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Witchcraft Roundup For Samhain 2019

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What’s happening in the world of witchcraft for Samhain 2019? Check out these articles and blog posts before you party for Halloween!

Trump’s Presidency Has Spawned a New Generation of Witches

Wired – I wouldn’t say I agree with the premise of this article’s title, but I do think Trump has inspired a renewal in cultural magic.

Witchcraft has been on the rise for years, but magic performed by large numbers of people wasn’t quite as common as it was when ancient pagans were practicing.

16 Most Famous Witches in History

Daily Hawker – The history of witchcraft is one covered in blood.

There’s no better time to learn about our great dead than on Samhain.

Perhaps when you’re setting out an offering for your ancestors, you can set aside something for the names on this list.

Irish-American Witchcraft: Fairies and Samhain

The Agora – This is an interesting article about working with the Otherworld during Samhain.

I most often work with ancestors and deities when the veil thins, but I find working with fairies very interesting.

I often find the fairy story fascinating and they are very strange creatures.

Calls for memorial to Scotland’s tortured and executed witches

The Guardian – In my humble opinion, we need more monuments and memorials to great witches and those that have died because of fear.

This isn’t just a thing for the sake of history or superstition, these women (and some men) should be remembered as a symbol to warn against persecution.

6 Famous Writers Inspired by the Occult

Electric Literature – Are you looking for your next read?

If you prefer to read fiction, the works of these authors might be just what you need to keep you entertained during the long nights inside during the coming winter.

Samhain & a History of Scrying

Gather Thyme – I loved this video, giving a short history of Samhain and different scrying techniques.

If you haven’t decided how to celebrate Samhain, perhaps you could use scrying to contact the dead or see the future?

Why Artists Have Been Enchanted by Witchcraft for Centuries

Artsy – As important as the history of actual witches is the history of the depiction of witches.

Art depicting witches can tell us a lot about both the artists and those being depicted. This article gives a fantastic glimpse into the rich history of witches in art, from 1451’s Le Champion des Dames to the modern day.

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