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Lucifer Altar Ideas

The worship of Lucifer is becoming more popular, and many witches are setting up a Lucifer altar to honor him. He’s not one of those simple nature spirits: working with this god can be complicated and dark at times! This article will provide you with ideas on how to set up your own Lucifer altar….

Myths & Pantheons

Stolas Altar Ideas: Ars Goetia Demon Altars

Stolas is a demon prince of the Ars Goetia that is popular among witches that work with demons. He was originally a fallen angel that now commands a demon army. Also known as Stolos, he was originally a celestial being and taught herbalism and astronomy. Stolas can teach astrology, the concepts of astronomy, herbology, how…

Myths & Pantheons

Zeus Altar Ideas

Set up a Zeus altar to help create an intimate relationship with the god Zeus or Jupiter. Zeus is the lord of the gods, overseeing thunder and lightning. He is the father of many children, including Athena, Apollo, and Artemis. He is also the archetype of the sky father, watching us and helping us from…

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Prayer To Hekate, Goddess Of Witchcraft

Prayer to Hekate can bring many miracles. As the goddess of witches, herbalism, crossroads, and more, Hekate’s blessings can bring many good things into your life. Witches pray to Hekate by using offerings like garlic and keys, honoring her with some of her epithets, praising the goddess of witchcraft, and asking for her help. Witch…