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Mythology is the study of myths, or stories that explain natural phenomena and human behavior. People have always looked to mythology to make sense of their world and themselves. Today, people still read mythologies from around the world to learn about other cultures and gain a deeper understanding of their own beliefs and traditions.

My blog posts explore the different pagan pantheons in the world and their importance to modern pagans and witches. I believe that these ancient deities can teach us a lot about magic, spirituality, and our place in the universe. In my posts, I discuss how each god or goddess represents specific energies and what we can learn from them about working with those energies in our own lives. I also talk about the different correspondences associated with each deity, such as colors, numbers, animals, and plants. By studying these pantheons, we can better understand the magical forces at work in the world and how to harness them for our own purposes.

What Deities Do I Focus On?

My whole life, I have worked mostly with chthonic deities stemming from the Greek and Roman pantheons, as well as ancient near east deities. I am also very interested in Norse mythology and plan to write about the Asgardian gods soon. In general, I try to focus on lesser-known or misunderstood deities because I think they have a lot to offer those of us who are often rejected by mainstream society (i.e., pagans, witches, LGBTQIA+ folks).

Why Should People Read My Blog?

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth exploration of paganism and witchcraft that includes discussions of different deity correspondences then my blog is certainly for you! Furthermore, I try to make all of my posts relatable and applicable to modern witches regardless of where they are on their personal journey. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been practicing for years, I think you’ll find something useful in my writing.