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Emma Kyteler

Emma is a talented author and blogger who brings her passion for witchcraft to life through her writing. With over a decade of experience in the craft, she has a wealth of knowledge to share with her readers. Despite her years of experience, Emma remains eager to learn more.

Emma is a dedicated mother and wife who balances her love of witchcraft with her family responsibilities. She is an eclectic witch, embracing a variety of traditions and practices to find what resonates with her. With her open mind and heart, Emma is always exploring new ways to deepen her connection to the craft and the world around her.

As an author and blogger, Emma is passionate about sharing her love of witchcraft with others. She writes about the history and traditions of witchcraft, as well as the practical aspects of the craft. Her blog is a treasure trove of information for anyone interested in exploring the world of witchcraft. With her upbeat and peppy writing style, Emma makes learning about witchcraft fun and accessible for everyone.

Emma's love for the craft is evident in every word she writes. She feels a deep connection to the earth and all of its inhabitants.