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How to Channel Water Deities and Sea Spirits (Sea Witchcraft)

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The elemental forces of water deities and sea spirits hold profound power and mystery. Throughout history and across cultures, people have felt a deep connection to bodies of water and the spirits that dwell within them. For witches and magical practitioners who feel called to work with water magic, connecting with water deities and sea spirits can be an incredibly potent way to harness the energies of lakes, rivers, oceans, and more.

In this post, you’ll learn how to safely and respectfully open up communication with these powerful archetypal beings. By preparing properly, choosing suitable spirits to contact, readying your ritual space, making contact through meditation and offerings, listening deeply for messages, and closing the ritual with care, you can receive guidance directly from deities and spirits tied to the watery realms.

Prepare Yourself

Before attempting to contact a water deity or sea spirit, you must make sure you are fully prepared on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Rushing into ritual without being ready could lead to you feeling drained, overwhelmed or even harmed if proper precautions aren’t taken.

Set Your Intention

First, set a clear intention for why you want to speak with a water spirit. Are you seeking blessings, healing, or wisdom? Guidance with a problem? Insights into your soul? Protection for an upcoming journey? Being focused on your purpose will help guide the interaction in a fruitful direction once contact is established.

Know the Risks

It’s also wise to understand that directly engaging with gods and powerful archetypal energies has risks. If you don’t approach them humbly and respectfully, there could be metaphysical consequences. Research the traditional offerings and behaviors associated with your chosen spirit so you don’t cause offense.

Kelpies and selkies witchcraft

Purify Yourself

Physically preparing through purification rites like fasting, sexual abstinence, avoiding alcohol/drugs, and ritual bathing helps show respect and make yourself an open, clear vessel for communication. Clearing your mind through meditation before ritual is also recommended.

Choose Your Deity/Spirit

Once you are mentally and spiritually ready, deciding specifically who you want to contact will allow you to finetune your approach. Different watery entities have unique attributes and traditional forms of veneration.

Water Deities

Water gods and goddesses exist in nearly all spiritual traditions and tapping into their archetypal attributes can be incredibly rewarding. Research which deity or pantheon speaks to you, and incorporate their corresponding colors, symbols, offerings, etc. into your ritual. Some options to explore include:

  • Poseidon (Greek): God of the sea, floods, droughts, earthquakes and horses. Often depicted as carrying a trident. Associated with strength, volatility, creation, destruction. Colors – sea green, azure. Symbols – horses, bulls, tridents, dolphins. Offerings – wine, precious metals, sculptures, seafood.
  • Yemaya (Yoruban): Goddess of the ocean, considered the mother of all in Santeria and Candomble. Also connected with the moon, women’s mysteries, children. Represents motherhood, creation, intuition. Colors – aquatic blue, silver, white. Symbols – shells, boats, moon, pearls, rivers. Offerings – melons, perfumes, mirrors, sea shells.
  • Nu (Egyptian): Primordial god of the watery abyss, father of the gods, associated with the underworld and chaos. Represents the potentiality of formlessness, rebirth, renewal. Colors – black, midnight blue. Symbols – water lilies, frogs, snakes, baboons. Offerings – quartz, lapis lazuli, iron, cool water.
  • Tefnut (Egyptian): Goddess of moisture, fertility and rain. Paired with Shu as one of the primordial creator deities. Represents the fertile, life-giving aspect of water. Colors – sky blue, royal blue. Symbols – lions, sphinx. Offerings – water, azure stones, cats, lion figurines.
  • Damona (Celtic): Goddess of sacred wells and rivers, associated with prosperity and healing. Invoked for restoration and rejuvenation. Colors – aqua, spring green, robin’s egg blue. Symbols – rivers, springs, cows, bees. Offerings – coins, flowers, milk, honey.
  • Mami Wata (African/Carribean): Often portrayed as a mermaid, associated with beauty, wealth, charm, danger, the ocean. Represents the luxurious, entrancing, unpredictable nature of water. Colors – deep blues, greens, white. Symbols – mirrors, combs, perfumes, hair ornaments. Offerings – calabash bowls filled with stones, shells, flowers, fruit.

Take time meditating on each deity’s attributes and see who you are most drawn to contacting for your particular water magic needs. The one who calls to you is the one to invoke in ritual.

