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Why You Need A Goddess Statue On Your Pagan Altar

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A pagan goddess statue may not seem like a must-have for your altar, but it totally is.

You need a crystal goddess statue on your pagan altar because it is a conduit for the divine feminine energy that powers much of a witch’s magic.

But it does so much more than just act as a conduit for divine feminine energy.

A crystal goddess statue honors womanhood in many ways, and can be an extremely holy and sacred centerpiece in the magical work you do on your witch altar.

As a witch, I am trying to deepen my connection with the divine feminine, as well.

For many years, I denied my feminine side and tried to be as strong and masculine as possible.

I thought that was the only way I could survive in this world, where women were often targets for crimes.

When I bought my own crystal goddess statue, I started working with divine feminine energy more. My life has changed for the better ever since then, for sure.

So why should you buy a crystal goddess statue? Read on to find out.

Decorative image of a goddess statue

To Honor Your Female Relatives And Ancestors

A goddess statue honors all women in our lineage. With a divine feminine statue, we have a place to put offerings to our female ancestors and to work magic for our female relatives.

A goddess statue on your altar doesn’t represent just one goddess. it represents all womanly features, correspondences, and all women that exist or will exist.

So if you want to do a healing spell for your mother, for instance, a crystal goddess statue can act as her stand in.

Place something that belongs to your mom on or near the statue, and cast the healing spell on the statue.

That spell will then go to your mom, all without having her be physically present to work the magic.

Decorative image of a goddess statue

To Honor Female Deities

Of course, a crystal goddess statue is a great choice for honoring female deities!

Choose one made of a crystal that will please your chosen goddess. Or, if you want to work with more than one goddess, you can choose a clear quartz crystal statue.

Aphrodite, for instance, would love a rose quartz goddess statue. Athena might prefer wood or cement goddess statues.

These statues can also be used to honor mother goddesses. Or, if you’re Wiccan, it can represent The Goddess.

Once you have chosen your statue, you can leave offerings at the base of the statue to please and honor that goddess.

Bowls of water, fresh flowers, and crafts are great offerings to leave at the goddess statue.

Decorative image of a goddess statue

To Honor The Divine Feminine

if you don’t work with deities, you may be wondering why you should still get a goddess statue.

But if you work with divine feminine energy in any way, a goddess statue is still useful for you!

You can use a crystal goddess statue to hold onto energy when you are working with it.

Or you can meditate with the statue and the divine feminine will work in conjunction with the correspondences of the crystal your statue is made from.

This is especially important for any witch that is having trouble connecting with the divine feminine within themselves.

This can happen due to trauma, internalized misogyny, and years of ignoring your feminine side.

A statue like this can give you a physical representation of the kind of energy you’re trying to tap into.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes really need that physical representation. That’s why effigies can be so powerful!

So bring the energy of the divine feminine into the material world with an awesome crystal goddess statue. It will make it easier to work with those vibes.

Decorative image of a goddess statue

Where To Buy A Crystal Goddess Statue

My favorite place to buy any witchy products is Etsy.

There are so many great goddess statues available there!