Pagan Holidays

Yule Altar Symbolism And Decorations

Your Yule altar is where you will work your magic through the Winter Solstice season. It’s a personal space where you can ground and center yourself even when the world around you is hectic. Setting up a basic Yule altar is quite simple and requires only a table and the tools you will use to…


The Magical Properties Of Juniper: Herbal Correspondences

The herbal correspondences and magical properties of juniper make this plant super useful in witchcraft and paganism.  The magical properties of juniper include cleansing, funerary rites, protection rituals, and removing evil spirits. What else can this sacred fire element plant be used for? The Magical Properties Of Juniper Juniper has strong cleansing properties in magic….

Pagan Holidays

Pendulums And Pendulum Boards: Witch Gifts For Yule

Pendulums and pendulum boards make awesome witch gifts for Yule! Pendulums are fun tools for witches that help them to make decisions and contact spirits. These pendulums and pendulum boards come from Etsy, where you can support small creative businesses and your fellow witches! So if you’re searching for Christmas presents or witch gifts for…