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Spell To Spend Wisely

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January is typically a frugal month for a lot of people, and I’m definitely one of them. After spending way too much on gifts and hosting some parties (parties are expensive!), I’m ready to let my wallet heal a little bit.

But like a lot of people, I also use shopping as a bit of an emotional crutch. I have healthy habits I turn to, as well, but I still do too much shopping when I’m stressed or sad just to take my mind off the situation.

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12 Money Spells That Work: Attract Wealth With Witchcraft

I wasn’t surprised when I realized that my most popular posts on this blog were money spells. Money is one of those things that we are all thinking about a lot, right up there with sex. We’re always looking to get more, keep what we have, and spend it wisely while still having some fun.

Well, today I am going to cater to your desire for money spells. Here are 12 money spells that I have personally tried, and they worked for me.

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Lucky Coin Money Spell

It’s time to draw more cash into your wallet! This lucky coin money spell is fun and easy, and it’s a long lasting spell that you can carry with you forever.

Nearly everyone is looking for ways to make more money. This money spell may not bring in a huge sum all at once, but it will make you more likely to come across money on the ground and other simple ways to increase your wealth.

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Cinnamon Money Tea Spell: Increase Your Abundance!

Are you looking for a powerful money spell that works fast? This quick and simple money spell requires only tea, cinnamon, and honey. Make this cinnamon money tea every day to get that raise at work, make your online business more profitable, or help you find a job. I use this easy quick money spell with a packed money candle spell. This cinnamon money tea is a simple money spell that works fast! Quick, easy, and cheap, this money spell will definitely become one of your go-to daily spells.

I mentioned in my post Are Witches Born or Made? that I suggest starting your journey with witchcraft by practicing simple spells. I specifically mentioned this cinnamon money tea spell, which will draw more prosperity to you.

What is a prosperity spell? It’s a form of magick that draws an abundance of money and luck to you, or binds that money or luck to you. These abundance spells can draw small amounts or large amounts of money to you in a variety of ways.

I love using prosperity spells because I have learned over time not to think of money as evil, but as neutral. Because I use money to improve the lives of those around me, I know I am using my abundance mindset for good.

Coming to this conclusion is essential to learning how to manifest money.

Cinnamon money tea is a simple prosperity spell

Ever since I started this website, I have been drinking this prosperity spell tea every night to keep my focus and kick my butt into producing more content. This cinnamon money tea spell works best when your intention is to make more money with work, rather than luck.

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Three Easy Money Spells To Manifest Abundance

Attract infinite abundance with these 3 easy money spells. Cinnamon money tea spell, new business entrepreneur spell, and save money spell. Find financial freedom with these easy witch spells that work! You can increase your abundance, manifest money, raise your vibrational frequency and more. These spells work with the Law of Attraction. Money spell candles. Money drawing spell kit. Divine money spells. Green candles. Instant money spell. #witchcraft #witch #moneyspell #financialfreedom #pagan

For most people, money and freedom are practically synonyms. At the core of all of us is the desire to have enough money to never be forced into a crappy situation again. A simple money spell can help to ease our worries when the anxiety builds.

None of us want to be caught off guard by bills, unforeseen expenses like a car breaking down, or student loans.

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Find Financial Freedom With This Spell To Save Money

This is a money spell that works fast. Save your money, pay off your debts, find financial freedom, and then have a little bit of fun with money spell magic! This money spell with increase your wealth and attract more money to you. It includes a money spell chant, what crystal to use for your money spell, what herbs to use, and what color candle to use for money magick. Manifest abundance with this easy spell in a jar. #lawofattraction #moneyspell #witchcraft #savemoney #wicca #pagan #witch

If you’re trying and failing to save money again and again, it may be time to get the universe to help you.

I often feel like I’m saving money during the week only to find that I’m well behind my goals when I go to check. Sometimes it seems like money just slips through my fingers due to my own carelessness, so I developed this spell to help me to control myself and my spending.

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Start a new business with a business success spell!

Are you starting a new business or reinventing one you’ve already started? This is the perfect time to tap into the energy of abundance and creativity. There’s so much that can go wrong right now, but with the right energetic focus and a little bit of magick, you can ensure success with this new endeavor.

Today I am going to share with you a charm that will help your business and improve your vibrational frequency while you deal with the stresses of being an entrepreneur. This charm can be kept on your person or in your work space for as long as you need it.

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