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Why Witches Wear Black: Black Color Meaning In Magick

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The black color meaning is a big part of why witches wear black. While it isn’t true that all witches wear black, it’s a stereotype for a reason.

The color black represents death, darkness, protection, the underworld, life, birth, resurrection, and fertility. For witches, this is a color that covers and protects them from negative influences.

Choosing what you wear may seem like a trivial thing, but for witches it is a task with many layers.

You have to consider what you wear very carefully, because each piece of an outfit can change your vibe and energy for the whole day.

Let’s dive into why witches wear black, and why you should consider wearing black too!

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Why Witches Wear Black: Black Color Meaning In Magick

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Decorative image of black cup on black table. Black color meaning in witchcraft.

Why Witches Wear Black

In witchcraft, the color black is often associated with removing hexes and curses. The color itself absorbs negative energy just as it absorbs light from the sun.

This is a color that is very useful for warding off negative vibes.

If you’re an empath, you should really consider head covering with a black scarf.

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A black scarf can protect you from the emotions and energy of the people around you.

This might not be a scarf you need to wear every day. But for an empath, the ability to avoid energy overload while in a crowd is essential.

Decorative image of black satin. Why witches wear black.

Black Represents The Underworld

The color black has associations with death.

Somehow, in our modern culture, that association becomes twisted to represent evil.

But that’s not the case. If you’re in tune with the spirit realm, you’ll find that it is mostly peaceful or curious spirits that surround us.

Black is useful in helping us to contact spirits. Wearing black while in ritual opens you up to the influence of the cosmos and the spirit realm.

Decorative image of a cave in black and white. Color meanings in different cultures.

Black Reveals The Truth

In some cultures, black is known to remove discord and confusion.

It reveals the inner truth of ourselves and the people around us.

Some say that we are our truest selves at night. Since black is associated with the night, it makes sense for black to also be associated with the truth.

So if you are a witch whose life is chaotic or you’re surrounded by liars, wearing a black dress might help you to make sense of everything.

Essentially, wearing black helps you cut through the BS and reveal the truth of a situation.

Decorative image of black roses.

Black Color Meaning In Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, the color black was made from ground charcoal mixed with water and sometimes burned animal bones.

It symbolized death, darkness, and the underworld.

However, it also represented life, birth, and resurrection.

This is because the Nile deposited fertile black silt with its annual flooding.

The connection with death did not mean that it was connected with evil. In Ancient Egypt, evil was represented by red.

Many Egyptian deities were depicted with black skin due to these associations.

Black also was associated with chaos and outsiders, perhaps due to the cultures around Egypt.

Egyptian healing stones were almost entirely made of black stone.

Decorative image of black smoke.

Learn More About Fashion Magic

What you wear can change the energy you give off.

So your outfit is a powerful tool for your magic.

Learning how to put together a magical outfit is important. I have a blog post where I list some of the correspondences you need to be aware of for fashion magic.

Different colors, metals, and gemstones can be used to weave magic into every day.

The right outfit can make your spells more potent, protect you from negativity, or show that you are open to receive gifts from the universe.

Decorative image of black glitter.

Other Color Correspondences

BlackProtection, uncrossing, warding off negative vibes, banishment, violent power
BluePeace, protection, calmness, communication, clarity, the throat chakra
BrownEarth, reconnecting to the natural world, home life, stability
GoldFinancial gain, business endeavors, the sun, business success, career boosting, legal success
GreenEarth, growth, money, fertility, new businesses, new opportunities, the heart chakra, forgiveness, platonic love
IndigoThe third eye chakra, healing depression, healing emotional vulnerability, self-realization, empathy, letting go of emotional baggage
Light blueHealing, patience, understanding, honest communication, trust, being truthful and fair
OrangeCreativity, beating writer’s block, attraction, encouragement, new opportunities, fun and adventure, self-expression, the sacral chakra, healing mental health
PinkSofter love, self care, kindness, good relationships, empathy, healing the heart, friendship
PurplePsychic powers, intuition, creativity, your inner royal nature, your highest self, ambition, power, the crown chakra, connecting to the divine, fate
RedPassion, sex, love, romance, seduction, courage, health, competition, war, power, the root chakra
SilverThe moon, divination, psychic powers, dreaming, astral travel, women’s mysteries, pregnancy, truth, intuition
WhiteA blank slate, cleansing, purification, innocence, new opportunities, new ideas, connecting to the divine, peace, unity
YellowAbundance, joy, happiness, sunshine, the source of life, persuasion, protection, the solar plexus chakra, self-empowerment, self-control, self-confidence
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