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Transform Your Outfit Into Magic

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There is magic in all that we do, and in all things there is magic. In that way, you can make your life more magical by doing every day things with intention.

One way you can be intentional with your life is by wearing your magic. From your hair to your toes, you can infuse your whole look with magic that will make all your dreams come true.

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Spell To Spend Wisely

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January is typically a frugal month for a lot of people, and I’m definitely one of them. After spending way too much on gifts and hosting some parties (parties are expensive!), I’m ready to let my wallet heal a little bit.

But like a lot of people, I also use shopping as a bit of an emotional crutch. I have healthy habits I turn to, as well, but I still do too much shopping when I’m stressed or sad just to take my mind off the situation.

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Simple Ways To Add Witchcraft To Your New Year Fitness Goals

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Is improved fitness one of your new year goals? If you’re looking for an Instagram bod or just to heal your core after having a baby, fitness is an important part of our lives. This time of year brings out a desire to start something new for all of us, including embarking on new fitness goals.

But while we’re pumping iron or running for miles, the monotony of it all can sap us of our spiritual energy and power.

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New Beginnings Bath

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After the new year, everyone is looking to create a new beginning. They are trying to cast off the old things that no longer serve them and find higher vibes, better hobbies, and even better friends and relationships.

This spell will help you to accomplish any and all of these by opening the door to new things and encouraging you to step through that door.

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Hot Date Witch Oil

A couple on the bed under covers

Are you about to go out on a first date? Have your past dates kind of sucked? If you go on your next one while wearing this oil, Aphrodite will help you have a hot date!

It’s important to include the olive oil or almond oil in the recipe, because the essential oils alone will irritate your skin. The glitter, however, can be excluded.

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Call on Hekate To See The Future This Samhain

Looking up into the trees from the forest floor

Samhain is upon us, and one of the activities that witches do on this spooky holiday is try to divine the future. This spell asks Hekate to protect you while you try to see the future. Hekate’s power is especially strong at this time of year.

This spell does not need to be done on Halloween, as Samhain is more of a season than a specific day. You can perform this spell until mid-November and have exceptional results.

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Call On Bast To Bless Your Cats

A tiny kitten napping with its paws up

Twitchy whiskers and tiny noses draw us to the sweet but ferocious cats that we call our familiars, our pets, and our family. There are over 62 million cats in the United States, and many of them live in homes with witches and pagans.

Cats are a blessing to their owners. They bring us joy with their purrs and antics. They may catch mice to keep disease out of our homes. It makes sense that we should want to bless them with the light of a deity that loves them: the Egyptian goddess Bast.

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