Everyday Witchcraft

Hexes And The Moon Phases

The moon phases should dictate what kind of magic you’re doing as a witch. Why? Because the moon phases each have their own correspondences. So if you’re looking to do hexes or curses, how will the moon phases change your spells? Curses done during a waning crescent moon should focus on removing things from people….


18 Yellow Crystals For Healing, Power, And Wealth

Yellow crystals represent the mind, intellect, will and enlightenment. Yellow crystals bring clarity to an individual’s thought processes and stimulate the imagination in order to facilitate creativity. The spiritual meaning of yellow crystals is that they are a reminder for seekers of their ability to manifest their desires into reality through the power of thoughts….

Pagan Holidays

Eostre Research And Ostara Rituals Round Up

For modern pagans and witches, Ostara is the celebration of spring. The holiday is a time when fertility, growth and new life are celebrated. The holiday falls on the Spring Equinox. As with many modern pagan traditions, there’s not a lot of historical evidence about Ostara. However, there is some evidence that it was a…

Beginner Guides | Spells

Candle Magic Resources For Beginner Witches

Witches practice candle magic because it is very easy to set up and perform, it can be done anywhere as long as you have a few candles and a lighter or matches available, and candles are very affordable tools.  This round up has spells, book of shadow pages, candle recommendations, and information about candle correspondences. About…


18 Purple Crystals And Their Correspondences In Witchcraft

Purple crystals are very desirable crystals. People love to have them, and they’re used in many different ways, including jewelry. Because of their beauty and variety of uses, Purple Crystals have been a big hit for centuries. Witches find purple crystals useful because they have correspondences related to magic and psychic abilities. They are used…