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Yule Activities For Green Witches

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To the untrained eye, Yule in much of the world may seem devoid of the greenery that green witches so desperately need to feel connected with nature. But that’s not true! Greenery can be found even in the dead of winter.

In this gray and dull time, access to plants is essential for all people to be healthy and happy. For the green witch that wants to increase their access to plants or help their loved ones to beat the winter blues, these activities can be a great way to make Yule spiritually fulfilling.

Hang A Real Plant Wreath

You may not want to hang these on the front door, where they will freeze, but living wreaths or wreaths made of real plants can be hanged inside to keep spirits up!

These wreaths are truly gorgeous and they encourage people to reach out and touch them.

Succulents are the obvious and easiest choice, as they are easy to take care of.

If you’re not so concerned about the plants being alive, you can use dried flowers and grasses to make a wreath.

Another option is to take stems from evergreens, mistletoe, berries from holly plants, and other winter plants to make your real plant wreath. Add cinnamon sticks to give your wreath a festive fragrance and draw in luck and wealth.

Put Up A Real Yule Tree

You can use a cut Yule or Christmas tree or even choose one that will be ready to plant after Yule. If you choose the plantable Christmas tree, you’ll be able to enjoy that tree for years to come. You could even donate that tree to be planted somewhere other than your own home.

A cut Yule tree is biodegradable, smells incredible, and doesn’t hurt the environment. They encourage an industry that plants trees, supports local environments, and absorbs carbon dioxide and other gases from the environment.

A green witch dancing in a snow-covered forest

Care For A Poinsettia

These bright red leaves are showy and cheerful even on the grayest of days. Choose a plant that still have little yellow flowers in the center of the colored leaves to ensure a long lasting plant.

Create Succulent Gifts For Loved Ones

Not everyone loves getting a plant for Yule, but for those that do this is a simple and enjoyable gift choice. Take small succulents and put them into pots. You can paint the pots, add gems to them, or tie a ribbon around them to make them even cuter.

A great option for a succulent gift is a Christmas cactus. They can last for years, and different species bloom at different times of the year. They’re beautiful, too!

Trim Rosemary Into Edible Yule Trees

Rosemary plants can be sheared into the shape of Yule trees, and they make a fun gift for chefs or anyone that loves the smell of rosemary.

Some stores will sell these herbal Christmas trees, but you can grow rosemary yourself and trim them for gifts when you’re ready.

Use Amaryllis Flowers For Table Centerpieces

Add live flowers to your Yule dinner table by planting Amaryllis bulbs 4 to 6 weeks before your dinner. Simply plant the bulb in a beautiful pot and keep them in bright light.

Sacred Plants For Yule Rituals And Altars

There are some plants that are traditionally associated with Yule. When looking to decorate your Yule altar or create a ritual that is appropriate for the season, consider some of these plants for your purposes.

Evergreen Plants

Evergreen plants represent eternal life, continuity, protection and prosperity. Their leaves and stems can be formed into boughs, wreaths, and garlands, or they can be used in the home as whole potted plants.

Evergreen plants include:

  • Pines
  • Firs
  • Junipers
  • Cedars


Holly is associated with the waning sun, the Winter Solstice, and protection from evil spirits. They also have associations with good luck and safety.

Place golly in boughs over doors to encourage protection and good luck for all who dwell within your home.


When you need to bring peace into a home, this is the plant to turn to. Mistletoe ends strife and discontent, so it’s an essential plant for your home when you are hosting family dinners.

Its connection to Frigga and Baldur connects mistletoe to fertility and prosperity as well.

Mistletoe encourages rest, which is so essential during the stressful holidays. Make amulet sprigs to go over doorways to ease all who enter your home.


This plant is associated with death and the afterlife, which is at the forefront of our minds and spiritual practices at this time of year. It also brings healing, purification, and inner peace.

Add Myrrh essential oil to water in a spray bottle and spray it around the home to calm any restless spirits (living or dead).

Birch Trees

These trees are associated with rebirth and regeneration. Use their twigs and bark in crafts to gain magical help with new endeavors, manifestation for your desires, creativity, fertility, healing and protection. Besoms are a popular craft made with Birch.

Birch is useful in spells for renewal, purification, and new beginnings.

A witch in a white dress standing in the snow


Associated with immortality and longevity, yew is also thought to help the dead pass easily into the afterlife.

Wiccans see yew as sacred to the Crone.


Ivy represents the sacred cycle of life and death, because these plants will thrive on even dead host plants. It’s a good reminder of the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Ivy can be used at this time of year to help you to stick to your resolutions and become a better version of yourself. It is also a healing and protective plant that encourages collaboration, fidelity, loyalty, family unity, and friendship.

Ivy can be worn as a crown, or used as garlands or wreaths around the home.


This sacred tree represents endurance, power, triumph, the new solar year, the waxing sun, and good luck.

The oak is seen especially as the Yule log, but also in acorns and sacred fires. Sacred to the Oak King as well as sky gods like Thor and Zeus, this tree reminds us that even the darkness ends and the light will come again.

Other Tips For Green Witches

When you’re feeling down or disconnected from your spirituality, you need a quick way to reconnect. These tips may help you:

  • Touch and talk to your houseplants
  • Make an herbal tea
  • Meditate with a houseplant in your lap
  • Get outside and find an evergreen plant to connect with
  • Check out Etsy to find cool planters or herb kits to give as gifts
  • Take a hike in nature and feel the dormant energy in the plants and earth around you
  • Go online and look at photos of plants
  • Start planning your spring garden
  • Eat a verdant salad
  • Paint with only different shades of green
  • Use herbal correspondences with astrology for your spells to help tie you back to the plants around you
  • Start a materia medica or write in a journal to keep yourself grounded

Green Witchcraft In Winter

While the depths of winter can seem like a weird time to practice green witchcraft, plants can be a part of your practice at any point of the year.

In fact, plants are an essential part of most witchcraft, because they can help us feel closer to Mother Earth year round. Even when the leaves have all fallen and the world is blanketed with snow, we have evergreen plants and house plants to turn to.

So don’t let that snow hold you down. Use it as an excuse to get more creative with your green witchcraft.

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