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Lucifer Altar Ideas

The worship of Lucifer is becoming more popular, and many witches are setting up a Lucifer altar to honor him. He’s not one of those simple nature spirits: working with this god can be complicated and dark at times! This article will provide you with ideas on how to set up your own Lucifer altar….


Natal Libra Sun Personality Traits

Libra sun natives (born September 23 – October 22) are beautiful souls with extroverted personalities. Like the scales of their zodiac symbol, they love balance, harmony, justice, and peace. They are friendly and charming, smart enough to do anything they put their mind to, very persuasive, and appreciate honest and frank discussion. The Libra sun…


Virgo Sun: 12 Fast Facts

Virgo sun is an air sign ruled by Mercury. It’s associated with communication, travel, education, and technology. And if you have Virgo as your sun sign, you have a lot of interesting quirks! If you’re born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, then you’ll probably be pretty organized and detail oriented. You might also be…


How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Dreams?

During Mercury retrograde, everything feels off balance. If you’re feeling like your whole life is in chaos, you’re not alone. Everyone is feeling the clouds hanging over their heads! Mercury retrograde is known for causing car problems, arguments, travel delays, and broken tech. But can it affect you at night while you sleep, too? During…


Leo Sun In The Natal Chart: 12 Fast Facts

A Leo sun (born July 23 – August 22) is very proud and confident and knows how to make an entrance — on their own terms. They’re perhaps the most ambitious sign of all, ever eager to prove their worth and live up to their name as “lion” in the zodiac. Proud, stubborn, domineering, loyal,…

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What Is The Theban Alphabet?

The Theban alphabet is a magical language that was original used to hide magical research and practice from members of the church. Books could be translated into Theban easily so that grimoires could be passed down to future witches and occultists. As a substitution cipher, the Theban alphabet is used by Wiccans, witches, and occultists…

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What Is A Coven?

A coven of witches or pagans is a group of individuals who gather together to perform witchcraft, study the occult, and create a community. A coven can also be a group of people who assemble for self-development and spiritual enrichment. Covens do not always worship the same god, practice witchcraft, or follow the same rituals;…