic witchcraft gives you the power and ability to become better without having to fight against a self-imposed label. Most witches are probably eclectic without even knowing it!

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