Sea Spirits

The oceans, lakes and rivers teem with a multitude of magical spirits and elemental beings. Connecting with them allows you to harness the powers of water in its many forms. Some to research further include:

  • Mermaids: Beings with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a fish, Mermaids represent beauty, seduction, intuition, harmony with water, and the connection of the divine feminine to the sea. Colors – aqua, teal, pearlescent. Symbols – seashells, pearls, mirrors, sea glass, grottoes. Offerings – flowers, combs, perfume, sweet wines.
  • Sirens: Sometimes portrayed with bird-like bodies, Sirens were dangerous sea creatures in Greek mythology who lured sailors to rocky shores with enchanting songs. Represent illusion, temptation, lost focus, warnings. Colors – iridescent blues/greens, gold. Symbols – feathers, wings, combs. Offerings – shells, white stones, seeds, berries.
  • Kelpies: Mythical shapeshifting water horses from Scottish folklore known to haunt lochs and rivers. Associated with strength, cunning, pride, wildness. Colors – seafoam, dark greens. Symbols – horses, whirlpools. Offerings – straw, apples, silver coins, blue stones.
  • Selkies: Beings that transform from seal to human form by removing their seal skins. Represent fluidity, adaptability, inner power, sensuality. Colors – slate grey, sea green. Symbols – sealskin, shells. Offerings – fish, seaweed, candles, flowers.
  • Water Fairies: Liminal nature spirits tied to bodies of fresh water like streams, wells, ponds, and wetlands. Represent vitality, purity, healing, empathy, joy. Colors – watery aqua, silver. Symbols – lily pads, dragonflies, reeds. Offerings – shiny stones, dewdrops, wildflowers, honey.

Meditate on which of these watery beings resonates with your spirit, then incorporate their colors, symbols and offerings into yo

Mermaid witchcraft

Listen to Your Intuition

Keep meditating on your intention for contact and see who consistently emerges in your visionary imagination or in signs in waking life. Stay open and let the right deity make itself known based on the unique desires of your spirit.

Prepare Your Ritual Space

To invite the presence of your chosen spirit into your space, preparing your ritual area properly is key. Cleanse the area physically and energetically to create a sacred atmosphere.

Altar Decor

Decorate your altar or ritual space with images, colors, crystals, herbs, flowers and other items associated with water and the particular spirit you are contacting. Candles, incense and ritual tools should also reflect watery correspondences.

Ritual Tools

If you use specific tools, make sure to cleanse and charge them beforehand. Wands, cauldrons, shells, chalices, bowls of water, sea salt, aquamarine crystals, incense containing oceanic scents like myrrh – customize your tools to align with the water realm.

Protective Circles

Cast a circle around your space or use other techniques like four quarters, watchtowers, a salt boundary, etc. to mark the energetic boundary between ordinary and sacred space. This protects you during deep spiritual work.

Make Contact

Once you and your space are ready, the time comes to open up communication. There are several techniques that can help shift your consciousness to a receptive state.


Sit quietly, focusing on your set intention. Breathe deeply and visualize meeting your chosen spirit – imagine yourself in their domain. The relaxed alpha state is ideal for visions.


Chanting, drumming, ringing bells or playing instruments associated with water raises energy and alters awareness. Let the rhythm facilitate connecting to the water’s natural ebb and flow.


Present sincere offerings when requesting the presence of your chosen deity or spirit – pour libations, burn incense, place crystals or flowers reverently on the altar. Giving respectfully establishes rapport.


Use divination tools like tarot cards, sea shells, water scrying bowls to help align with the spirit’s wavelength. Interpret messages intuitively after entering an open, meditative headspace.

Listen Deeply

Once you sense a presence joining you in sacred space, quiet your own thoughts and listen deeply for communication. It may come in telepathic messages, symbolic visions, sensations, synchronicities – stay receptive.

Telepathic Messages

You may directly hear words, phrases or full sentences in your mind’s ear. Or experience intuitive nudges guiding your awareness. Keep an open mind and resist rational doubt.

Symbolic Visions

Visions often use symbolism tied to the particular spirit’s attributes – analyze them later. Pay attention to impressions received during ritual or in dreams.

Tool Divination

Keep observing your divination tools – additional meaning may arise in the flickering candle flames, swirling scrying waters or patterns in other natural objects.

Close Respectfully

As your ritual comes to its natural conclusion, be sure to close the connection consciously and with care, giving thanks for any blessings or knowledge gained.

Give Thanks

Offer sincere gratitude to the spirit who communicated with you – thank them for their time and attention and any insight you received from the interaction.

Bid Farewell

Clearly state your intention to end the ritual, while being polite and appreciative. Visualize gently parting ways with the spirit until you meet again.

Release the Circle

Perform whatever formalities are customary to close sacred space and release the circle – ground excess energy from the ritual back into the earth.


Schedule time and space after the ritual for quiet contemplation and integration. Record your experiences, insights and any guidance received so you can refer back and properly apply it.

By patiently and devotedly cultivating a relationship with water spirits aligned to your path, profound wisdom and power can be unlocked. Prepare carefully, open your senses, approach with humility and you may receive blessings beyond imagining. The call of the deep stirs our souls – listen and you shall be heard. Journey gently, dear seeker.

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