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Working With Persephone During The Winter Solstice

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Persephone rules the Winter Solstice, also known as Yule or Christmas. This is the time of year when we celebrate the return of the sun, and Persephone’s legacy is one of hope and rebirth. If you are looking to connect with her during this season, there are a few things you can do.

Decorate your home with greenery in honor of Persephone’s time spent in the underworld. Pinecones, holly berries, ivy – anything alive will suffice. You could also make an altar dedicated to her, using a black cloth as your base and adding candles, pomegranates, flowers (particularly white lilies), statuettes or other images of her that speak to you.

As winter can be a difficult time for many people emotionally, it is important to remember that Persephone went through something very similar herself. She was abducted by Hades and taken to the underworld against her will in most of the myths about her; however, she made the best of her situation and eventually became queen there. This is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope for something better. Struggle can become triumph.

If you are feeling particularly low during this season, consider doing some self-care activities in honor of Persephone. Get yourself a pomegranate (they can often be found in grocery stores at this time of year) and eat it as an offering to her; take a long bath with epsom salts or add flowers to it; spend time outside walking in nature; meditate on images of her from mythology or art. Whatever makes you feel good and connected to Persephone, do that.

Persephone is also associated with fertility magic: if you are trying to conceive, decorating your home with greenery like above would help bring the energy of life into your space while reminding you not only of hope but of rebirth as well.

Let’s dive deeper now and look at ways to honor Persephone as she begins her climb out of Hades and into the sun.

Persephone in winter snow illustration with red cloak

What Does The Winter Solstice Mean For Persephone

This is the time when Persephone begins her procession out of Hades and back into her mother’s arms. For months she has been in the underworld, and now it is time for her to return. The days will begin to grow longer, and eventually spring will come again.

For those devoted to Persephone, the winter solstice is a time to reflect on her story and remember that even in the darkest of times, there is hope for rebirth and new life. It is also a reminder that we must cherish our loved ones, for they may be taken from us far too soon.

Fertility will be our focus in the coming months, as the snow slowly thaws and the earth begins to green once more. We will remember Persephone’s journey and honor her by planting seeds, both literal and figurative. Let us take this time to reflect on our own lives, and see what new beginnings we can make for ourselves.

Winter Solstice Correspondences For Persephone

A time of introspection and rest, Persephone is associated with the Winter Solstice. Her correspondences during this time of year are as follows:

  • Colors: Black, blue, brown, gray, bright red
  • Symbols: Cauldrons, keys
  • Plants: Cypress, pomegranate
  • Scents: Cypress, myrrh
  • Tools: Athame, besom
  • Stones: Jet, onyx
Persephone in winter snow illustration with red cloak

How Do I Celebrate the Return of Persephone From the Underworld?

Modern pagans can celebrate the return of Persephone from the underworld in a variety of ways. Many choose to do so on the Winter Solstice, also known as Yule or Christmas, as it is the shortest day and longest night of the year – symbolizing her time spent in the darkness. Others may prefer to wait until Spring Equinox, when days and nights are equal once again.

Some ideas for celebrating Persephone’s return include:

  • 1. Planting a flowering bulb in her honor, to symbolize new life emerging from the dark soil of winter.
  • 2. Crafting or buying a small statue or figurine of Persephone to keep on your altar or mantle as a reminder that she is always with us, even through the darkest days.
  • 3. Lighting candles and reciting poetry or prose about her story – both sad and joyful pieces can be used to capture the duality of her nature.
  • 4. Baking or cooking foods associated with her – pomegranates, poppy seeds, and other seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • 5. Creating a collage or vision board representing your own personal understanding of her story and what it means to you.
  • 6. Writing down any dreams or visions you have had involving Persephone, whether they be happy ones of her reunion with Demeter after dark winters spent apart, or frightening nightmares in which she is still trapped in the underworld’s cold embrace. These are messages from the Divine Mother herself telling you to pay attention!
  • 7. Making an offering of food and drink (or money) to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen on behalf of Persephone.

How Do I Connect With Persephone During the Winter Solstice?

Time in nature is one of the best ways to connect with Persephone during the winter solstice. Spend time outside in her element, surrounded by plants and trees even as they are covered in snow. If possible, take a walk in a forest or spend time near running water. This is also a good time for reflection and introspection – think about what you want to change or manifest in your life in the coming year. Lighting candles or meditating on images of Persephone can also be helpful in connecting with her energy during this season of transformation.

Speaking of candles, fire will help to guide Persephone out of Hades and back to the surface world once again. The light of candles and bonfires will help her to find her way, so be sure to include them in any winter solstice rituals or celebrations you might participate in.

Writing poetry or stories, or even creating artworks in honor of Persephone can also be a powerful way to connect with her during the winter months. This is a time for creativity and self-expression, so let your imagination run wild!

Planning for and celebrating the return of Persephone is a wonderful way to mark the change of seasons and welcome in longer days and warmer weather. It is also a perfect opportunity to honor the goddess, who represents hope, rebirth, and new beginnings.

Persephone and her mother Demeter are preparing for the winter solstice celebration. They will soon meet again, and the whole world will bloom. To honor this change from darkness to fertile light, witches devoted to Persephone can use the above tips to help harness her power and honor her.

If you work with Persephone during the winter solstice, you can help bring about new beginnings. By tapping into her power, you can help make something beautiful and life-affirming come into being.

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Persephone in winter snow illustration with red cloak