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Beautiful Pagan Jewelry And Accessories And How Jewelry Can Make Life More Magickal

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I often wonder at the amount of pagan jewelry other witches wear.

I’m not one for wearing jewelry, but I do find it very beautiful.

But I wonder sometimes why some pagans will have rings on every finger and arms covered in bracelets.

And there’s a reason that Wiccans and pagans wear so much jewelry!

Every piece has an energy that can protect, banish, bless, or hold a spell for future use.

But why do spiritual people wear so much jewelry?

Can jewelry help your spiritual practice, or is it just part of the boho new age aesthetic?

In this post, I’ll explain why you (and I!) should try to wear more jewelry.

Some people like to wear jewelry just because it looks nice, and that’s a valid reason.

But if I am going to wear jewelry, I want it to pack a punch and really change things for me.

Maybe I’m just seeking power, but really most of us are!

As you read this post I hope you’ll gather your own thoughts and leave a comment about how you feel when it comes to magickal jewelry.

I can’t be the only pagan that hates wearing jewelry but still sees the benefits of doing so.

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Silver Crescent Moon Necklace

Beautiful handmade pendant, carved from wax and cast in sterling silver.

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How Wearing Pagan Jewelry Can Help You In Your Everyday Life

As I explained above, each piece of jewelry can carry power that will he useful in your life.

Some rings can be powerfully protective.

An obsidian stone in a necklace can absorb negative energy before it can plague your body.

And a charm can act as a talisman that can hold a spell or intention for future uses.

Magickal jewelry has been a theme in stories from our earliest myths.

In Norse mythology, the goddess Freyja had a necklace called Brisingamen.

The goddess Harmonia had a similar necklace, though hers brought misfortune.

King Solomon had a magickal ring made from gold.

And for the modern man, Howard Carter (who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen) had a ring of protection that was said to spare him from the tomb’s curse.

More magick rings include those owned by Charlemagne and Genghis Khan.

There’s something about jewelry that makes it inherently more magickal than clothes.

Perhaps it’s the precious metal uses, or the crystals and gems embedded within them.

Either way, the idea of jewelry being used by gods, goddesses, witches and wizards is an old one that rings true to this day.

Etsy Picks
Sterling Silver Star Necklace

This necklace is made in 925 sterling silver, both the star charm and chain are 925 sterling silver so you can wear it everyday even in the shower. It is good for sensitive skin or for children.

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And let’s not forget cursed jewelry.

Sure, the stuff you buy on eBay is probably just some fashion jewelry from a thrift shop, but there are some jewels said to carry deadly curses.

The Hope Diamond, The Black Orlov Diamond, the Koh-i-Noor Diamond, and others hold tales of intrigue and death.

But you don’t have to rely on deep lore and ancient curses to have magickal jewelry.

You can bless and cast spells on your own jewelry easy, and I think you should do this to all of your jewelry!

What are the benefits of wearing magick jewelry?

Witch Jewelry Can Give You Strength

When you know the personality and power of your jewelry, they can give you strength and confidence that you can do anything.

Even the most stressful day is a little bit easier when you know you wear a little bit of magick on your fingers or around your neck.

Spiritual Jewelry Can Bring Out Your Best Qualities

Sometimes we just get into a funk.

It can be easy to forget to be polite when you’re stressed, have a headache, and are staring down a work deadline you have no chance of meeting.

Jewelry with symbols or crystals that bring out positivity can sweeten your mood and elevate even the darkest of days.

They’re a great way to remind you that all is not lost.

When you choose the right jewelry to wear on such stressful days, the magick within them can help to calm you.

And we all work better when we’re calm!

My Pick
Pentacle Tear Drop Necklace With Colored Glass Bead

A delicate glass teardrop in green has been wire wrapped by hand in bronze tone wire and combined with a matching bronze pentacle before being set to dangle from a matching bronze chain in this handmade Pagan teardrop necklace.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Jewelry Can Hold Spells

When you put a spell into a ring or pendant, you’re saving that spell for future use or allowing it to work its magick for a longer amount of time.

When I wear a necklace or ring, I will often do a spell to alleviate headaches or help with stress on the jewelry before I put it on.

These spells protect me throughout the day, and it’s just anecdotal but I have noticed that I don’t get headaches when I wear those spells.

Why Do Pagans Wear Witchy Jewelry?

  • Its beautiful
  • They can hold spells
  • They can help identify themselves as pagans or witches to those who understand the symbols
  • They can remind us of our faith
  • They can ground and center us
  • Jewelry can remind us to be hopeful
  • Some pagans may use jewelry as a tether to their deities
  • For protection
  • Jewelry can help bring our best selves to the surface
  • They can help us deal with grief
  • If the jewelry is a gift, it can be a reminder of love or friendship
  • The jewelry may make our magick more powerful

Do You Wear Pagan Jewelry?

Do magickal jewels decorate every finger? Is your neck layered with stacked necklaces?

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